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Love this movie, one of my all time favorites! 10/10
This one is a classic of my youth. I was just a kid when this film came out and I even had the colouring book that went with the movie. Watching this film for the first time in 14 years really takes me back to those days (life was much simpler then). I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes fantasy/adventure movies or if you just want to have a few laughs at the simple comedy that was in it.
Haha your welcome, it is definitely a classic. This movie made me remember my childhood days were afterwards your in such a good mood you start running around pretending to be the hero of the movie(not willow, but Mad Mardigan). I zoned in on that orchestra background music and was in awe of how well the right music sets the tone of a movie perfectly. It made me want to watch some Indiana Jones movies. It's the quintessential 80's adventure movie.
Just got done watching Willow since probably 15 years or so. Gotta love the 80's adventure movies. The time when adventure movies had big grand orchestra music that played along perfectly to the heroes and villains of the story with a guaranteed satisfactory ending. For the generation that missed this movie give it a watch. Yes it has some cheesy effects with what you would expect from that time frame, but you shouldn't let that stop you from enjoying a great movie.
Outstanding 10/10 I saw this when i was a kid and it still holds up to anything today well better really. Good story good over all everything. Makes you want to travel with Willow and the group be part of the movie that's how this movie makes me feel. Love theses types of movies we need more of them .
seen it again after so many years loved it again out of sentimental reason the two kids were still adorable

this movie was just ok.the witch and that one character who always called willow peck got on my nerves.


This movie is what happens when Star Wars and Lord of The Rings have sex. Let me show you...

Willow = Frodo, and he lives in an area similar to the shire (Warwick Davis was also an Ewok) with a whole bunch of hobbit-looking villagers.

The head wizard, who is looking for an apprentice, is similar to Qui-Gon Jinn. One of the beginning scenes is a village meeting to decide what to do about the baby (sound familiar to LOTR?) The baby (Elora Danon) is comparable to the Ring in LOTR. The evil sorceress Bavmorda is the same character as the emperor in Star Wars. Val Kilmer is Willow's version of Viggo Mortensen in LOTR. They hold a campout in front of Bavmorda's castle (sound like the end of LOTR III?) And the list goes on. I gave it a 7 for liking it so much when I was a kid. :fresh:
This movie is a classic and in many ways set the stage for Lord of The Rings. It may not be the best movie ever made but it is certainly a must see
This movie was good. It had some good actors and good acting. The adventure seems like something out of a D&D adventure, but overall, I enjoyed this movie. I recommend this to anyone who loves Fantasy's well worth the watch
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