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We're the Millers 2013

A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico...

Release Date:
August 7, 2013
110 min
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Kelly Collins Lintz, Kathryn Hahn, T. Alloy Langenfeld, ...
Comedy, Crime

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 7.1

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Every couple years a comedy comes along and enters that epic National Lampoon type comedy, edgy, brash and over the top hilarity. Movies such as Caddyshack, Animal House, Porky's, American Pie and Old School. Each in their own rite a classic.
Expected more of it one time watch 4/10
This movie is seriously so hilarious.
I have to agree with everyone this was a really funny movie.I had my doubts going in,but I was pleasantly surprised.
@Misabel13 @sebash07 yeah! Surprisingly Very Entertaining watch..when I watched it I said myself, Why did it take me so long to watch this? I never thought I'd love it.BUT it was a lot Funnier than I thought it would be.I loved all the characters.especially Jennifer. She's great as always.
A nice High dose of laughs and their jokes. But that kissing lesson lol.
What a incredibly amusing movie. Even though it was predictable But very interesting turns.Watched it many times and it never gets old.This movie Perfectly balances salty and sweetness.
I always recommend this to my friends and those who wants good laugh.
I really enjoyed this movie~had such a
good laugh,very funny 8/10 from me :)
This was a pretty funny comedy. Worth a watch.
Not a big fan of pot movies, but was pleasantly surprised by this one. Characters were really well developed and made you barrack for them. Storyline was predictable, but in a good way. Some good quality laughs too.
all I need 2 say about this movie is it's great and everyone should watch it. thats all thanks.
I really enjoyed this movie! Thought it was going to be a little meh but was so pleasantly surprised. I laughed a lot! and that to me makes a movie well worth watching! So knock yourself out ;-)
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