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Going out in an hour to see In the Cut.
I waited a long time to watch this movie. Obviously. It was a nice flick. A feel good movie. I love Tom Hanks in these kind of movies and Meg Ryan's hair was fabulous. The sparkly children's bookstore was so motivating. So, was Ryan's character. You wanted to be like her while you were watching this movie.
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Romance / Comedy
To me this movie was perfect.
from a story that was funny, Unique and interesting
to the perfect on-screen chemistry of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.
Nora Ephron pulled off a great romantic comedy again
I give this a 10 automatically.
indescribably perfect
Very cute romantic comedy, maybe overly so, but it works, primarily due to the chemistry of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. One big drawback for me was that it seemed like a two hour ad for AOL. It is rather predictable and trendy, but it is also appealing and very well made.
Welcome. You've got five for You've Got Mail:
Ah yes, I remember it like yesterday. The reports wondered if a Hanks-Ryan movie would be a success and sure enough like Oreo and milk, they were. But geez, what a sappy movie. I can't believe I paid $5.50 to see this.
Chappelle Show fans - I never realized this but Dave is actually in this movie. Go figure. To give you an idea of how much this movie scarred him, the titles of his next three movies - 200 Cigarettes, Blue Streak and Screwed. Yep.
In case you didn't know the other two times Hanks and Ryan starred with each other were Joe Verses the Volcano and of course Sleepless in Seattle.
The scene where Joe accidentally closes the door of Kathleen's shop on the balloons was unscripted. Tom Hanks actually did that, and adlibbed the line, "Good thing it wasn't the fish." The director thought it was so funny that she kept it in.
Proof that I use IM too much - Joe Fox's explanation of The Godfather's significance would have been greeted with a "You have exceeded the send limit" error.

A delightful tale about two competing book shop owners who fall in love over email. Meg Ryan owns the small children's book shop cutely named "The Shop Around The Corner" while Tom Hanks is the big business entreprenuer who runs Fox Books which opens in the same locality.

As expected, both the book owners lock horns as Fox Books takes over business in the area forcing Meg Ryan to sell out.

The movie is totally predictable, but delightful and enforces the message that it's the people that count and not the medium of communication. Well, you might just be lucky and find love over the internet...;)

MY Rating : 8.5/10 :fresh:
(the chemistry between the lead pair is really good and Meg Ryan is so so so very cute and deserves the extra 0.5)
You've Got Mail is a sometimes competent, yet formulaic romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and directed by Nora Ephron. Kathleen (Meg Ryan) runs a small independent bookstore in New York and Joe (Tom Hanks) runs a superchain bookstore nearby that is certain to doom Kathleen's store. Oddly enough they meet online (not knowing each other are competitors) and a romance ensues. When Joe finds out will Kathleen still love him? You already know the answer silly!

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan prove once again that they have great screen chemistry, I just wish it had a less formulaic plot. It's an okay date movie but nothing more.
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