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Underdog 2007

A Beagle must use his newly-bestowed superpowers to defend Capitol City from mad scientist Simon Barsinister...

Release Date:
August 3, 2007
84 min
Frederik Du Chau
John Slattery, Cam Clarke, John DiMaggio, ...
Comedy, Action, Family, ...

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Solar rating: 5.6


Imdb rating: 4.8



A predictable movie with a predictable plot. More enjoyable than expected but typical Disney tripe.

Initial Reaction: No, it's not a sports film.

Main Characters

Underdog/Shoeshine: He's a beagle with superhero powers voiced by Jason Lee.

Dr. Simon Barsinister: He's an evil genius played by Peter Dinklage.

Dan Unger: He's an ex-police officer played by James Belushi.

Jack Unger: He's Dan's son played by Alex Neuberger.

Plot Summary

It starts off with Shoeshine at a formal police meeting. He suspects one of the packages is a bomb, and the whole place is sealed and the Bomb Squad is sent it.

Turns out the "bomb" is nothing more than a large piece of meat. Shoeshine is kicked out of the force. He is picked up by Barsinister for experimentation.

But something goes wrong (doesn't it always?) with the experiment. Shoeshine is given superhero -- I mean super doggie powers and escapes from Barsinister's grasp.

Not too long after that, Shoeshine runs (literally) into Dan, and Dan adopts the Beagle. Once the ex-cop gets Shoeshine home, the dog meets up with Jack.

Just like most boy meets dog films, the two have a tough first impression. But (like those films) they get over their differences. Jack convinces Shoeshine to become a superhero and use his super dog powers for good.

But Barsinister has other plans; he wants to get Shoeshine back so he can resume his dastardly plan to, er, do something.


Main Characters

I'm a sucker for the father/son thing, but these two don't have much chemistry. As for Barsinister, he's your average power hungry villain.

And as for Underdog/Shoeshine, he's good as a dog learning to be a superhero. SCORE: 5

Supporting Cast

There's the love interest (Polly Purebred) who's bland, Barsinister's henchman, who's you typical idiot, and Molly, another girl who's just as bland as her pet, Polly. (Polly? Molly? What's next? Holly?) SCORE: 3


There's a family drama in the film, but that's glossed over and forgotten. Jack has problems in school, but the film doesn't even follow up on that thread. Either develop these plotlines or drop them. SCORE: 3


There's another film that came out last year about a heroic dog that brings together a father/son called Firehouse Dog. It's much better than this. SCORE: 4

Violence Factor

There's a lot of superhero violence and lots of things gets destroyed. How are they going to fix all that stuff? SCORE: 6

Other Moral Issues

This film is supposed to be about how a dog brings a family together, but the film doesn't put much effort or creativity in how the family overcomes their differences. SCORE: 3

Final Score(out of 60): 24 % Score: 40%

Rent Firehouse Dog; it's better.
Underdog was a good movie, it was almost as good as the cartoon. It had action and drama all in one, not only that it was also very funny. It kept me wanting more. I did not agree with the actor they used for the bad guy, I think they should have used either weeman or the guy off of Carlos Mencia. If they had of it would have been a whole lot funnier, but i was still happy with who they choose. I would rate this movie an 8 of 10.
Four Paws & one tail up ! Grrrrreat movie!
Pretentious reviewers may be too cool to enjoy this flick, but I , as a huge dog lover, laughed for all 84 minutes. If you're worried about plot holes in a movie like this--you take yourself way too seriously. While not a fan of family films( most make me gag ), I recommend this highly.

Underdog (2007)
Movie Review By: Johannes Littke

My quest to see Underdog was very much like the plot to the film its self, simple in plan, but brilliant in execution. I called up one of my friends, and asked him if he'd like to see it with me. Simple enough. We're goofy, fun loving guys, both going into college, so we figured after chilling with a couple of girls the past few days, it was time for some man time. Now usually the idea of us going to see such a "family-orientated" film, is to simply make jest, send a few text messages, and maybe enjoy the good bits and pieces of the film. However, as with every other movie we'd come into this expectation with, Underdog once again proved our objectives fruitless. As soon as we entered the theater and the Underdog theme came on from the cartoon we loved as kids, we were excited. The music was inspiring, since it was a remix to the already catchy theme to the original cartoon. So as the movie started, we began to pay closer attention. Jason Lee did a brilliant job voicing Underdog, because he had the youthful, comical voice that was perfect for Shoeshine, who came off with a modern appeal that kids and families will love.

But the purpose of this review is not to talk about kids, or even families. Because I know they will personally cherish every second of Underdog's prevalent visual and gag humor. The purpose of this review is to talk about how it appeals to an older audience (18+). Now I've seen critics being hard on Underdog, giving it a low Freshness rating, and basically shackling it to the stereotype of Cookie-Cutter Kids movie. However, I would like to ask these reviewers, what IS entertaining to you? To me, I'm a child at heart. I loved Cars the same way I loved Underdog. It seems like it has a kiddie exterior, but at the core, the movie is a gem.

As I stated before, Jason Lee does a great job voicing Underdog, and even though his supporting cast could have had more lines, they did a wonderful job adding humor to this film. What real critics fail to understand is that while this movie is simple, and certainaly not a deep emotional thriller, or a battle of 300 Spartans at Thermopolaey, this move is excellent for what it is. I laughed right along with the 8 year olds when Underdog screamed, fell, or made a witty one-liner. The visual and CGI effects to me were stunning, and instead of making jokes about the animations, my friend and I were throwing around compliments, and laughing at the jokes the movie created.

Alot of critics complain that James Belushi or Peter Dinklage (or both) could have had a wider variety of jokes. I really don't mind because this movie wasn't about them. Nor was their room in this film for their more adult-variant humor or gags. Critics also complain that James Belushi and Alex Neuberger lacked chemistry as father and son, which I find thoroughly ridiculous as well. I find that James Belushi and Alex Neuberger WERE distant, but that was the concept Disney was trying to use to ultimatly bring them together in the end. A majority of this movie focus's on Jason Lee (Underdog) and his struggles for viability after being booted from the police force. Although this segment isn't deep, it adds to Underdog's character, and makes him a literal underdog. It also causes children and adults alike to have a bond with him, relating to their own internal struggles for viability in society as well.

The plot of Underdog (bringing together a family) is precisly what the movie accomplishes in and out of film. If I had children, I would guaruntee you they would have an enjoyable experiance watching Underdog, and I would be able to get some laughs in as well. The humor and jokes apply to everyone, from young to old, and the effects and sound are spectacular. Underdog, for lack of better terminology, is a microcosm for many people in the world. He is insecure, and afraid to make mistakes, but by shedding that inhibition, he lets everyone know that anything is possible, superpowered or not. This is a message both parents, children, and single adults like myself should be able to understand and cherish for its simplicity and straight-forward nature.

I say to critics who do this as a profession ---look at Underdog for what it is, not what you want it to be. It is a great family comedy. Not just for substantial families (children, parents) but for noncontingent families as well (my closest friends, girlfriends, best friends). If you are looking for a good laugh, and a movie that packs a solid message into a 84 minute package, the not only go see Underdog, but laugh right along with the little kids who seem to understand the movie better than these aging critics. As a final note, in the beginning of the film, Underdog sniffs out what he thinks is a bomb, but it actually is a ham, which gets him removed from the police force. I think thats a fair comparison for critics, trying to sniff out a bomb, but its something else entirely. Tastier, meater, and funnier than you'd expect, with something for everyone. Adjust your smell critics, this one is a fresh as can be.
This movie is a complete waste of time and especially money. This movie may look good with an all star cast like Jason Lee and Patrick Warburton, even that cannot overcome the black hole of suck that is and will be underdog. The acting is not as good as it could be and the jokes are stupid enough to bore anyone over 7 years old. The story is terrible and not well done. The music is just plain bad switching from one genre to the next keeping the same lyrics just a different musical score (a rap, rock, and pop version are included) which the song was bad enough but add in different versions and it will bore to near death. All in All this movie absolutly sucks although seven year olds will like it perhaps.
I saw this movie with my twin nieces, who are three years old, so of course they loved. It wasn't very enjoyable for me as an adult as were Meet the Robinsons or Ratatouille. The animations were boring, but on a good note, Jason Lee's voice was good as Underdog. Like one film critic wrote, how about Underdog vs. Michael Vick for a sequel.
Rush Hour 3 Review

Rating: 5.5/10
Rated: PG-13
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Chrstopher Plummer
Genre: Action/Comedy
My Grade: C

My problem with films like this (action-comedies) are that neither the action nor the comedy is good enough, so they put them together to try to make a likeable film. Is "Rush Hour 3" a likeable film... Yes, it is, but it is also forgettable. Brett Ratner's buddy cop films have never been that great, none of them are memorable in my opinion... and actually, I think I liked this third installment the best. I did laugh-out-loud in a few scenes and I was intrigued by some of the action as well, but not consistently enough. Jackie Chan is so boring in this movie, he's slow and his comedic acting is appalling... I found him instantly annoying. It was Chris Tucker that was making me laugh and getting me into the movie (as sad as that is to say)... he was good in this movie, and elevated the energy. The story is ridiculous (if there is any) and alot of the film runs flat, but it is a fun and fluffy action-comedy flick. "Rush Hour 3" is a very unneeded threequel, starring two very washed-up performers... but, it could've been alot worse.

Concensus: Neither the action, nor the comedy is consistent enough to create a good film... but, Chris Tucker is funny and energetic, cancelling out the terrible performance by Jackie Chan.

Kids absolutely LOVE IT! I found it to be quite cheesy with horrible acting, a ridiculous script and far too much effort forcing itself to be funny. But, again, my kids laughed throughout and enjoyed it much more than they would have enjoyed ARCTIC TALE.
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