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@Major-LongBottom It was supposed to be released July 17th and I think I've checked Solar (and Google) a hundred times to see if the links are up yet. Suddenly it switched to July 31st. I'm excited. It's going to be good.
@RockPositive I just watched the trailer and i'm really freaking surprised they got the whole cast back. they were mostly newbie actors back then and and now there mostly big stars. the series is 8 30 min episodes so thats like a 4 hour movie. im saying how they got everybody's schedules to be free at the same time is pretty amazing.
I had to watch this again since the series is coming out soon. I don't remember it being as absurd as it really is. lol. It was better this time around. I even upped my rating. I'm really looking forward to the series next month. It's so awesome that the original cast will be in it.
wow not super funny but still funny. Wow. There's a lot of talent in contained in this small movie great to see Paul Rudd, Amy Poeler, and all those great actors together in this fun hot summer flick!!!!!!!!;']
This movie is so bizarre. Meatballs - esque then romcom then Paul Rudd enacting child murder...its all over the place.
funny and Janeane G is in it !!
My initial tendency upon seeing a good film is to emulate its tone. Walking home with a friend after watching Wet Hot American Summer on Sunday evening, I found myself being a silly, loud, obnoxious prankster making a ruckus on the streets of my city. Looking back, I must have seemed a fool; for those of you living in actual cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, and even Los Angeles, acting like a nut on the streets probably means little. However, in the small New England city of Providence, even if it is an artsy college town (for those of you out of the loop, yes it has become that within the last few years, contrary to its former days of a dying industrial mill city), it may have been a little unnecessary. My shouts and laughs echoed off the small buildings and bounced through the dark, empty streets.

But what can I say. I was inspired. I was amused. I was touched. And most of all, I was high.

No, no - I wasn't, really. But instead of being like an old-school Quentin Tarantino film, I am going to start at the beginning. A friend of mine and I wanted to go see a movie. We looked online at the listings of some local indie houses, and I nearly croaked when I saw that Wet Hot American Summer - which I had been following since pre-production - was playing at the Avon Repertory Cinema on the East Side. "Good lord!" I cried. "Am I really seeing this? Is that listing an illusion?"

In fact, my dear, it was not. It was playing. When? In a half an hour, of course!

Could we make it? With no car and a wretched public transportation system?

On a bike, we sure could!

So we shot over there, making it just in time... in record time, I do believe.

We then proceeded to watch the previews (I gushed over the one for Brazil ), and continued on to the film, Wet Hot American Summer.

Wet Hot American Summer is your classic story of the last day of summer camp in Maine in the third week of August in 1981. The main theme is what of course is on everyone's mind during such a time (or any other time for that matter): love (or any variation thereof - specifically sex).

You have your camp director (Janeane Garofalo) with her crush on the local, non-camp-affiliated astrophysics professor (David Hyde Pierce); you have your resident dork (Michael Showalter, also co-filmmaker) who's been in love with the camp beauty queen (Marguerite Moreau) for about six years; you have your wannabe stud (Ken Marino) trying desperately to score with the camp slut (Marisa Ryan); you have your gay couple, one of whom's (Michael Ian Black) friends keep trying to get him laid; you have your neurotic arts-and-crafts instructor (Molly Shannon), just getting used to having an ex-husband (and not dealing too well with it).

You also have your non-love scenarios: the delusional (or is he?) ex-Vietnam vet turned chef (Christopher Meloni), the anally retentive talent show director (Amy Poehler), and the science nerds trying to save the world (or at least the camp) are just a few highlights. In toto, all these subplots made this film absolutely confusing and marvelously entertaining.

Filmed at a real-life camp, this movie whisks you away through a time machine back to the happier (or at least more trivial) times of childhood and those marvelous eight weeks of no school and no parents. It's all there: late night camp-fires, making out in the woods, bunk-raiding, cat fights, plenty of gum, mess hall, unenthusiastic sports playing, unsupervised boating, rafting down waterfalls, swimming (and drowning), and so much more.

Now I am quite biased, because I always appreciated a movie that makes me go "What the f**k" every three seconds, but I thought that Wet Hot American Summer was phenomenal. The direction of the filmmakers, Showalter and David Wain, was clever and surprisingly original. The acting was amazing and believable on all accounts, and jokes were pulled off superbly - from one-liners to drawn out gags and parodies - from both seasoned comedians as well as newcomers.

But the cast. C'mon now. Toss together members of The State and Upright Citizens Brigade together, add Garofalo and Pierce. Stir. It may sound scary (and a bit unappetizing), but it was absolutely brilliant casting. I always particularly notice how well certain members of any cast play off one another, and in this film there were many great moments. Two in particular are how Garofalo plays well individually with both Pierce and UCB's Poehler (the latter of whom and she do great improv together, let me tell ya). In the larger picture, all cast members complimented each other nearly perfectly, giving off a wonderfully neurotic and completely unbelievable take on the film's subject matter ("unbelievable" being, of course, a compliment).

Although the film wasn't perfect - my friend commented on how there were a lot of cheap laughs, and not many that built up to anything withstandingly funny, and I did agree with her - overall it was a great couple of hours of entertainment. Perhaps, though, for only certain senses of humor - as much as I enjoyed it, I am certainly not a mainstream comedy appreciator. I think it's worth a viewing, at least, for anyone, because it's revolutionary in some respects - it goes places comedically I've never seen in a feature film before (only in small Manhattan theatres, actually).

And so there you have it. My review of Showalter's and Wain's Wet Hot American Summer. Entertaining. Silly. Revolutionary. Ridiculous. Risqu

Man was this movie weird. Talking vegetable cans, men humping refrigirators(sp?), a gay sex scene with a soccerball starring Michael Ian Black (the funniest commentator on I Love the 80s and such), a piece of deadly space lab, secret pizza parties (my favorite scene of the film) and lots of makeout sessions all make for a very interesting, but continuously funny film about the last day at Camp Firewood.

So, its Wednesday. I wake up to the phone ringing, caused by one Micah *********. He's coming in from out of town with his girlfriend and a bunch of us are gonna go see Bubba Ho-Tep in Dallas. They're supposed to be at my house at 12:20; the film starts at 1:50. At 1:05, they arrive and we head over to pick up Jonathan and Robert. We leave there at 1:20. Maybe we can make it, might miss some previews, but oh well. Oh, we have to stop for gas.

After several wrong turns, U-turns, not to mention trying to find a parking spot in a Dallas strip mall, we get out of the car at 2:30. Next showing is at 3:50, we've got time to waste and it's fucking cold outside. So we find this little Japanese restaurant in the center and have some lunch and a lot of fun. 3:30 we leave and walk ten feet to the theater and go inside the Angelika and sit in their comfy leather couches till its almost time for the show to start.

I'll skip all the review bullshit, just by saying that Bubba Ho-Tep is one of the best fucking movies ever made and Bruce Campbell deserves the Oscar, no doubt about it. "Even a big bitch-cockroach like you should know...Never fuck with the King."

So the drive back we take a few more wrong turns, get stuck in rush hour traffic and almost get in countless wrecks, flip off countless assholes and the such, get back to Jonathan's apartments only to find out the game room is closed at only 7pm!!! So we start to walk back and of course it has to start fuckin' raining.

I get home and find out my mom and sister had Cousin's for dinner without me. Now, if you live in Fort Worth, you know it's a sin to eat at Cousin's without a loved one. No matter what the situation is, and can be punishable by a beating. So I get pissed off, yell and my mom buys me dinner at Cousin's. So I eat, watch some of Mighty Aphrodite with my sis, watch some I Love the 80s Strikes Back, take my sis home and now I'm here.


He was on his way to being better and better...
but what happend?
I get the feeling why he surrounds himself with children is because they don't judge him.
Former Icon. Current Question-mark.

Juju was sad again today.
She has a sinus infection... no wonder she didn't want me to watch her.
I came home ... and just hung around.
I didn't do anything until I went to the vid store and rented Hulk and Enter the Matrix (PS2, Foo).
Then I just hung around again...
nothing on tv.
I suck at EtheM and I have no good movies out.
...I thought I would go see KILL BILL vol 1. again, but it's raining... :confused:
I just watched crappy ER and hung around....

blah blah blah.
I think I'll go blow $6 on The Human Stain tomorrow, just for the fuck of it.
It's the best reviewed movie (at 50-something % :rotten: ) showing in my area (that I haven't already seen).
How pathetic is that ?
Either you get it or you don't, that's going to determine if you'll like this movie. I love their brand of humor. This movie is brought to you by a group of silly people I enjoy, and they really have their own niche, and if you dig it, you'll enjoy this movie. I loved Rudd's performance, and the good scenes are just really funny. But sometimes it is honestly dumb considering the talented minds that went into this project.
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