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X-Men 2000

Two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers...

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Imdb rating:7.4

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Good movie, liked it very much. Great start to an even greater series.
Classic Movie.. I actually enjoyed is on the rewatch.. thats so Rare in movies.. Rouge and those lips lol yummy.. Great flick!
hadn't seen this in a while glad I re-re-re-watched it has still got it. If your looking for a good re watch or even first time watch and find yourself on this page I highly recommend it
Ok like Marty1991 said...Today I will start my X-MEN marathon, watching 1-4 to prepare me for X-MEN Days of future past.#LOVEIT
Gonna start my X Men marathon now with the new one coming out shortly.
I love this movie. second is little better but that doesn't matter. Hugh and Anna are so great and I love their characthers so much. hated the third for shooting Rouge and leaving us unclear did she die or not(didn't like the idea of dead). I'm seriously looking forward 2 the 5th instalment - can't really wait. I truly hope Rogue is on it - love her. Great movies but third suchs - I think U know Y
While other superhero movies invite you into their world, X Men just parades around wanting to be the centre of attention....looking good but offering little.
X-Men was pretty much the revival for comic book to film adaptions. it had everything, good story, great acting, and great special effects. very good action flick. great film

*** out of 4
great film, it's the most origin wise of the trilogy (well it's the first one) it stayed true to the comics and it made me get back in to comics after a four year hiatus which says a lot about a film, overall a great movie
X-Men proves that even in the modern day of film, Superhero films can be done right. While previous films such as Batman & Robin and Supergirl have disapointed fans all over, X-Men uses its colourful cast of characters and uses them all superbly. The story is interesting and the acting itself is pretty good, but no-one cares so much about that when they can see their favourite mutants in live action. The only thing missing is Gambit.
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