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This is one of my favorite movies...
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It wasn't full of the "idiot humor" that I expected. 6.5/10
So long as you don't expect it to be completely hilarious, you may actually enjoy this film. I went in expecting too much and in return only got a few chuckles here and there. 6/10
@DawnRaid3r AGREE! I'm picky about comedies. wasn't sure i'd like it BUT i ended up with love's awkwardly hilarious,contained much sexual words and phrases that makes it NOT the best movie for under 18..but it was a fantastic laugh ride through the whole overwhelmed narcissist prince,beautiful smart*** princess,crazy wizard,ugly/quirky witches,compass guy and his quirky talks and games,di*k of a minotaur! lol and a humorous quest! really it has FUN character to enjoy. especially Prince Thadeous.
agree it's bit cheesy BUT in a good way.A loads of laughs to the f***!!! lol..i always recommend my friends,if they want a laugh,give it a watch.One of the best Stoner Comedies to date!
Leave your serious face at the door and prepare yourself for some serious laughter! Epic!!! what more can you say?...
That awkward moment when you realize that you may have been molested as a child. haha his brothers face .. freaking priceless.
is this movie any good?
Hilarious!! 18+ though (keep the kids away). Good entertainment, worth the watch. 8/10
@LordInfamous omg thank you very much man
this was really funny had a good cast as well !!
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