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When a Man Loves a Woman 1994

An airline pilot and his wife are forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when her addictions threaten her life and their daughter's safety. While the woman enters detox, her husband must face the truth of his enabling behavior...

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Solar rating: 8.7


Imdb rating: 6.5



This movie was sad and beautiful simultaneously. It deals with alcoholism and its effect on a relationship and a family. It's a look into reality. I thought Meg Ryan's performance was really good in this movie- quite different from the rest of her movies.
Its a good watch.
Best in Show: Meg Ryan
One for the future: Tina Majorino
Stand-out scene: '6 months clean' speech
Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Saw this upon its theatrical release a decade ago (!) and have had it on tape for ages. 2 hours plus and a tearjerker, I remembered it as being an impressive movie and my recollection proved to be correct. Far before In the Cut, Meg Ryan had made some excellent purely dramatic performances; Promised Land and Flesh and Bone spring to mind as well as this offering. Mexican director Luis Mandoki ensures that the movie is more realistic than soapy, depicting Alice Green's descent into alcoholism with more realism than soapiness. From the opening scenes her character is alcohol-dependent and Andy Garcia as her husband Michael has to pick up the pieces every morning. With a screenplay based on ten pages of notes by Orson Welles, the movie has a quality feel throughout, and it deals with sensitive issues in an adult manner. Also boasting a small role from Philip Seymour Hoffman, the film's climax will have you blubbing like a babby.
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I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews.

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What About Bob, directed by Frank Oz, stars Bill Murray as a neurotic man obsessed with phobias. Richard Dreyfuss plays his psychologist.

When A Man Loves A Woman, directed by Luis Mandoki, stars Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia as a married couple wrecked by her alcholism.

Fled, directed by Kevin Hooks, stars Lawrence Fishburn and Stephen Baldwin as escaping convicts who hate each other.

When a Man Loves a Woman
Very good romance drama that documents accurately general U.S. middle class family affected by alcoholism. This movie is more about information and reflection on the subject than about entertainment. If you are information starved person or person who enjoys reality based family dramas, you will love this one. This movie will be more appreciated if one is familliar with a family in this situation because to most who have not seen anything like it in real life, this movie will come off as improbable although it is not. Thus we have diverse direction of opinions from various people about this movie. Overall production is good. Performance of Meg Ryan is very good but I expected more from Andy Garcia although his performance was adequate enough.
Saw the cover of the film and I thought it was going to be another one of those boring Meg Ryan love stories. Boy was I wrong. Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia give to great performances in film about alcoholism and how it can ruin a family. A departure for Ryan.
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