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@PorkChopAndJerry didnt even bother to watch the sequel
@MothaofDrogon yeah i seen it the first one was so much better to me anyways.
@PorkChopAndJerry lol the sequel has been out for years
@stanmarsh Then you missed out
Waiting for 16-so minutes for something to happen... Nothing happens. So I stopped watching...
This movie cracked me up !!!
I just added a Putlocker link for Still Waiting.
This movie was awesome i hope they make a fallow up on it
OMG I love this comedy..Justin Long is still cute and so is Ryan Reynolds .. loved Alanna Ubach her swearing made me laugh so much. A must see..wish someone could upload part 2 :)

Love this film. I've worked as a waitress throughout high school, and yes, things like these happen. Brilliantly done and funny, funny, funny. 10/10

p.s. Remember to be nice to people who serve you food...

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