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cute movie i liked
Loved it! Its different from what we are used to and thats the point!
Way better then twilight.
a surprisingly good movie and a refreshing take on the zombie flick. Rob Corddry's zombie fingers line cracked me up.
Really a sweet and cool movie. Music is fab and the story really had me. It was funny, touching and adorable. Must watch, even for the hard Z movie fans!!
Funny and original as expected after watching the trailer. Also if you're not a zombie fan, you'll love this characters 8)
when i watched first meet of R and Julie what comes my mind was "I GAVE AWAY MY HEART TO YOU,WITHOUT EVEN ASKING WHO ARE YOU" this is a decision of the heart...this is what my heart decides without even asking who you are...

what have you SAID with your EYES,this crazy ZOMBIE HEART is RACING,in solitude we have met in such a way,a fire has been IGNITED.....
you are carving and i'm yearning.
this is a bloody fresh twist on the zombie genre..i really was skeptical when i heard about this,thought there was definitely no way it could be anywhere close to as good as Shaun of the Dead,but it totally exceeded my expectations.
like Shaun of the Dead it was a dark zombie romcom,but it definitely had it's own distinct tone and had great acting all around.
what i LIKE MOST about Warm Bodies is that it proves a movie can have a lot of heart even when the heart of one of the characters isn't beating.EVEN ZOMBIE HAS HEART WITH FEELINGS!music was great,so the dialogues...and i like what it proves that HUMANS and ZOMBIES are capable of coexisting together.....bcs of musics and some funny expressions and good message i give this movie 8/10.
refreshing take on the whole zombie idea,uplifting with a sprinkle of comedy added and of course ''braiiins'' 8/10
Not at all as bad as I thought this could be! it doesn't have a wow factor but its sweet and has its moments of humour and nice dialogue. Also I like the way it was filmed, pretty cool. If nothing else, it was a different twist on the zombie genre as someone else mentioned earlier.
This was a pretty good movie. Being in my 30s I didn't think I would enjoy it but I had time to kill and have seen everything else and thought why not? I'm glad I watched it was funny heart warming, had moments of suspense LOVED the zombie dialogue. The best part is the concept of human connection and bonding how out of touch can dull the senses I give this an 8/10
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