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What Dreams May Come 1998

After dying in a car crash a man searches the afterlife for his wife...

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@birdfish420 one of my favorites too! R.I.P. Robin, it's films like this I'll miss from you.
One of my favorites. R.I.P. Mr. Robin Williams. :'(
I was just blown away by this movie--the storyline, the visual effects, the cinematography is incredible. Making a movie about the afterlife is a daunting task, and I thought the filmmakers did an amazing job of it. The power of love can transcend even death. 10/10
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well, the problem with such great movies as Minority Report or A.I. is, most people don't understand anything about movies. I'm not talking about understanding "stories", intellectuell bullshit or something. I'm talking about a real movie fan who loves Hollywood movies and which are the only movies for cinemas. (Why the hell should I go into an independent bullshit in cinema??).

Sure, these two movies by Spielberg could have been some really masterpieces and A.I. e.g. isnt one because of the bad ending. But still. Who cares? Sure, I hated the ending, but until then its still some of those great movies why you're going to cinema.
Some of it was pretty overly-sappy, and the parts with the kids were, well, overly-sappy. Also I really found the wife hard to take. But the visual inventiveness and very cool concepts bring it to a barely fresh rating.

I give this movie a 3 for the photography mainly, along with some of the dialogue and the ambition of the story, even though it never really amounted to very much. The plot is so muddled and sort of just thrown together that not only is it hard to keep track of everything... it's extremely hard to believe.

I usually have a big problem with any film regarding the afterlife... mainly because I don't believe that any film has gotten it write so far. People who die... and then live forever in eternity would never really work. Heaven would not be heaven if you lived forever... mainly because if you don't die, you can never really live... at least that is the way I think. I don't believe I would ever really be happy in a heaven where I lived forever.

The acting is somewhat decent... but the main two characters who we are expected to believe that they are soulmates just do not work well together. Their relationship is not believable at all.

The visuals are good, most of the time... some of it is a bit over the top and didn't age well. The computer graphics we see in theater now make this movie look pretty cheesy.

I wouldn't really recommend the movie to anybody. It drags on way too long, and just isn't satisfying in any way.
This movie still forces tears out of me when i see it but only when i see it alone. just a quick note...ok loki guy below's "right" with an -R- not "write" as in "I like to write letters." With that said, this movie takes a new spin on the afterlife and does a good job coming through with the message that "Love has no boundries." if you like a good love story and you feel like eating a bowl of icecream and having yourself a good cry...see this. A friend expressed to me that this movie should be retitled "The Death of Snatch Adams"...after he said that i vomitted blood because i laughed so hard. SEE THIS!

-Jesse "The Satan" Staton-
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Visually Stunning

After seeing What Dreams May Come, I have a new found respect for Robin Williams. Up until now, I have thought of Robin Williams as a goofy-simple minded actor. Yes, I have seen Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting. Niether of those movies affected me as much as this one did. To me, those parts could have been played by anyone, but the part of Chris Nielson was meant for Robin Williams. I think the movie wouldn't have been as good if another actor had the role. The plot was very orignal and intriguing. I am usually not a fan of magical/sci-fi types of movies. I found myself drawn to the overall feeling of joy that the movie gave you when Chris (Williams) was walking through his own heaven. Only certain movies have the ability to give me chills, and this one did.

:up: :up:

What Dreams May Come. This film is stunning for many, many reasons. The story itself, yes, drags a bit. Here and there. But, the thing that saves the story, and actually elevates it to one of my favorite films is the end. When I see a great film, a film I truly, truly enjoy, I get this feeling at the end... It always happens, and I know it's weird, so don't bother asking me to explain it, because I can't. But, it's almost like, a sort of, shiver. This film qualifies. There is something so universal about the way the story is told. Being in my first month of film at full sail, I am looking for things that come from the screenplay, first thing. I noticed that- to draw an interesting parallel, because tonights movie choices were either this film or this other one-- frankly, What Dreams May Come has just as much conflict as Jurassic Park. I know that was random, too- but, my mind has been in JP mode recently, as I've been dreading and tremendously looking forward to the river adventure, and wanting to watch the film for quite some time. However, it is important to note that this story is driven by conflict. One after another, practically every single scene involves something. Kids death. Christy's death. Christy's denial. On and on and on and on and on! Nothing but conflict after conflict! And it works, splendidly!

Max Von Sydow is fantastic as always, and it's interesting to note that an actor who frequented the sets of director Ingmar Bergman is playing in a story that revolves partially around memories (see Wild Strawberries). Robin Williams, I think, truly understands something higher about life, acting, film and comedy- all at the same time. There is so much here, and the visuals are so aesthetic. They are vivid, and themselves a vital and important character in the story. Thought is real- the physical is the illusion. What better way to say that than to create HEAVEN out of PAINT?! AWESOME!

Just, all around, a fantastic film. Driven by conflict, like all good stories, great performances all around, wonderful set, costume and make-up work. The color and lighting are so incredible that I could watch the film with no sound and still get an experience I would pay to see. The entire thing is so ambient, and the lack of consistency makes it all work, in terms of the lighting. Never seen a film quite so visually pleasing that has come out in the past ten-fifteen years-- this one definitely takes the cake!

Also, the wonderful music of Michael Kamen- this man was a true genius, and his loss a great one. Just over a year ago, now. If you aren't familiar with his work, I hold it in high regard, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys GOOD MUSIC, at all. This score is no exception- and you can tell that Kamen was very adept at the fanfares and overtures, as well as the quiet scenes, where the music does become a silent observer, and never draws attention to itself as music, only as another piece of the puzzle. Bravo!

The story, I find myself doubting at the beginning, every time, but by the end, I am wrapped in it- or rather, it has me wrapped. Wonderful! Marvelous! Spectacular, all around!

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