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When Worlds Collide 1951

As a new star and planet hurtle toward a doomed Earth, a small group of survivalists frantically work to complete the rocket which will take them to their new home...

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It was one of those times when you needed a laugh. I had busted my knee up pretty bad, and was confined to minimum movement. Sitting down at my computer-, I wasn't ready for heavy drama, I felt like I just needed some good escapism- When Worlds Collide was just the right thing.

The movie's plot is the old doomsday device. A planet is headed on a collision course for earth, and amidst doubt by people like the UN, a group of anxious atronomers put together a kind of Noah's Ark project. Knowing that only some will survive, men and women alike help put together the ship, hoping they will be chosen.

Among the lot of cheesy casting is John Hoyt as a crotchety millionaire. He's like prototype Dr Smith. A whiny asshole with too much money, kindhearted Dr Hendron (Larry Keating) who in the end sacrifices himself for more "fuel", and some dorky love triangle between an ear, nose and throat doctor (Peter Hansen), the lead man (Richard Derr) who looks like Judge Reinhold and Barbara Rush is Dr Hendron's daughter, Joyce. a revoltingly attractive humanitarian with a little too much confusion to her character.

These strange characters are just the thing that makes When Worlds Collide such a colorful film- literally. The technicolor camera livens up the movie quite a bit, as does the incredibly juvenile script which looks like something a fourth grader wrote. I mean, the scenes that got me were the ones where the people of earth stare mystified at their demise. Laughable... but oddly... I don't doubt their authenticity.

This movie is so dumb, it's like a bad episode of Lost in Space. Yet, you know what? It could become a favorite. It's never boring, the special effects are quite good, and the movie is almost hilarious. For a day of boredom when you're sick, it's just what the doctor ordered.
When Worlds Collide
Stephen Sommers, the director the Mummy films, is doing a remake of this film. It has an interesting premise so I thought I should check it out. A star is on a collision course with our planet. Luckily, a planet is also passing by us before the collision, so some scientist and volunteers put together a rocket to take a select group of 50 people to this new planet. I guess in the 50's, we still haven't landed on the moon yet? Their idea of a launching pad for the rocket is a U-shaped, roller coaster like thing built on a similarly shapped hill. The effects are pretty good for a 50's movie; most of them are pretty well integrated matte shots. There's a scene of New York City being destroyed by a tidal wave that probably inspired a similiar scene in The Day After Tomorrow.

House of Flying Daggers
A great companion peice to Hero. The cinematography is just as breathtaking, if not more. There's a variety of landscapes here. The production design is incredibly beautiful, especially during the dancing scene. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the entire film is lit pretty flatly. Maybe it was going for realism. The choreography is very creative. Sure, they don't have the services of Jet Li and Donnie Yen here, but they made up for it with lots of creativity. The fight scene in the bamboo forest is the highlight of that. It's too bad they didn't end the film there, but what follows wasn't bad enough that I want to deduct any points.
Fascinating and imaginative early sci-fi film, good production values. The special effects are good for the most part. Great pacing, good story.
After a very biblical beginning the plot moves on to be an intelligent look at the best and worst sides of humankind when faced with destruction. It's a well-written story. The actors do very well with their characters, rooted as they are in the 1950s style. The effects are nicely done, even earning an Academy Award. The music is nothing memorable.
Astronomers have discovered that a distant planet is on a collision course with Earth. With all the evidence they have, they try to convince their government and the world about the danger lurking in space. But naturally, no one believes them. So they join up with a group of willing workers to create a spaceship that will take a few of them and some animals to this oncoming planet to start a new life.

When I was younger I loved this movie a lot. It had a great concept, and I thought everything was done pretty nicely. Seeing it again as I've grown up, I have begun to notice a lot of flaws in the film. And not a lot of it makes much sense. How fast was this planet traveling for it to get here so fast? How come if the two worlds collide and Earth is destroyed, why is there no real damage done to the other planet?

The thing that works the most for this movie is its way of capturing the chaotic way man tends to act during times of crisis. At first, most people are willing to think that there is no real danger. That is until it is show to them first hand, like when the oncoming planet and its sun cause tidal waves, earthquakes and other natural disasters to occur. Then as people realize that they aren't all going to fit on the rocket ship off the planet, they gather guns and plan to shot their way onto it.

I've just recently found out that Stephen Sommers is remaking this film. I don't mind Sommers... I've actually liked a lot of his movies, though they are mostly just guilty pleasures. I'm not sure why anyone would want to remake this. But I guess with every Hollywood director doing so, I shouldn't be too surprised.

I still think the original War of the Worlds is the definitive 1950's "Earth on the verge of destruction" film there is. Some might be thinking "What about The Day the Earth Stood Still?" I love that movie, but don't really see it along the same lines as War of the Worlds and When Worlds Collide. But all three of these films would make a wonderful sci-fi marathon.
The phenomena of nothing but crap coming out on DVD along with the longest ever string of crappy new movies forces me to dig into the movie library to find something besides total junk to watch.

When Worlds Collide is more or less the grandfather of disaster movies, mixing sci fi with WWII military trappings much like lots of 50's movies did, right down to barracks and uniforms. Barbara Rush had more looks than the movie deserved but had only schmucks to share it onscreen with.

Fiance? What fiance? Oh, this guy I'm dancing with.

This oldie went along fine until the end and the final scene had a silly cheap painting of a supposedly alien planet posing as reality. So I looked into how they could've been so crude even 50 years ago and the studio released the movie before George Pal could finish a set for it. Way to go, dumbass studio executives.

The DVD is full screen with just a trailer for extras and gets a 6/10.
I liked this movie when I was a kid, but seeing it recently, I can't say I like it all that much. Interesting story, but it stretches credibility in a lot of ways. Apparently, writers of the time didn't pay that much attention to dialogue and story, but the movie does have decent special effects for 1951.
Whot ever u do don't miss out on this classic it is one of the best of its kind i hope 2012 is like this.
a highly entertaining film, for the day, not on the scale of 2001 or star wars, but perhaps on a par with war of yhe worlds or day the earth stood stilll. as was then the standard, this movie was laden with messages, although the message here was trust your scientists, not your politicians. life as usual was interrupted by the discovery of two rogue planets, one on a neat-miss trajectoty with earth and the second heading for a durect hit. i believe we had nine months to get out of town. the astronomers were mocked for ttheir message--the usual kill the mailman mentality. however, one wealthy ibdustrialist was prtsuadedd to fund a spaceship to transport a few hundred colovists tu the planet which would miss earth. there is a lot of similarity to the present global warming issue. i wont spoil the experience with more details. based on the novel bhe same name by balmer and wyley who also wrotr the bounty trilogy. a sequel, after worlds collide, was appaewntly never filmrd. film is slightly marred by a misubfrtstanding of weightlessness in space. it is remarkably free of pro or abti commubism/peace propaganda. [please forgive my spelling--i just had cataeact surgery]
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