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What Women Want 2000

After an accident, a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking...

Release Date:
December 15, 2000
127 min
Nancy Meyers
T.J. Thyne, Lisa Anne Hillman, Ashley Johnson, ...
Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, ...
English, French

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 6.4

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Took 30+ min, but it finally cracked me and got a few laughs out of me.
An interesting movie which I enjoyed watching and having a little laugh here and there.

I hate it when this happens. See liar liar for another example of how to suck the fun right out of a movie. The jokes in the first half are pretty funny, yet completely predictable. In the second half we get to deal with a teenager's problems concerning the prom, Gibson getting a conscience and a suicidal chick.
WEeeeeeeeeee, great fun, no?
Mel Gibson stars in this romantic comedy (if a film that is neither funny nor romantic can be called that) about a rather sexist man who is one day blessed with the ability to read the thoughts of every woman he encounters. This is a promising if somewhat familiar premise for a film, one that could have been mined for moments of clever comedy. Unfortunately, the filmmakers (primarily the screenwriters) have wasted every opportunity to develop genuinely funny material and have settled for the oldest, most tired jokes about the differences between men and women. What Women Want manages to be equally offensive to both sexes: it doesn't present what women want but what Hollywood thinks they want, and it's central figure is the embodiment of the stereotypical male clod. The plot involves Gibson's resentment of a female co-worker (Helen Hunt) and his plot to use his miraculous new gift to manipulate Hunt's character and better her in their corporate competition. The cruel and cynical nature of this premise (as well as the treatment of a supporting character played by Marisa Tomei) is supposed to be forgiven by the film's "charm" and "humour". If the film had found some perceptive or insightful ways to use the differences between the sexes as a basis for comedy, I might have been willing to forgive its nasty tone. But with execution this predictable, the movie's flaws (which include a predictable attempt to "explain" Gibson's sexism) are brought to the forefront. This really is a bad film, and yet it is not completely repulsive because Gibson is such an effortlessly charming actor. Even when he is playing a man we can't stand, we still watch him. Perhaps the true sign of a movie star is that he keeps us mildly entertained even as we are watching utter dreck. If that is the sign, then on the basis of this terrible movie, Gibson is a star.

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Mmm. This coming up week of school is my last before spring break. Exams. Yay. :rolleyes: I'm not dreading them- I know I'll do well. These next few weeks should be good ones for me :knock on wood:. Hopefully better than most of my year has been so far. If I get the grades I'm expecting on the finals, I will have a B in Chemistry and maintain a D in English (long, looong story- my teacher is an ass, proven by the fact that I never get below an A in English :mad: ). There's a half day this week, as well as Friday off. Saturday I have almost front row seats to go see the Newsboys live (my second time this year!), and the week I'm on spring break my mom is taking her vacation and we're going to refurnish the hardwood floors in my brother's old room. So I'll finally be moved in there by sometime next week. :D The only thing I'm not looking forward to is next Monday I have to go get one of my dental surgeries. 3 teeth are going to be pulled of 7 that have to go- thank God they're knocking me out. :eek:

Okay, if I wasn't so lazy at the moment I'd post another Jareth pic- so those who hate DB, consider yourself lucky. :p I suppose a quote will have to do. lol.


"You cowered before me. I was frightening."
What Women Want (2000) Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Alan Alda, Ashley Johnson, Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Holly, Delta Burke, Valerie Perrine, Judy Greer, Sarah Paulson, Ana Gasteyer, Loretta Devine, D: Nancy Meyers. Glossy romantic comedy about a male chauvinist ad exec who after getting electrocuted begins hearing the thoughts of every female around him, and that's where he puts it to good use on his new superior (Hunt), who stole the position from him, and makes her fall in love. A tendency for overlength cannot count against a movie this entertaining and funny from the help of a game cast and the attractive Gibson and Hunt (and their congenial smiles). Bette Midler appears. Running Time: 125 minutes and rated PG-13 for sexuality and some language. ***

I am confused(as you C) because as i recall Mel might be teasing us about his sexuality involving this movie. IE the scene where he trys' on womens cloths. Hes and wakes up in a thong. Half a verse in Leviticus tells us this isn't right:confused:
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