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Sure, this movie is eat up with a western flair, but comeon, the plot is original. A vampire created by an excorcism gone wrong. That IS original. The action is good, and this vampire is pure evil. He is one mean dude.

Jack Crow and his buddies did get a little onesided in thier vampire killing approach, but overall, it is a good movie. One of the better ones from my point of view.

Good and gory.
Hellboy is a muddled effort, rambling and repetitive and awash in visual effects, some eye-popping, others less so. An overly complex storyline jumps around its own timeline without reason and splits its villains over multiple parts -- the most prevalent is a large, feral, non-verbal squid-type dog. This, along with some loose ends that are tied up in a end-credit epilogue, point to large, sloppy, slapdash storytelling and a general disappointent.

John Carpenter's Vampires is a nasty, brutish film lacking any of the humor and b-movie fun one would usually expect from the director. James Woods is miscast as a rough and tumble style hero, given that he excudes a certain intellectualism and emotional neediness without even trying. The dialogue is peppered with some oddly puerile humor around male genitalia, and there's a bit of a misogynistic streak too. Poorly constructed action scenes and large logical holes don't make the viewing experience any better.
Directed by John Carpenter
Written by Don Jakoby
Genre: Horror/Action
MPAA: Rated R for strong vampire violence and gore, language and sexuality
Runtime: 108 minutes
Plot Summary: A vengeful vampire hunter must retrieve a cross before it falls into the hands of the undead, that could produce dire consequences for humanity. - IMDB

This film is clearly better than Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, although I give Ghosts a higher rating. The reason for this is that Vampires takes itself seriously; Ghosts takes itself extremely seriously - which aides in much unintentional laughter. Vampires does a better job of narrative, action, makeup, and basic visuals than Ghosts. And even though James Woods is remarkably cast in the lead role, the film lacks the scares needed in vampire horror. Much like Ghosts of Mars, Carpenter is more concerned about the volume of his film, rather than its content. As long as it is loud...

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More generally pointless genre riffing from John Carpenter. I wonder if he'll ever make a film as compelling as the original Halloween. Survey says...not likely. And no, I don't think 1981's The Thing was really all that either, in case you hold that one dear to your heart for some reason (I know some who do). Vampires, though not a total waste of time (but pretty close), is fairly forgettable nonetheless. James Woods quips and scowls his way through another tough guy performance ("I killed my father, padre. I got no probem killing you."), Daniel Baldwin mostly glowers and ties up Sheryl Lee a lot, Sheryl Lee mostly gets tied up and stares a lot, and Thomas Ian Griffith, as the O.G. (Original Ghoul) stalks, preens, snarls, and sucks with the best of them. There's some Catholic church intrigue too, if you can call it intrigue, but everything is mostly just another excuse for Carpenter to continue his attack of the killer (see: deadly) B's.

Only one trancends it, but oh well.

Blade Runner (Many Viewings)
Directed by: Ridley Scott

Believe it or not, I hadn't seen this before, big of Carpenter fan as I am. Anyhow, this isn't a great Carpenter film, but it's actually one of his better ones, I'd put it along side 'They Live' in just pure fun, nomatter how silly. It is kinda silly sometimes, some of the characters actions don't make sense at all, but it works well on a viseral level, and has the Carpenter enthusiasm, the Carpenter touch, that makes his movies better then the imitators. James Woods is a riot, he's totally nuts in his roll, which is perfect.
:rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: Wow a vampire movie. Nobody's done that before. I wonder if they have sharp teeth and hide durring the day?
i watched the movie and came up with my own idea for a vampire movie spoof. now i know this movie isnt a spoof but i was in a funny mood when i watched it. alot of things made me laugh. i love how it wasnt all serious, the action and the dialogue were great, and poking fun at the catholic church was as always amusing. :D
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Starring: James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, Thomas Ian Griffeth, and Maximilian Schell.
Directed by John Carpenter.
Written by Don Jakoby.
Rated R (for strong vampire violence and gore, language and sexuality).
Running time approximately 1 hour 48 minutes.

Underwhelming at best, John Carpenter's Vampires is a bloody, gory, goofy mess of a film in which James Woods basically plays a bad guy with a bad attitude whose partner is a fat, lazy slug. They're vampire hunters, you see, and vampire hunters need to celebrate with prostitutes and massive amounts of booze. The film is ridiculous, eventually surrounding some plot involving the Black Cross of whatever, which will allow the undead ("vampires") to walk in the daylight. Blade? No. Wesley Snipes isn't here to spice things up. ** (out of ****) C
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