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What's Eating Gilbert Grape 1993

Gilbert has to care for his brother Arnie and his obese mother, which gets in the way when love walks into his life...

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Really god movie, honest. And great cast of characters.
Interesting watching Leonardo DiCaprio play a mentally challenged person and Johnny Depp with super long hair.
I remember being a kid watching this and thinking man that mentally challenged kid is pretty good at acting...Then being flipped when Leonardo Di'Caprio became popular and thinking man that was that kid from What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
So today I've visited the movie museum. And I've made a photo with me and the hookclaw on it. Great, isn't it? I've seen the original mask of "Hollow Man" and the mask of "The Mask". And the mask of Nosferatu! There were everywhere mirrors and you thought that you would fall down, because ist was so irritating!

Yeah, it was a pretty great movie. Leonardo DiCaprio was awesome in it, so was Johnny Depp.
**1/2 / ****
Aw, this movie is so sad, funny, beautiful, umm...all that...Oh, and Johnny with wet long hair, very very nice:D
Bought the following last week from Ruins, BF Homes:
What's Eating Gilbert GrapeOne Piece Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (anime)Yi-Yi Tenacious D 9/ 10

While working on the computation of my students' grades, I listened to Tenacious D. Fucking funny Joe Black. I was in Tower Records when I first heard this album. I was there in one of those listening stations where you can sample some songs in the headset (a concept which was new then to the third world --practice started two-three years ago?) It struck me at first as something Primus-ey, but when I listened to it now, to say that they sound like Primus is very inaccurate. They sound like folksy-rock-metal-comedy routine duo. They parodied metalheads here and depicted them as Satan-loving-navel-pierced fans. Har! Funny.

Got two Sunday hours left. Tomorrow's time for school again. Good thing I didn't have to prepare a new lesson plan for this week because it's review week for their term exam.
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What's Eating
Gilbert Grape (1993)

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