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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End 2007

A group of reality show contestants find themselves fighting for their survival against a family of hideously deformed inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all...

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This was basically like watching an Asylum movie, for those who might be familiar with those. Although that doesn't quite do Asylum justice. The acting is absolutely horrendous. The story is kind of innovative as far as slasher movies go, I guess, but not very well executed. The gore is surprisingly well done, though, all things considered. If you're binge-watching horror movies on Halloween with friends and having a good time, this one will probably fit right in. Otherwise, no. Just steer clear.
Wrong Turn 2:
Dead End (2007)

Improbable as it may be, Wrong Turn 2 is better than its seriously underrated predecessor. The movie follows the footsteps of such sequels as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Devil's Rejects in which the victims become oppressors. The plot focuses on the reality show called very appropriately The Apocalypse and its participants: a group of totally different young people (involving very annoying individuals) who at all costs want to become famous. Frankly, they've got quite varied motivations and not all of them are obnoxious and self-centered. The participants compete with each other in the West Virginian forest dwelled by deformed, incredibly resilient and, what's the most important, bloodthirsty family. Not by accident did I use the word 'family' as the mutants behave just like family and are very close with each other. I don't know why Fox choose lame Hills Have Eyes 2 over this far superior flick to release in theatres. Thus, Wrong Turn 2 by Joe Lynch is definitely the best direct-to-DVD horror movie since The Feast. Why is it so?

The film is insanely gory and the advantages of its fast pacing and typical, yet interesting characters played by solid young actors are undeniable. It feels like a traditional gore fest full of incredibly brutal and abominable scenes. The very well done gore effects involve: a person split in half, an axe in the head, exploded bodies and many other cannibalistic hellbillies. What's more, it has a hard-rocker Henry Rollins (The Feast) in the cast who as a host of the reality show felt the need to kick some cannibalistic asses. His charismatic, comando-like character is definitely fun to watch. I've got only some minor problems with Wrong Turn 2 involving unnecessary toxic waste subplot and quite average soundtrack. But, it's understandable due to its limited budget of 2 million dollars. All in all, Joe Lynch's directorial debut is a slasher film made with macabre glee to make everything as bloody as possible. Highly recommended for horror movie enthusiasts.

My Rating: 7.8/10

Sort of boring and overlong - worth watching once maybe?
WRONG TURN 2 REVIEW - 67% :fresh:

And the award for the most violent/disgusting film ever made goes to...WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END! For this reason alone it will be in my disturbed heart forever.

WRONG TURN ('03) is one of the better slasher films to come out in recent years. I was a bit worried about a STD sequel but in the right hands anything is possible...right? WRONG TURN 2 turned out to be a rather enjoyable experience; enjoyable in the sense that when people were getting basically destroyed in the most violent ways possible nothing else mattered. With a STD sequel you should expect the following: horrid acting (CHECK), quick pacing (CHECK), depressingly inept script and plot (CHECK).

One more thing about the violence: you could combine all of the violence in the SAW franchise, including SAW IV and it still wouldn't come close to WRONG TURN 2...SERIOUSLY.


I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the sequel to one of my favorite horror movies. But no. This movie was not so hot. The effects on the crazy hillbillies was realll bad compared to the great effects in the first movie. The whole reality TV thing was dumb. The overly sexualized mutants were annoying by always having sex, making out, spitting on their hands to get a certain job done, and deliverin a baybay spread eagle that looked like a smooshed melon.
Wrong Turn is my favourite movie of all time and when i heard about this film i was like yes, but when i saw it i was disgusted at the storylines and the fact that the old timer was actually with the hillbillys. in the first he is not. my rating is quite genorous
It's Halloween...time to rent those horror flicks. Or horror-comedies, as the case may be, and as the case was last week.
I was really looking forward to Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

came out in 1988, and is so dated by effects, clothes, and music that it comes across as almost charming. It's the closest in tone to the original, and includes two of that film's actors in different (though incredibly similar) roles. The return of Thom Mathews and James Karen alone pretty much earns this flick its '7', but I also enjoyed the gore (once again, not always the best effects), and the presence of Suzanne Snyder (blonde & cute as Deb in Weird Science, redheaded & cute as Brenda here) is always welcome. I didn't really care for the ease with which the zombies took to non-human brains, and the cheesy neon-blue lightning that represents electricity in so many films of this era really looks like hell nowadays (and I won't even mention the lameness of the Thriller-period Michael Jackson zombie...oops, I just did). Quibbling aside, Part 2 is an enjoyable diversion.
I'll be off the horror kick soon (well, maybe I'll never be totally off that), but next week, my favorite horror movie ever, and my favorite horror sequel ever combine with Josh vs. The Jane Austen Book Club for the best Halloween entry. Ever. By me.
Not terrible, just pretty much what you'd expect from a straight-to-DVD flick. Gore was the highlight here. Acting was OK, the Rambo-dude was annoying to say the least.

David Arquettes symbolic psychadelic The Tripper is what it is supposed to be dumb fun but with a political message. I mean on one hand Tripper is about a psycho killing drug crazed pretty young sex addicted people. Arquette's spins the story and places in a hick town where a "WoodStock" festival is going on. What did old Ronnie Reagan do to the hippie well folks he practically killed 'em. That is exactly what happens in this slasher film. the killer dons a Reagen mask and suit and goes hippie hunting! Not bad not great!

What can I say that i loved Wrong Turn? Hell yeah! Evry action packed inbred moment! so The stomach was churning after seeing the trailer for the sequel. Did it deliver? Well I watched it from beginning to end which in my book deserves at least a 4 or a 5. Oh you got to see the young inbred fucker banging the hell out of his sister!! CLASSIC!
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