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MPAA Rating: R

Runtime: 103 minutes


Vengance is the ultimate weapon.


Jet Li and Jason Statham square off as an assasin and an FBI agent who is hunting him respectively. The hunt is made even more personal by the fact that the assasin killed the FBI agent's partner. Not exactly a great setup, but sufficient to setup the movie


Stylishly taken and has good sequences that won't let you get bored


Total lack of character development, too many unanswered questions and only a few minutes of fight between the two leads


Watch only if you're a fan of Jet Li or Jason Statham. Otherwise can be safely avoided

MY Rating: 5/10 :rotten:
Good story with a very interesting plot twist. I would've liked to have seen more ass-kickin, but overall it was a great flick
"If the phrase "Yojimbo on acid" peaks your interest (and "deep plot" doesn't) then prepare to enlist."

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War (2007)

I loved the idea of Jet Li and Jason Statham starring in a movie together. The story is probably a little weak but I liked the action. The twist ending was a little weak but still interesting enough to not ruin the movie for me.
Jason Statham and Jet Li fans should definitely enjoy this movie.
not many new things, oh yeah, the DVD is ready, has been sent to the duplication center now... the book is on its 4th revision! hopefully there will be one more only.

this week was specially tiring, tuesday went to pacwushu and P is in one of those moods for training hard, the class and himself, which is good, i don't complain, but is hella tiring and painfull!! and i do have to complain on the hardwood floors wich are hard and slippery...

wednesday went to visit some friends in belmont, man... they are from shandong and henan, and before i noticed we were hitting the baijiu... it was midnight... ouhhhh...

thursday, almost could not wake up, but had to do it around 6:50am like i do every morning to be able to cross the bay bridge by 7:30 and arrive at work around 8am in south city.

do i need to say i was dead? and the hangover was almost having my head paralyzed... oh and i did go to pacwushu that night!!

then came friday which had me watching: war, my god, what happened!!?!?! how could they do such a bad job with this movie!? .. er... not sure how o describe it, a failure perhaps? it's a waste of everything... why they hired yuen kwai if there are no fights? jason statham almost seemed not stiff trying to pullout some acting, but jet? let's not go there...

saturday, pacwushu again, Z was by herself, i tried my new baj1quan for the first time, did what i could ;)... then spear... also did what i could :D

and a few minutes ago finished watching: the constant gardener, had to see a good movie for a change! starting by the amplitude of the dialogues, rich vocabulary, crude story line, credible acting, good music score, photography... a very good trip. the only problem is that is a bit depressing as it shows one of the several examples on how the bastards at the big corporations exploit the world just as a pimp would do, or even worse... :(
Wow, one of Jet's worst. Definitely down there with Jackie's The Myth. How could you mess up a sure thing like this? The inexperience from first time director Phillip G. Atwell showed. Other than Jason Statham, Jet Li, and John Lone, the acting was noticably bad by some of the secondary characters - but who cares about the acting anyway in an actioin movie, right? How could you have an action movie and not serve up any action until the last couple minutes. The fight between Jet and Jason was horrible - just horrible. All they did was hug each other for 15 seconds. Jet didn't get into action until the very end, and that was short and pretty crappy. Yikes. The gun fights and car chases throughout the film were so lacking in excitement and so routine; some of the stuff you see on TV are way better. All you need is one fight scene between Jet and Jason in the beginning, middle, and end, and every fan would be happy. That's all you need. Why cut and paste all those crappy, boring, amateurishly staged gun fights and car chases throughout the film (I wouldn't have minded them if they were good). Just give us fans 3 good fights between Jet and Jason, and we're happy. Hell, just give us one good one, and we'll be ok. Oh well. What a waste of talent. Jet was great as usual as a badass assassin.

Rush Hour 3 was at least entertaining, even if the fight scenes were crappy. It was at least light and fun througout. And it was a fast 90 minutes.
War Review

Rating: 1.0/10
Rated: R
Starring: Jason Statham, Jet Li and Devon Aoki
Genre: Action/Thriller
My Grade: D-

War Review - 20%

I never expected too much from a film simply called War. Sure it starred Jet Li and Jason Statham but they have made lemons before: Li in The One and Statham in both Transporters. Judging by the $10 million this film made this weekend many lucky people stayed away. They made the right decision.

Mediocre is a word that I could easily say to sum up this entire review perfectly. From the opening action scene to it's needlessly confusing and twist filled conclusion is nothing but mediocre. I am not sure who is to blame for this disaster but someone's head is going to roll. The direction was all over the place, visuals and pacing were dangerously close the "infamous" Saw-MTV quick cuts.

I really do not feel like writing this.

To make things worse, I went out of my way to like War. I really wanted to watch it and like it in the end-of-the-summer-actioner-that-could attitude but I came out being really pissed off and confused. Avoid War like getting a free ticket to the premiere of House Of The Dead III.

They Said...:
None Available (Thank God)
This movie needed a lot more action. it needed more depth to the last scene or two. i hated the way it just ended. it could have been a great movie, but falls short too many times. the fight scenes and story left me wanting more. it never delivered at the end. i thought the ideas they used for the ending were great, but the way they actually did them messed up the whole movie. i love jet li and jason statham, and all i wanted was a great fight scene between the two of them. instead, i got a small portion of a fight that ends once it's finally getting good. and i was even more let down when devon aoki didn't do any a$$ kicking. she only said her lines and pointed her mini blade around leading me to believe she would actually do something, but no! she turned out being just like the rest of the movie - a huge let-down.

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