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@stanmarsh Then you missed out
Waiting for 16-so minutes for something to happen... Nothing happens. So I stopped watching...
This movie cracked me up !!!
I just added a Putlocker link for Still Waiting.
This movie was awesome i hope they make a fallow up on it
OMG I love this comedy..Justin Long is still cute and so is Ryan Reynolds .. loved Alanna Ubach her swearing made me laugh so much. A must see..wish someone could upload part 2 :)

Love this film. I've worked as a waitress throughout high school, and yes, things like these happen. Brilliantly done and funny, funny, funny. 10/10

p.s. Remember to be nice to people who serve you food...

Waiting wasn't really one of those movies that had me laughing out loud, rolling on the floor. It was more one of those "funny because its true" type of films. The way that the restaurant, the employees, and the customers were portrayed was absolutely perfect. I've never actually been a waiter, but all the stories I've heard from friends have been exactly like the ones portrayed here on film.

The movie basically relies on disgusting gags to get most of the laughs, but there are a few more insightful moments, especially at the end. This movie was a lot more intelligent than I was expecting it to be.

All the employees have their own funny characteristics. David Koechner is every manager you've ever worked for ("the difference between ordinary and just that litte extra"), and I truly hope that the portrayal of the chefs wasn't based on any true story, though I have my suspicions. Waiting is definitely a film worth watching.
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Waiting... is a sad disgrace for a movie. First off, it has no plot what-so-ever. It is terribly directed. It has a terrible screenplay. It has decent actors giving bad performances, except for Alanna Ubach(who's the only funny one) and Anna Faris(who i think is actually a good actress, if she'd only stop doing those endless and stupid Scary Movie sequels). This "Comedy" is not funny and is very boring, the characters are so bad that i wanted it to end fast and it's attempt at being raunchy, just doesn't work.
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