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I think they're fun! Some people hate them, but I love watching them! Well, some are better than others, but still, I think they're usually entertaining.

Two high school movies were on tv today: "Whatever it takes" and "Fast times at Richmont high". "Whatever it takes" was a regular romantic comedy, nothing special, nothing original. I didn't like it that much, so I'm giving it 4...I think. "Fast times" was better, but I think the ending was kinda weird...I mean, the whole movie was just a bunch of things that happened to the students in the movie and then after one thing happened to one of the guys, the movie was suddenly over. Sean Penn was in it, and he made me think about another high school movie I think is really great, "Clueless", cause the character he plays is kinda like Travis in Clueless.

My sister bought it Clueless on VHS when it was new, and I've watched it a million times since then. It's been ages since I've seen it now though, but since I'm talking about high school movies, I thought I'd rate it! I love this movie, so I'm giving it 10!

Edit: Not that anyone cares, but I just noticed that Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed "Clueless" also directed "Fast times at richmont high". And she also directed (with other people) the TV-series based on the two movies.
Angels in America: Perestroika (Nichols, 2003): A.
When this first came out on HBO, I only got a chance to see the first half, Millenium Approaches, and the beginning of the second, Perestroika. Whereas the first, and slightly weaker half tells the story of the dissolution of relationships, the second picks these patches up and quilts a chewy, gooey, yummy blanket of humane drama that I just wanted to never-ending-gobstopper forever. With all due respect to Al Pacino, you won your (deserved) accolades in the wrong categories.

City Lights (Chaplin, 1931): B-.
I've only seen two Chaplins, and I liked Gold Rush so much more than this one. The very funny opening scene and the boxing scene aside, I'm not big on contrivance, and too often the Little Tramp's mishaps relied on that mechanism for humor.

Whatever It Takes (Raynr, 2000): C-.
Hee hee. James Franco in a thong. But, then, like he has a freakishly wide mouth that I never noticed before. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. And what is up with the really tasteless gag about the Titanic? Who in their right minds would think that is funny? Hee hee. No, not me, I'm still thinking about James in a, ahem, leopard print thong. (I zoomed in for the detail).

Collateral (Mann, 2004): B+.
Spoilers, I guess?
First, the movie would have been awesome if Tom Cruise didn't suddenly turn into The Terminator at the end of the movie. He jumps buildings in a single bound, and attaches himself to speeding subway cars, and he can take being shot, and he speaks like an Austrian from the futures, and, oh wait. Second, Tom Cruise is fast becoming my Public Enemy Number 1. Why is it that in his movies, my favorite men have to die halfway through (Mark Ruffalo in this, Colin Farrell in Minority Report)?

In Good Company (Weitz, 2004): A-.
Oh, this movie would have been great if the Teddy K scene at the end had been taken out. Really. The subtle Manhattan sensibility of growing up (the Scarlett Johannsen subplot) and the idealistic perspective on corporate culture were exceedingly well done. Quaid's family is well-adjusted, and there is sincerity in the fact that the troubles they encounter are real problems that they handle with honest reactions. Good, good movie.
I love Shane West and he does a really good job. Every movie with Colin Hanks in it is good in my book, even if he only has a bit part. The story is one that has definately done many times before, but it is still entertaining.
5.5/10. Very typical teen romantic comedy, not much original here, but I felt the cast did a better than average job putting it a notch above most other films in this genre. It also was less crude than other films of this nature.

Standard teen flick but the lead girl was pretty good looking.
Whatever, I only watch it for James Franco's sake.
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