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Year One 2009

After being banished from their tribe, two hunter-gatherers encounter Biblical characters and eventually wind up in the city of Sodom...

Release Date:
June 19, 2009
97 min
Harold Ramis
Marshall Manesh, Xander Berkeley, Vinnie Jones, ...
Comedy, Adventure

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Imdb rating: 4.9

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Some funny moments. Love the actors :D


Year One is a comedy film directed by Harold Ramis, and produced by Judd Apatow. The film stars Jack Black and Michael Cera, and features Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Hank Azaria. The movie is about Zed (Jack Black) who is a hunter and Oh (Michael Cera)who is a gatherer. After being informed that Zed ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the shaman (Bill Hader) banishes him from the tribe. Oh decides to go with Zed on his journey to find the end of the Earth. Along the way, they encounter Cain and Abel (David Cross and Paul Rudd). Cain kills Abel and informs Zed and Oh that they must escape with him or else be accused of killing Abel.

Afterwards, Zed and Oh find that the girls they wanted to "lay with" (Maya and Eema) from their former tribe have been captured and are being sold into slavery. They try to buy the girls' freedom, but Cain ends up selling Zed and Oh. While being taken to a village by the owner with all the other slaves from their tribe, Sodomites attack and take the slaves prisoner, though Zed and Oh escape and hide in the desert, watching the Sodomites.

The next morning, Zed and Oh discover that the Sodomites have left with the slaves. They head off to save the slaves. They come to a mountain and find Abraham (Hank Azaria) about to kill his son Isaac (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Zed stops them, claiming that the Lord sent him to do so. Abraham takes them to his Hebrew village and tells them about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The movie takes place Sodom for the rest of the film.

All in all the movie was alright and the story was good, but I thought it should have been more funnier, considering who the two main actors are. I mean Jack Black is funny in most of his movies but here he just didn't click to me, and Michael Cera as been funny in the most of his films, but he just didn't click to me either. The gross-outs are only gross, not funny. But it had a few funny jokes too. So if you are looking for a funny comedy, then spare yourself because this ain't that funny at all. It shocked me!
Year One was a pretty bad comedy starring Jack Black. This movie was funny at a few bits but most of all it got disgusting.
Year One Is Stock Full Of Dry Humor.. They Have Bits And Peices Of The Bible In This Film The part where they got cart sick Had me rollin That was to crazzy Their is a movie Like this Yet Sooooo Much Better By Far this was a joke compared to (wholly moses) You Tube it Probably inspired by Life of Brain this film gives an account of Mozes' brother-in-law. His life is somewhat similar to that of Mozes. He floats in an ark at exactly the same time as Mozes. He marries a sister of Mozes wife. He stands just around the corner when god speaks to Mozes and thinks he is addressing him. So he tries to do the same as Mozes without much success. In the end he is the writer of the commandments which are based on his own life experiences. The film plays fast and loose with the Bible to convey only one message: Don't take your religion more seriously than your particular god does. He may be more of a prankster than you are. The film feels like a couple of skits woven together. Which makes for a couple of jolting breaks between scenes. However, in this time of people taking religion much too serious again, this really is a breath of fresh air. .
I knew this movie was going to be sub-par when Jack Black went on the Howard Stern show to promote the movie but he spent all his time talking about another one of his movies he's making, Gulliver's Travels. Micheal Cera plays the same character he does in every movie, Oliver Platt plays his role of the pedophile priest a little too well and the writing is far too random and doesn't tie scenes together well at all. Harold Ramis should stick to directing movies he writes himself. The one saving grace is David Cross who excells at playing "crazy."
Everything about this movie is a mess. None of the jokes except for one involving Cain and Abel are even remotely funny, and that is extremely rare. What's saddest is that the two main characters have the high quality (usually) talent of Jack Black and Michael Cera. It was an embarrassment for the filmmakers, the actors, and worst of all the movie watcher like me for watching such an atrocity, let alone spending money on it! Do not make the same mistake!
I'm sorry, Harold Ramis.
I will admit that both Jack Black and Michael Cera can make me laugh. They both have certain personalities that you like to watch in movies. So there were various parts in the film that did get a chuckle out of me, but not to the full blow out laugh I wanted. Plus the fact that the movie itself was horrible. The story was just not there and a lot of the cast was not that good. They did have plenty of cameos, but it seemed like everyone was just thrown in there. The whole point of the film was to make you laugh and that didn't even work. What happened to Harold Ramis? He use to direct such gems in the past and it seems like he cannot keep up in the newer days. Well maybe next time.
I can't understand why people are bashing this film. It was hilarious and both Jack Black and Michael Cera were brilliant. I will admit the story line was a bit confusing but thats not the point. At no stage of the movie did I go for more than a minute without laughing! I'd love to see a sequel!
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