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Zoolander 2001

At the end of his career, a clueless fashion model is brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia...

Release Date:
September 28, 2001
89 min
Ben Stiller
Jerry Stiller, Stephen Dorff, James Marsden, ...
Mystery, Comedy
USA, Australia, Germany

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 6.6


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this is a movie for ants
A wad of us played Soul Calibur II and watched Zoolander last night. The game was pretty fun. I love video game physics. Makes me want to black dragon off someone's back and smash them into the ground with my staff. That was a pretty cool move. Maybe I'll just practice black dragons with a staff on the ground first. Maybe I'll just practice black dragons....
The movie, of course, rocked. Best movie ever. Will Ferrell's so damned funny. I have to see Elf soon.

Last midterm is tomorrow. After that, I get to actully relax for a bit until after Thanksgiving. It's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks. I'll actually be able to train everyday this week. That's not happened for a while. Practice on Friday was the first in like a whole week and I'm still kinda feeling it. My wushu is so bad now.

Yeah, that's it. I wish I was more creative when I was coming up with a username for this blog.... oh well.
Well, I guess on a cold winter afternoon there are worse movies to watch but thank god I don't have to.

Very average film, average acting, a few laughs.

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller)is a male model, the best for 3 years running. As a male model, he obviously is as thick as they come. (yawn, boring, lazy typecasting)

The world is being run behind the scenes by the fashion industry, they decide that the Malaysian Prime Minister needs to be assasinated because of his vow to introduce a minimum wage and stop child labour. This would hurt the fashion industry as the sweat shops would have to close.

They need to find an assasin in a hurry, one that would be easy to control because he had no brain, enter Zoolander.

Zoolander's rival is Hansel (Owen Wilson) and (obviously) they despise each other. One of the only funny moments in the film is the "walk off", the way male models fight.

I am sure when Ben Stiller thought up the idea for this film it seemed funny at the time. It takes a poke at many films and typecasting but other movies have done that a lot better ie naked gun and airplane.

I guess watching it once will not kill too many brain cells but not worth a second viewing IMHO.
*1/4 / *****

One of the disappointing comedies ever. Not only did Ben Stiller put a dent in his own career, he forever stained the careers of everyone involved with this film.
Yep, I've been neglecting The Donner's Hellacool Journal lately, but damn... nothing is happening right now! I did get my wife to sit down and watch a couple of movies... one of which was Zoolander, which I consider a very smart comedy masqerading as a very dumb one. Here's my review from way back when...


There are times I go into a movie with low expectations and come out surprised and Zoolander was one of those times. No, I take that back... I didn't just go into this movie with low expectations, my expectations of this movie were down there along with my expectations of Max Keeble's Big Move and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV. My expectations were so low, I think Satan stepped on them.

Zoolander's a slick comedy starring Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller, and Ben Stiller's wife, what's her face. It also stars Owen Wilson, Will Farrel, and has a ton of cameos by the likes of Billy Zane, Gary Shandling, and Fabio. The movie's title character is a self obsessed male model (What? You mean there's another kind?) who's career is slowly winding down. Well, instead of his agent sending him out to pasture, he recruits him into a program of brainwashing that will lead him to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia who has begun sweeping reforms in his country to wipe out child labor and, thus, cripple the fashion industry.

Despite it's loony plot and characters - or perhaps because of them - Zoolander is a consistent comedy. While never reaching the laugh out loud quality of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back or Rat Race, it's a movie that will having you chucking at rampant stupidity one minute, and then laughing at a slick smart joke the next.

Plus, you've got to love a movie that pokes fun at an industry so full of itself that designers make clothes that no one in their right mind would ever buy and hires models that aren't even good looking. I mean, seriously... do you ever look at some of those models? They're downright nasty in some cases!

The only thing in this movie that pissed me off was the highly noticeable removal of the World Trade Center from the skyline shots of New York City. Great going guys. In trying to be oversensitive, you did with computers what the terrorists did with airplanes. Nice. Real nice. Oh well, far be it from me to pan a movie over the brainless decision of an out-of-touch movie exec


Amy said she lost brain cells.

Also, I got Rebel Strike for Christmas and, whoa... did they fuck up THIS game. Don't get me wrong, the flying and combat missions are still pretty sweet, but now they have these lame foot missions that just suck the fun out of this game. Bad Force 5! Bad!
Blind-bought Zoolander. The local Coconuts Music is going out of business, and all their used DVDs are 1/2 off (!!!!!). So I bought this and L.A. Confidential for under 10 dollars. Cheaper than renting Zoolander, and I wanted to see it.

It was good. Not something I would normally buy, but fairly funny at parts. The best joke involves David Duchovny and a graveyard... not a visual gag, but the way Stiller and Duchovny play off each other... "What, are you-- I just told you that..." :) Will Ferrell could have been given more to do, but then again, he seems to be a lot funnier now than he was a few years ago. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are also a great pair... Starsky & Hutch further proves this.
once again, the weekend went by really fast, came from temecula on friday night and was totally exhausted, apart from that had a little pain on my left knee (not normal) and some muscle sore areas here and there (normal).

i thought that by training every saturday in pacific, plus the last 2 wednesdays in SCWA, it was going to help me improve my wushu shape, but that is not really happening, of course i am in better shape than if i would have stayed watching bad movies at home and eating haagen dasz ice cream, but still, wushu is so hard that i feel like i have not made any progress at all... anyway, i will continue trying to drive to SCWA on wednesdays and go to pacific on saturdays, i am determined to practice hard. one thing i need to do is to try to force myself to stretch and workout some leg muscles (sit-ups, calf raises, hold stances) everyday, the other thing is to loose weight. if i ever want to be able to jump again i need to loose weight, now i am 20 pounds heavier than what i use to be back in the wushu competition days! no wonder why after training i feel like shin splints and other similare pains all over...

this weekend i decided not to go to pacific, since i was so tired, but woke up soon and started doing random stuff at my place which was good. i watched starsky and hutch which i enjoyed very much. the movie is pretty much what the TV show was but with a comedy twist, there scenes that are EXACTLY the same as the original show frame by frame. the only things i could say is that the actor ben stiller looks like stiff and over acting most of the time. but is close to the original character who looked like if he was on speed all the time. (and the original music score is not there!)

that made me want to see zoolander, which i did today..... hmmmm, dunno, maybe i am still not enough familiarized with this type of nonsense comedy, but i didn't enjoy the movie. some parts were funny, but most of it was veeeeery dumb. i mean, i can see a HK comedy were nothing seems to make sense and laugh, but zoolander? dunno about that... sorry ;)

to end this post, i have to say that i am happy that spain people have proven they are not stupid, yesterday president aznar's party did NOT win the elections! spaniards (including me voting by mail) reacted to aznar's doings one by one plus the bombing, and voted to the socialist party instead. good job! now, we need bush out of the presidency as well!

It has no actors, narration or plot (although, the film does convey a thats a plot of sorts). Film contains footage of nature in all its glory contrasted with humanity in all its squalor. A warning about how disordered our planet is (Koyaanisqatsi means nature out of balance). But due to endless repetition that environmentalist message has become dull only the unconventional style and some remarkable footage are what kept my intersest.


So dumb that its funny...but only moderalty funny. Most of the comedy seems to be based on elaborate costumes...but costumes only go so far.

Once A Upon A Time in America

I was rather disappointed by this film. It's directed by Sergio Leone (Man with No Name Trilogy, Once A Upon A Time in the West) so I had high expectations. On the technical side (editing, cinematography) its brilliant. It has all the trademarks of a Leone film...the scenes that are carefully drawn out and the extreme closeups. Leone's previous films used flamboyant style and energy to raise the cliches of the western genre to a new level. Once A Upon A Time in America has all the melodrama and cliches of the gangster genre yet it treats them too seriously. The cliches aren't given that same over-the-top treatment of the previous films and thus never rise above what they are...silly and boring. So, the end result is a well made but conventional and melodramatic gangster film...instead of the usual wild enertainment that Leone provides.
Funny movie, yet flawed. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have a great chemistry together, but it seems that this film lacks in a lot of areas. Still this should be a cult classic someday, in the vein of dumb and dumber or something. This film may be worth watching just for the number of star roles and cameos, including Will Ferril, Mila Jovovich, Tommy Hilfiger, Billy Zane, Fred Durst, Andy Dick, David Bowie, Paris Hilton, David Duchofny, and a lot more.
I love that in this film's world, the two guys regarded as "really, really, ridiculously good-looking" are Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. I want to live in that world.

Further proof that I am often way too easily amused, Stiller's 2001 flick centered on the richly mockable modeling trade has grown on me in a surprisingly short amount of time. I remember having the vague inclination to see it when it first came out due to its massive promotion slowly wearing me down, but I never got around to it until literally just two weeks ago.

It's a parody that never once takes itself seriously and doesn't try too hard - though it gets in a few good swipes here and there, it's more broad comedy than focused satire. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm not going to spell out the entire film; if you want that, go watch the damn movie. However, I will say this: The plotline of a male model slow enough on the uptake to be programmed to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minister, with the trigger to carry out the order being "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is ludicrously bizarre and wonderfully random. Of course it's wholly unbelievable; it's a movie for christ's sake. But its out-of-left-field originality is what I love about it. If nothing else, you can't say you've heard this story before.

Like Austin Powers & Co., Derek Zoolander and his cohorts exist in a universe all their own that's perfectly tailored to them - the film looks like a moving couture magazine layout, all very slick and flashy, apt dressing for a superficial supermodel story.

Everyone in the cast seems right at home in their supremely silly roles. Though in all actuality a one-note gag, Derek never became tiresome to me; likely a result of Stiller's total commitment to the character. He kept me in near-constant giggles throughout the flick, though that pouty vacant look and breathy voice probably accounted for much of my amusement.

Playing rival model Hansel, Owen Wilson gets some of the best lines and as per usual delivers them with his perfected brand of breezy nonchalance. Hansel's accessories - his yo-yos, the scooter - seem to have no reason for being, but do add a certain I don't know what to the character.

Christine Taylor effectively plays the straight woman as Matilda the "investigatory journalist". Will Ferrell is - and this came as a shock to me - not just tolerable but highly amusing as oddball fashion maven Mugatu. Jerry Stiller appears in all his vociferous splendor as the models' man in charge, whose name incidentally supplies the film with its cheapest joke. Milla Jovovich has a part as Mugatu's right-hand woman Katinka, playing the catty Russian to the hilt. A near-unrecognizable David Duchovny even shows up as a former hand model and manages to make his role simply serving as a plot device entertaining.

Amid the flurry of cameos are Jon Voight and Vince Vaughn (who, in one of Zoolander's funniest aspects, speaks not a syllable) appear as Derek's coal-miner dad and brother, and David Bowie - deliberately pointed out in a hilarious "Look, everybody, it's David Bowie!" sort - graces the film with his presence as the runway referee at the walk-off.

Most of what makes Zoolander worth its running time are the subtler asides and nuances. For instance, Derek's various misinterpretations and malapropisms thankfully sneak up on you rather than being obvious a mile away, making them that much funnier. There are some things in this film that you may not catch the first time around. It may just be me, but it keeps getting funnier with subsequent viewings. And on a side note, since the friendship between Stiller and Wilson is pretty much universally known at this point, it's virtually impossible not to feel a sense of relief (or at least crack a smile) when Derek and Hansel finally put their rivalry to rest.

In the end, it's not great cinema. It's not even really "cinema" in such a sense. But if you just take it for what it is, it's a lot of frivolous fun that you don't have to think about to enjoy and we can all use that at one time or another, right? Right. The end.
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