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Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes finally get it on in the ring, but everything leading up to the big moment is routine prison stuff - the Tysonish Rhames being accused over and over again by the rape victim, his arrival in prison, the sit-down with the warden, the cafeteria confrontation, the yard confrontation, the shower confrontation, finally the boxing match.

Peter Falk is great, though, as an aging mobster with an encyclopedic knowledge of boxing history.
So, here are 5 more movies that I have rated. But still many many more to go. Here it is

Undisputed- I rated this one a 6. I just liked it. I don't think that it was that big of a hit when it came out, but then again, I couldn't tell you that. Because I just don't know. But anyway, I just liked the movie, so I gave it a 6. I really like almost anything with good fighting in it.

Vanilla Sky- Alright, so I gave this one a 7. I really did like this movie. It is definately one of those that I will have to watch again, because if you don't then you won't fully understand it. I really thought it was a very interesting movie.

Collateral- So, this one gets a 6. To tell you the truth, I don't remember it that well. It's not that I don't remember it, but I have seen so many more movies since this one, that I just don't remember what I liked about it. Anyway, I do know that Tom Cruise plays the bad guy and ends up dead at the end. Anyway, it gets a 6.

Ray- Alright, Ray. This one gets a well deserving 9 on my list. I just think that it has amazing acting in it, by part of Jaimie Foxx. And it is a wonderful depiction of the life of Ray Charles. I just think that it is a wonderful movie.

The Forgotten- Okay, The Forgotten. This one also gets a 9 in my book. Again, this one took a little while to blow up. But it finally did. I really like it because it takes a turn that I definately did not expect. I mean withthe aliens and what not. That is just crazy. But I really liked that. Also, this movie has the best crash scene that I have ever seen in my life. Really. It was so realistic when they have a scene with her riding in the passenger seat of a car, and the camera is on her like the person in the drivers seat were holding camera looking at her while she was looking at the camera (person in drivers seat) talking to them, and then all of a sudden they show the SUV slam right into her side of the car. I mean it was just awesome.

Well, thats it for now, I gotta go home. It's getting late and I'm still at work.

Here's some film ratings.
SYNOPSIS: When heavyweight champion James 'Iceman' Chambers lands in prison, the resident gangster arranges a boxing match with the reigning prison champ.

REVIEW: Wow, where do I even begin. The story is incredibly boring, the action is so fake it's bad, the fights are shot very poorly, you can't follow the fighters during the matches and I know this is movie world and all but if you really expect me to believe that Ving Rhames can kick Wesley Snipes' ass, you've already lost me. Credit him for playing Marsellus Wallace in another much MUCH better movie but Rhames ain't that good. This movie lost me about forty minutes into it. I just checked out and got my refund when this pile of garbage was over.

- STORY: 2

Plot Summary
George "Ice Man" Chambers is the world heavyweight champ, who has his world turned upside down when he is accused of rape and sent to prison.

Upon his arrival he hears talk of Monroe Hutchen who is the prison boxing "champ" 10 years running. Immediately there is bad blood with Chambers,
wanting to be second to no one, which leads to a lunch room fight between the men.

Figuring it will be a good way to make money fellow convict Emmanuel 'Mendy' Ripstein sets up a prison boxing match between the two men to decide who is the real UNDISPUTED champ. (by

Wesley Snipes - Monroe Hutchens
Ving Rhames - 'IceMan' Chambers
Peter Falk - Mendy Ripstein
Michael Rooker - A.J. Mercker

Had to break into the DVD cabinet and pulled out 2002's "Undisputed". And I'm glad I did.

Been awhile since I've watched this one (picking up "Undisputed 2" probably put it in mind) and it was still as enjoyable the second (or third, fourth, fifth... can't remember which) time around.

Not a great movie, but a VERY GOOD movie that is part prison drama, part boxing flick. Snipes and Rhames do outstanding jobs as the boxers, as does Falk as a foul-mouthed aging mobster.

Although a little slow at times, I found this quite entertaining. Not your typical prison OR boxing flick.

If you're a fan of either genre, or either Snipes or Rhames for that matter, this could be worth the rental. Even if just to see some performances that aren't what you would consider 'typical' of either star.

I gave it a 7 for what it's worth.
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