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Without a Paddle 2004

After their friend dies, three men decide to fulfill their childhood promise by going on a camping expedition for the lost D.B. Cooper bounty, with calamitous results...

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Added a putlocker link as requested. I had totally forgotten about this movie and the request for more links made me remember how much I loved it when it came out. Definitely going to watch this and LMAO now. Great movie with lots of laughs in store.

Tom, Jerry and Dan are back home for the funeral of their childhood friend, Billy. Billy took off after high school and had the life of adventure they did not. The passing of Billy brings the friends together for an adventure they'll never forget.

Dax Shepard, Matthew Lillard and Seth Green are really very good in this movie. The dialogue is funny, the situations are, of course, contrived but it all works in the end. I liked seeing Abraham Benrubi again. There's something about him I can't name that I like and he brought to mind John Goodman here. Dax Shepard is just cute! It's worth watching.

I also have to say that Seth Green is the coolest. I watched Can't Hardly Wait last night (it was on Cinemax, thankfully, and not USA) and he is so funny in that movie! I love the end where they update where the characters will be in the future and Kenny and Denise are at the diner

I think Without a Paddle is a sad attempt at making a "guy" flick. Or maybe I just didn't get it. I'm sure guys don't get what's going on in chick flicks all the time. Alot of the humor in this movie left me in the dark. The story is about 4 guys who grow up together-Tom, Jerry, Dan and Billy (Dax Shepard, Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, and Anthony Starr). They go their separate ways, and then are reunited when Billy dies in a parasailing accident. During their reunion they go to the old fort that they'd built, and find that before Billy had died, he'd left them a treasure map retracing the steps on an old story about a bank robber. So they go. They run into all kinds of trouble..a bear, freaky-deeky-dutch rednecks, and wierd women living in a tree. If you're bored this one will kill some time, and maybe it was really meant for guys to enjoy anyway.

Wait a sec..the funniest scene is when they're running through a burning marajuana field, away from the freaky rednecks, and they get completely stoned.
I'm sorry but I really enjoyed Without a Paddle. I know most people probably found it lame, but I laughed many times. So there. I love Seth Green with all my soul. And he was definately the highlight of the movie. The movie starts out in the 80s with 4 kids playing Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, riding dirt bikes off ramps and building a treehouse. It's pretty delightful. Since I knew the movie was about 3 guys not 4 I assumed one would die, and one does. They flash forward to them in their 30s and getting the call for the funeral. They are reunited back in their hometown somewhere in Oregon. After the funeral they go back to their treehouse and look at all their old stuff. This scene was really sweetly done. They find a treasure map that thier dead friend had left for them for a future camping trip. And like the Goonies, (one of my favorite movies) they set off on a treasure hunt/camping trip. The rest of the movie is about their trip looking for the treasure. The 3 actors work well together, and are believable as long time childhood friends. Seth Green's character is super neurotic and gets most of the laughs. The bear scene even though i saw most of it on trailers still made me laugh. The ending wasn't actually too predictable. Anyway I'd watch it again. Seth Green rules.
Not so good, but digging the nature.
Without a Paddle - 1.5/4
hmm....hey, i was sad ok now.
we were at chris's house yesterday, but i told you about that.
then we loked at the stars last night, and me and sarah fell asleep and nearly froze to death...

Oh yeah, a while ago cj bought a ken doll (as in barbie and ken..) andshe made a dress for him and looked so cool.
the yesterday afternoon, we (when i say we..i wasnt part of it....) buried him in the compost heap! lol
We forgot to tell them, and then when we did, it was like 2 in the morning, and so they went to look for him, but they couldnt find him.
so they gave up and went inside and about 10 mins later, paddy puts her hand under her ass and pulls him out from under her, and no one knows how he got there! lol

yeah...random story.
im sure that i have homwework...but it couldnt be that important. oh yeah...physics...

hmm...we are going on a geography field trip on wednesday.

oH!! and !!! we booked indiana land for the last day of school
see, there are alot of people that have birthdays in the we decided that we would book indiana land (its like a MASSIVE play thing..for kids..but we are too old, so we have to book!)
i cant wait
and we are going to dublin next tuesday...that will be fun

ok, i better go


oh yeah...this movie is hallarious

ha ha! seth green is soooo small in it
he is soo short....its funny *monkey* but he is cute...
Without A Paddle

It was ok, but disturbing at some parts.... hairy could have been a lot better but there were some good parts i guess. Let's just say it wasnt what i expected, though not bad.
I thought this movie would be completely stupid from the previews but I actually enjoyed it. I usually don't like those druggie, sex movies. Maybe because it took place in the wilderness where I have been raised. That's probably it. Still liked it though. Tom was the best charachter.
So, are we ready?

THE GIFT- This one gets a 6. I thought it was rather interesting. Of course there was very good acting in it. It's just not up there for me to rate it any higher than a 6. Amanda, you might disagree with me on this one. You probably give it at least a 7. Your probably like "what" Casey saw a movie with Katie Holmes' tits and he only gave it a 6. Believe me, if it were all based on her tits it would definately get a 10. Those things are wonderful. I could have fun with those all weekend long. I got something she can play with for a few days as well. I'm sure she wouldn't get tired of it either. Anyway, moving on.

NATIONAL TREASURE- Alright, this one get's a 7. I think that it is a very neat movie. Neat, did I just say neat? Anycrap, I thought that it was very informative, and very action packed. Just when I thought it was almost over, it still had plenty more to go. It kept me watching anticipatedly. Is that a word?

OCEAN'S ELEVEN- Okay, this one gets an 8. It is my favorite out of the 2. I just think it such a cool movie. You wonder how they are actually gonna pull it off, and then you see how they do it. It is just amazing. I thought it was awesome. You have so many things going on for that movie, you have laughter, and action, and thrill, I just love it.

OCEAN'S TWELVE- Alright, I didn't think that this one was as good as the 1st one. Of course it is still good, that is why it gets a 7 from me. But it is just not as good as the 1st. I just don't like how they end up with the egg. they really don't do much of anything to get it. The main job where they really have to do something is when they break into that man's house and the other person beat them to it. Anyway, they do outsmart him in the end, and they end up with the real egg. All in all, a very good movie, but again, not as good as the 1st in my opinion.

WITHOUT A PADDLE- This one gets a 5. I thought it was a pretty funny movie, but I think that they tried to make it too serious. I don't know. Maybe it just wasn't a well written story. It could have been a lot better. There are very few funny parts. Some of it is just entertaining.

Well, thats it for now. I might do some more here in a bit.

Dacaso, out.
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