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Young Sherlock Holmes 1985

When assorted people start having inexplicable delusions that lead to their deaths, a teenage Sherlock Holmes decides to investigate...

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I'm a BIG fan of the Sherlock Holmes books, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES. The acting was phenominal, and the storyline was absoluley fantastic!!!
Imaginative story, some clever special effects. The cast is fine. Nicholas Rowe is exceptional as the title character. The whole film seemed like one of the Harry Potter movies - a lot of similarities.
I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews.

The Bride was an update of the Bride of Frankenstein, directed by Franc Roddam, and starring Sting and Jennifer Beals. A pretty bland update I might add.

Who's Harry Crumb is another bad John Candy comedy. It's unfortunate Hollywood could not create better roles for this funny man. Only a few of his films are worthing seeing, and this isn't one of them.

An Innocent Man. Thank gawd they don't make Tom Selleck movies anymore.

UHF plays like one really long SNL skit. And not a good SNL skit I might add.

Young Sherlock Holmes, from accomplished director Barry Levinson, chronicles young Sherlock Holmes (Nicolas Rowe) and his friendship with young Watson (Alan Cox). The film is very good in spots, but disintegrates in the second half.
I think this is a kids film for smart kids. I love mysteries and this is one of the better ones out there.
great special effects and great story of young holms
Sherlock Holmes is an incredibly iconic figure. Akin to Indiana Jones, Holmes can be summed up in the mere image of a hat. In 1985 Spielberg produced a totally fictionalized story that chronicled how Holmes and Watson first met. Barry Levinson directs the highly entertaining, though slightly cheesy Young Sherlock Holmes.

Written by Chris Columbus, Young Sherlock Holmes had an obvious impact when Columbus went on to direct the first Harry Potter installment. When Watson arrives at a new school, he is impressed, though very worried when he meets his new friend Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is also friends with former professor Waxflatter and his niece, Elizabeth. The three set out on an investigation of their own when they notice that several unlikely people have committed suicide. The trail leads them to a secret Egyptian cult who performs horrifying rituals on young girls.

There is no denying the entertainment value of Young Sherlock Holmes between its witty one-liners and fantastic visual effects, but the delivery of some lines is questionable, and at times, even laughable. The story though is what really grips the audience, since it's full of nice twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing til the last minute. Obviously, several of the jokes the average audience won't get and explains the lack of a romantic interest in future Holmes stores, but nevertheless, Young Sherlock Holmes is a nice homage to the best known detective of all time.

It's bee a roller coaster of a week, and I'm certainly ready for the weekend, though it isn't going to be all that relaxing. I'm having my Apples to Apples party tonight, which means I cleaned last night, and I need to go shopping, plus the flea market is tomorrow. *sigh* Well I better get going. Oh, and I have chosen not to review Fatal Attraction. It just don't feel it's worth it. So, next review should be Tropic Thunder.
Terrific movie! It has the all ingredients to a great movie! Who ever wrote it did a great job!
This was a fun film. Well directed, really phenomenal special effects that 20 some years later they pretty much hold up. The actors did a decent job carrying the story. I did see some parallels to the Indiana Jones and the Harry Potter series. I really didn't find much to complain about besides some unintentional anachronistic dialog. The story moves along swiftly after establishing the character of both Holmes and Watson as school mates. I found the approach that Holmes was still finding his identity and still trying to master the skills that made this character iconic to be interesting and certainly did add to the story. Worth Watching.
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