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Full review to come.

Ah! Rotten Tomatoes, fix your website. This is the third review I've written in three days that didn't get posted because of site malfuction! To recap:

1. Movies about adultery aren't for me (or anyone with morals).
2. Diane Lane was good (although I hated her character).
3. Richard Gere, who I normally like, was bland and stereotypical.
4. It was overall, bad.

There you have it in a nutshell.
I loved this movie, as well as the beautiful music.

Normally I hate younger men, older women relationships but this one did not bother me in the least. I guess it's because Diane Lane seems so much younger than she is. I didn't think I would like Oliver Martinez at all either but suprise again- I did! It wasn't an affair because she was unhappy or didn't love her husband truthfully she was just looking for excitement. She was fed up with her boring housewife life and her boring cardigen wearing husband, Paul was so exotic and exciting that she she couldn't resist and I understand that,
The reason this film was good was because it was so believable, The affair began by accident and Connie just kept falling deeper and deeper until she couldn't get out. Even Ed's slow realization that his wife was slipping away from him was so believable. The end was so shocking and powerful. Especially the last shot. Amazing.

All the performances were great but I have to say that I LOVE DIANE LANE. I love her. I think she is soooo beautiful and such an amazing actress. Every film I have seen her in I have just been so impressed by her. Scratch that. I forgot about Must Love Dogs well we'll just ignore that one.
Here's another film rating.


Where do you go when you've gone too far?


Diane Lane and Richard Gere are a happily married couple with a young son. But their life goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in a steamy affair with an foreigner (Oliver Martinez)


A touching second half and great acting by everyone.


The first half looks and feels like a glorified porn flick


Not exactly recommendable, but can be watched maybe once...
Critics: 47% :rotten:
My RT friends: 33% :rotten:
Me: 1!!!! :rotten: :rotten: :rotten:!!!

You expect a movie about adultery. But this movie is nothing more. It's just a woman cheating on her husband. Awful pacing.. really boring dialougues. Nothing interesting. Waste of cast and time. Plus the ending is really awful. Please do yourselves a favor and stay away from it :)
- Ahhh, sex and murder. The perfect combination for an exciting movie.

Unfaithful (2002)

This is the type of movie I'd never have expected to like but I did. I didn't know anything about the movie when I first watched it about 5 or 6 years ago. Maybe it's because I (like many) just can't stand cheaters and this movie sure shows the consequences (albeit the most bizarre extreme) of those actions.
Review coming soon.
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