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What a Girl Wants 2003

An American teenager learns that her father is a wealthy British politician running for office. Although she is eager to find him, she realizes it could cause a scandal and cost him the election...

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Its a teen flick- yes- is it a bit corny? yes. But you know what its sweet and cute and it did have Colin Firth in it, and probably it was his role in the movie which made me like it so much because he's such a fine actor!
Helloo....i dont really have anything to say today...oh well...l8erz

I could forgive much of this if the movie had spark, energy or fun life to it. It has none. It is dreadfully unoriginal, and does not even remotely capture what life is like. Even in a childhood fantasy quality of a movie. I do not blame it for being unrealistic, but I do blame it for being purely banal.

The only positive aspect about this movie is that it has Colin Firth and Jonathon Pryce in it. I have no idea how that happened.

On the other hand, it's a good movie to play in the background while I'm working at the video store, because it is so dreadful, I'm never tempted to watch it, and I can get some homework done.
I watched this movie today.
This Movie is sweet and touched my heart.
This Movie is really cool movie for couples to watch. I liked it alot
BTW, The Actor is so HOT
ok here are my last ratings. i know, i know i did alot for one day but what can i say i was bored. lol :D
...I saw What a Girl Wants as well. It was one of those films that was pleasantly surprising because it didn't suck. Plus, Colin Firth is a sexy, sexy man. Boy, Amanda Bynes' voice sounds familiar, but her imdb isn't helping me much place where I've heard it.

Girl goes to England to announce to a rich guy that he is really her father.

When I was in a hotel room in Dallas, I wanted something on television that could half pay attention to while I read my book. The only movie channel was HBO and it looked like this movie just started so I watched it.

I'm not sure how much I missed, but she had just arrived in England when I started watching it. Based on the length of the movie I saw, it didn't seem like I missed too much.

Oh my god, this was dumb. It was extremely lame. Everyone was a stereotype instead of actual characters. They kept telling each other to just act like themselves. It was like watching Saved By the Bell or some other similarly stupid show. Amanda Byrnes can't act either.

There was nothing redeeming in it, such as good music or an extremely fat cat.
As the credits roll up following this movie, one completely wonders, what dickhead financed the film. Amanda Bynes (Big Fat Liar) stars in 'What A Girl Wants' as Daphne, an American teenager searching for her real, biological father, who she discovers lives in England.
Daphne easily escapes her unbelievably stupid mother to commence her journey, she arrives in London and meets Ian (Oliver James) in a bording house and tells him of her quest.
By the time Daphne finds her dad, who she discovers is politician Lord Henry Dashwood, the film has already schmultz its way to stupidity you wish the irritatingly (supposedly loveable) Daphne would break her spine when she scales that wall.
The baddies, or bitches as chick flicks have are played by the 'only in it for money' fiancee to Henry (Anna Chancellor) and her bitch of a daughter (Christina Cole).
To spare you from misery, the premise lies around an entirely predictable tale, that has been going on in Hollywood films forever. However, unlike 2001's The Princess Diaries, which altought it had a similar storyline, had great performances by Anna Hathaway and a much better script. Amanda Bynes' attempt at being an ultra-cool girl on many levels, bombs and fails to the point where your screaming to the screen that they give you the much more charismatic and enjoyable Hilary Duff of Lizze Maguire fame (the TV, not the shocking movie).
Being a boy hardly matters when rating this movie. Bynes can't act, Colin Firth is ruined before our very eyes as an admirable actor from some fine British films, as is his Pride & Prejudice co-star, Anna Chancellor, who also looks uncomfortable and embarrassed.
One can only hope that Dennie Gordon is in no rush to film another movie in the near future.
and there you have it..
I loved the Movie, becuase it was a really good father-daughter movie. I also think that they should make a What a Girl Wants 2. The reason is because they should show what happens when Daphne and all of her family and friends go and live at the Dashwood Manor, and what tehy encounter. :D :fresh: :) :up:
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