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Winter's Bone 2010

An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact...

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@tblades1986 You know, I totally think you're right! And I think that's the problem I had with this flick! I know people seem to love it, but from a movie-buff standpoint, and perhaps due to it's "realness" I'm just like okay so then what's the point?! I'm from that movie-watching group that likes my film to have a real point - beginning, middle, end, all leading to some sort of poignant(or at least relevant)ending. I like movies cuz their movies, but films that seem as if they've started in the middle of someone's life and offer no real plot or ending just don't work for me!
A compelling movie, but in the vain of "There Will Be Blood" in that the movie was centered around a very "tiny" loose-knit plot, but you want to see how it ends - even though half-way through you've pretty much figured it out. And in the end you're like okay what was the point?! Okay life is tough in the Ozarks, people are poor,and they have their own "backwoods" culture...okay, but what else you got?! Her "mission" to find her father, and handle things at home, just didn't do enough for me - it all fell flat. For me the end was like "oh, okay". This has the feel of being adapted from a book or play - there's always a disconnect when they try to adapt these kind of works for the big screen. 6.5/10
Let me think how to Describe it.Winter's Bone is really a Masterpiece.It's chilling,beautiful,unnerving,heart-wrenching,solid,cold,frightening,and in regards to it's Main Character Jennifer Lawrence,it is Unforgiving.This movie showed how someone will go so far for there family and loved ones,how you would do anything for them and main character's
courage proved that.I'm also impressed by the realism and details here.And the true face of system.Here we get an intense view into a culture and family life that most of us never would get to see.Still it makes us just feel for the character.There are many 'Touching' scenes(makes me cry),too much darkness,cruelty BUT in the middle of all the cruelty there is a bright light of honour and love shown by Brave Jennifer Lawrence.She's a Stellar Performer.At some point it feels slow but give the story time to unfold(don't do the mistake I did) and you won't be disappointed.It's a MUST SEE movie.
@meeksbam Finally watched it.You know I watched it before but bcs of slow pace I quit' in few mins and changed the channel.But as I said before thanks to your comment I gve it second chance.True,Its not everyone's cup of tea(bcs of intensity and sensitivity level) but I guess now its mine.
The message it delivers is Very Sharp, aimed right at both your worst fears and most sensitive heart-strings..Brilliant movie.
@meeksbam Agree! your comment is really deep and thoughtful.
Definitely will give it a watch going to sleep.TC.
@meeksbam Your well worded review has won me over. I'll give it a shot. Nicely written and convincing. Cheers.
Wow what a great piece of acting. This movie told a great story of heart ache and the length folks will go to keep it together. If your heart isn't heavy and you don't feel the need to discuss the experience with someone else watch it again. Jennifer Lawrence I must admit draws me into each movie she does like I am standing right there. Great movie a must see. 9/10
Winter's Bone is a genuine triumph, a great movie with astounding performances so natural, so genuine, that you forget it's a movie.
Depression is a way of life in the stark, crank-infested Ozarks, and the hand that's been dealt to young Ree Dolly ( a truly magnificent Jennifer Lawrence ) is far from good. The straight-forward intensity of this incredible film may be to much for some.

"Winter's Bone" is a harsh, unsparing film, but a memorable, mesmerizing experience all the same. It is rough and tender, a fantastic story of strength when life is cold and cruel.

I love the mountain music. It stirs something down deep in my soul whenever I hear it.

This is a must see. I highly recommend it to everyone to give it a watch.
Great movie wow ..
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