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When Harry Met Sally... 1989

Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship...

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I saw "Casablanca" for the first time recently, and while I found it to be a very well made and interesting movie, I wouldn't call it the best love story ever. I'm also disappointed that "When Harry Met Sally" isn't near the top of AFI' list.

'Casablanca' Tops List of Movie Romances
By Bob Tourtellotte


When Harry Met Sally (Romantic Comedy)

This one is so good to start the year with... so I recommend it for the ones who love to start the year, with romance, hope, laugh, a new year's party, and a light heart.

It's already a classic, and Meg Ryan is amazing in it.


Harry e Sally Feitos Um Para o Outro (Com
The Butcher Boy (1997) **

Problematic "magical realism" black comedy based on a novel by Patrick McCabe. Francie Brady (Eamonn Owens) is a young Irish boy who lives with his depressive mother (Aisling O'Sullivan) and alcoholic father (Stephen Rea) and spends his days playing with his best friend Joe (Alan Boyle). The thing is, Francie is a bit off his rocker. When his mother kills herself, his mind begins to... unravel. He has frequent conversations with the Virgin Mary (played by, obviously, Sin
Rating: 9/10
Date Seen: 2/14/04

Mmmmmmm.... Oooooooo... OooOOOOooo.... Hmmmmmmm... Ahhhh.... Yerrrr.... Okay, it doesn't look good, but hey, I'm doing a great orgasmic scene right here, hehe. Only kidding, too much to wipe up afterwards. Anyway... When Harry Met Sally, it is finally what it's cracked up to be.

I've seen it always on the "Best Film Blah" things, that I thought it would finally be a time when I would see this movie. I'm actually doing a lot of old films recently, and not many new ones, which I'm finding quite educational, because most of them I haven't really seen at all.

Harry meets Sally three times in the film. The first he likes her, in a way, and she definately doesn't. Next time, he meets her, in an airport, and she still doesn't like him, but he's getting married. Third time, he's divorced, she's single, and they finally, even though Harry says "friends that are male and female can never be friends, sex always comes into it", they become friends.

Then, as you guessed, sex does come into it. Billy Crystal is fantastic, and although he's old (no offence Billy) he looks so young. Okay, it's a 1988 movie, but... he does, he looks very handsome and young. Meg the same, she looks horrible until the last year jump, her hair is fantastic, those curls. Anyway, they're friendship can be seen is genuine and not those fake ones you can tell. Sometimes co-stars never get on, and that relates in the story. Other films, they get on so well - another example: Lord of the Rings.

Anyway, great film, the only problem:- Made me realise, I have nobody. I WANNA FIND MY SALLY :(
(Much props will be given to all those who can identify the quote in the title :D )

Watching Something's Gotta Give the other day put me in the mood for romantic comedies, again. I haven't been excited about them in a while. In honor of this occasion, here are my Top 5 Romantic Comedies:

5. The Truth About Cats and Dogs (1996)
An underrated gem of a movie. Arguably, Janeane Garofalo's shining moment on film. She is notoriously self-conscious, but in this movie she is relaxed, funny, and charming. Being, of course, the Nerd Princess, I have a special place in my heart for this movie about the unconventional beauty (Janeane) winning out over the beauty queen (Uma). Ben Chaplin is appropriately gorgeous as the object of the ladies' affections. A treasure from my high school years.

4. Annie Hall (1977)
This movie is romantic in the most modern, sophisticated sense. To paraphrase a favorite quote, its about two neurotics coming near, recognizing, protecting, and comforting each other. Only, of course, to break up, which is why this movie rates a bit low on a list of romantic comedies. The romance gets lost in the comedy. Still, it features one of the most enjoyable on-screen pairings ever - Allen and Keaton - and gave us reason to count cooking lobsters among the most romantic things you can do with your partner.

3. Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)
Love him or hate him, you have to admit that romantic comedies just wouldn't be the same without Hugh Grant. I was young when Four Weddings and a Funeral came out, and therefore smitten from an early age. That last speech in Sense and Sensibility didn't help matters, but I'll get to that. Notting Hill was okay, but Hugh's bumbly schtick was wearing thin at that point. Then, oh my, there he was slinking out of that elevator, to the tune of "What you want, baby I got it!" Slimmed down, new haircut, plastic surgery(?), $2000 suit, and I'm reduced to my giggly 16-year-old self all over again. An interesting thing happens in this movie, though. Hugh is revealed to be truly repugnant, and the torch of the Gorgeous British Guy is thusly passed to Colin Firth. Really, I'm fine with that. Here's to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and more of dishy Colin (and Hugh).

2. Sense and Sensibility (1996)
Are you getting the point? I like the British movies. Better actors, better writing, better sense of humor, and, for God's sake, they're actually about adults. This movie reigns above all others England has ever produced, because its just so achingly romaaantic. In that old-fashioned, sigh-inducing, country-wedding sort of way. It also counts as something of an oddity among rom-coms, in that there is absolutely no sex, and noone even kisses someone else on-screen. In fact, only one kissing scene was even filmed, and it didn't make the final cut. So, you have a movie composed of side-long glances, wistful soliloquizing, and maddening twists of fate. Our heroines, Eleanor (Sense, played by Emma Thompson) and Marianne (Sensibility, played by Kate Winslet) are put through the wringer, poor girls, and we are pining with them every step of the way. Oh, and those suitors! Hugh Grant is sweet and subdued as the bemused Edward, Greg Wise is charming as the vivacious but ultimately deceitful Willoughby, and Alan Rickman (oh...dear God) is ssssmoldering as the passionate and loyal Coronel Brandon. As with most British movies, the supporting cast is stacked to bursting with outstanding talents. I'll stop now, but I could on for days about this movie. Suffice to say, it was tough putting this one second, but...

1. When Harry Met Sally (1989)
...this one wins as my sentimental favorite movie of all time. It just never gets old. If S&S is the standard by which all English rom-coms are judged, then this is the benchmark for American films. Reiner and Ephron crafted the most genius script, a perfectly apt examination of the foibles of men and women in love. Their words and direction combined with the finely tuned comic talents of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan make for an unbeatable romantic comedy experience. When I first saw this as a teenager, I was taken with Meg Ryan's cuteness and that oh-so-romantic speech at the end. As I've grown older and gotten married, I continue to be astounded at the movie's relevance. In short, they're right. They are absolutely right, about all of it. It really is that complicated, it really is that ridiculous, it is really is that breathtakingly wonderful to fall in love and stay in love. When you can be entertained by the truth, well, how can argue with this movie's supremacy? I love you, Coronel Brandon, but I'm gonna have to go home with Harry.

For a newer romantic comedy it doesn't get much better than this. I'm not much of a fan of this genre. But with the sharp dialogue and good chemistry between the actors involved it works really well here. I have never really liked Billy Crystal in much, but I really enjoyed him in this one. Overall a fun film to watch!
I'm just bored and lonely again. No one's online or in chat. I've gotta get things together, but I don't know how.

Watched all of When Harry Met Sally... for the first time and loved it. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal have really great chemistry and the story's quite original and fun. One of these days I'll buy the DVD.
well I am all better.. I worked yesterday morning at 5am. and here I am . the second day in a row to do the same shift.. I hate my job.. anyways.. time to go on about..
a nice sweet movie. a chick flick but hey its good. for us guys even.. i liked it alot.. remember seeing it in the theater.. Meg Ryan up on the screen. *droool:cool: * Russel Crowe rocks to have made her wander away from her hubby! On the extras features, there is a scene that was deleted about a couple talking and it is called "walking down the street" great little story.. i can relate to that in life.. things happen for a reason. good or bad. and thats how I met my wife.. by fate if I wasnt online that day I wouldnt have come across her in a chatroom.. yep. internet love and marriage and parenthood.. in a short 2 1/2 yrs :eek: but I am glad it happened.
fate is a funny thing indeed.

In the past week i've seen The Great Escape, When Harry Met Sally, La Retour de Martin Guerre (The Return of Martin Guerre) and The Magnificent Seven. Under normal circumstances, I would probably have never voluntarily watched these films, but for different reasons I ended up seeing all of them. And now i have come to the conclusion that Steve McQueen is a cool guy. I mean, who else would be so daring as to sneak around in white pants in the middle of the night while trying to escape from a German PoW camp? And what sort of cowboy would still be so calm and laid-back, all the while wearing a peachy pink shirt? Steve McQueen, that's who

All the films i've seen in the last week have been pretty good. The only one i found rather painful to sit through was The Return of Martin Guerre. I had to watch that as part of my Film & History course and i felt it was quite a slow-moving film. It had it's interesting moments, but it still wasn't enough to incite a liking of the film from me...Sorry Martin Guerre :(
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