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@Whorticulturist..ain't it so..right on..true that..hahaha..for the lighter side of sex, try SPEAKING OF SEX.
The only reason i give that movie any rating at all is because who ever wrote/directed/ produced that film must be the biggest pervert. for them to be able to actually put that into a movie and then get the cast they did they must have guts. Nice work you filthy people.

:fresh: Nothing that special, really. Well done overall, but missing anything that felt original. Diane Lane did do a good job of conveying the complexity of emotion her character needed to go through.
Many times in drama its easy to go over the top. However, while being melodramatic isn't bad, sometimes it sets a person off. In addition, its easy for the director to lose sight of the story, what its really about, and the ability to appreciate its own action.

Unfaithful will likely get mixed ideas of its level of drama. However, whichever genre (drama or melodrama), the movie is one of those incredibly relatable and absorbing stories that is plays out extremely well.

The movie starts out with what seems a great family. Successful husband, stay at home wife with their child, everything is going perfect for them. This couple seems to be living the American dream. However, the marriage is silently suffering. As the story progresses, she forms an attachment with a younger man, and it progresses it to an affair.

Instead of going for a contrived direction, this movie goes for realistic story telling. For example, she forms a relationship with him in a realistic manner. It starts with a forbidden attraction, she takes an interest, and it goes from there without any cliches.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane flex their acting muscles very well. Their emotions are real and sincere at all times, and in addition, they have the ability to make you feel their pain with them. You sympathize with these characters. The movie doesn't treat either one as a villian or the problem behind the marriage. They create for a movie which you sympathize over.

Because you can sympathize, the movie becomes that more hard to bare. You see two people who are not to blame, but not innocent. You grow to feel both of their pain and watching these two people be so closed off to one another, does its toll on the viewer.

Unfaithful shows how a seemingly old idea can be great again with refreshing writting. What makes this movie just about perfect, is not only how realistic and absorbing it is, but the great symbolism and artisticness to it. When watching it the second time, I realized some brilliant metaphoric and dramatic irony.

This movie has the type of ambitions, artsyness, and emotional depth to make it not only a great movie, but a touching one as well.
Unfaithful (Adrian Lyne, 2002)
An ordinary woman named Connie Sumner (Diane Lane), who lives in a dream home in the New York suburbs with her doting, somewhat fuddy-duddy security contractor husband (Richard Gere) and a cute little son (Erik Per Sullivan), takes the morning train to SoHo to do a bit of shopping in Unfaithful. A windstorm knocks her off her feet in front of the house of a French book collector named Paul (Olivier Martinez), who bandages her up and drops hackneyed pens

This movie reminds me of Mulholland Drive. I really don't know why, it just does. I thought it was very good. The acting was alright, Diane Lane really stood out. Unfaithful wouldn't be a movie I would really recommend but it would be good to watch. I thought before watching it that the drama in this movie would go over the top but it was prefect. Ounce again I'm in a hurry so bu-bye, gotta go out to the mall now and buy some stuff for my vacation to Dominican Republic WOOHOO!
Normally I don't like Richard Gere but he didn't ruin this movie for me at all. The story is quite simple about a woman cheating on her husband and watching her life crumble. Richard Gere is very convincing as the nerdy husband and father who is very upset at his wife infidelties. Diane Lane is also good in this. However, I am glad that she didn't win the oscar for this. I definitely think this movie is worth seeing. But I wouln't buy it.
Great stuff!

Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane

Ok.. Unfaithful.. what do you think when you hear this title? obviously, it gotta do with someone cheating on someone right? yup.. that is what is this movie is about... nEwayz, here's a break down of the movie.. Diane Lane is marry to Richard Gere and has a son.. while doing some shopping out in New York City, it was a massive windy day.. she bump n fell in w/ a French dude.. she scrape her knees and he want it her to go up stair n get clean up her wound. The French dude like her, and start throwing out sign bout wanting her.. With her little stupidity, she fall in love with this guy ( i mean sexually horn up with this guy) and start having wild sex, every place you can imagine off.. Finally, Richard Gere fed and start hiring a person to follow her around.. After so many odds day, he got the courage and when up to his apartment n confess to the guy. As the story go, he got fed up, and beat him w/ a snowglobe on his head until he bleed to death... He try to cover up, wrap him in a carpet, but in his trunk of the car and dump it at the waste site in the middle of the night..... well, ya.. here's the story.....

I gotta say, ya is an A-Ok movie.. but the fact Richard Gere in this movie is simply dull.. If he knew what was going on, why is he so calm about it.. i mean if i knew something is up.. i wouldnt have let my wife go back to him many time n get fuck.... :fresh: (B)
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