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Ultraviolet 2006

A beautiful hemophage infected with a virus that gives her superhuman powers has to protect a boy in a futuristic world, who is thought to be carrying antigens that would destroy all hemophages...

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To say "it was cheesy" would be an insult to cheese. Seemed to be written by a door nail high on coke (sadly not the white powder kind) and the special effects where done on a abacus because I sure as hell would have done better with a pocket calculator. Did not reach the caliber of being so bad it was good.
The 2006 action-sci fi movie "Ultaviolet" mesmerizes me each time I watch it, over and over. Any sequels?
I had to join Rotten Tomatoes to warn people about this movie. I was sucked in by a few well placed ads but I regret every second of it. Though I swear I got there in time to see the previews I felt like I walked in 15 minutes late. The movie was; disjointed, poorly written story, special effects looked like I put them together, action and fight scenes were sad attempts to copy a number of other films that I wont sully here, acting was just plain bad, cut with a meat cleaver, and so on and so on. This is the first movie I started to leave this year but we thought it was almost over so we stayed. Unfortunately, we were tormented for another 20 minutes or so.

The only good aspect of this film was it was only 88 minutes long, I wouldn't have made it a second longer. We did finally walk out during the closing scene. It was an hour and a half of my life I will never get back.
2/10 :down:
Milla Jovovich
Cameron Bright
Nick Chinlund

As the opening credits started, I was so excited. I actually couldn't wait until Ultraviolet. Oh how those feelings can be pounded into the ground. I compared this movie to last year's Aeon Flux, which wasn't as bad as everyone thought especially after this complete piece of trash.

Ultraviolet takes place in the 21st century, and is about one rogue warrior is bent on protecting her race - and seeking revenge on those who changed her life forever.

Sounds pretty familar huh? That's because it is. Ultraviolet is a complete knockoff from movies like The Matrix, Kill Bill, and as pathetic this sounds Spiderman 2 (the comic book opening). There isn't an inch of originality in this crap.

The first 25 minutes were pretty promising with no plot, and non stop action. I would have to say that if Ultraviolet just didn't stop the action for a cliched story and just kept kicking ass, it would have been so much better.

Ultraviolet has one of the most annoying kids in cinema history, Cameron Bright. I mean seriously, what is up with this kid? He was a clone of himself in Godsend and is a clone of some ridiculous villian in this movie. Come on! How many damn times is this kid going to be cloned

I usually like Milla Jovovich. In Resident Evil 1 she was a pretty decent actress. In Resident Evil 2 she did a little worse but nothing tops Ultraviolet. She hits rock bottom. In fact, everyone in this movie can't act two shits to save their own lives!

And one last quick thought, this movie has one of the worst climax's in cinema history. Was their budget so low that they had to do it in the dark? Not to mention the most retarded looking special effects not even the most redundant Sci Fi Channel movie would have. *Shakes head*

The only reason why I am giving this heap a 2 is the fact the Milla Jovovich is very attractive in those tight clothes and that the first 25 minutes could have been something special. What is going on with action movies these days! I am pissed.:mad:
Huh? what's that? what's the plot again? who's she supposed to be again? What!!?? This movie was confusing and stupid. The acting was atrocious and the story was even worse! SUCK! I give this b0mb a 0 outta 10!
:rotten: The funniest movie ive seen all this year! Complete miss!! The picture was blured, the effects were CHEAP, the movie was a ripoff, in short: I want my GODDAM 7.50$ back!
Okay...where to begin...

Horrible storytelling. No introduction, no resolution. It's all climax.

Camera angles, while "neato" at times, are trying too hard to be artistic and are just plain hard to follow.

The special effects at the end of the movie were pretty "special". The flames and explosions at the end looked oddly like a couple of animated .gif files slapped into the scenes. I could have done a better job - that's how bad the effects are.
Visually anime. looks cool but ultimately it is unrealized movie with poor dialogue and vampires who never bite anyone. There is also alot of dead bodies but you dont see too many of their deaths. Rent it, if that. color me dissapointed. Its style is nice but not more than that.
dude... wtf?! it can't be put into words-wish i had my eight dollars back so i could set it on fire-at least that would be somewhat entertaining.
This is a great Sci-Fi for the way it presents a resurgent movie phenom which will remain nameless so as not to spoil it. But when I realized, "hey this is a movie about ____________s" it was crazy because it was there the whole time--but I didn't know it because they didn't present it in the usual fashion which was great.

However, this movie's strongest point was in its action sequences. ESPECIALLY the fighting. A great actioner gives you something you hadn't seen before and ULTRAVIOLET does this in spades.

There's kilotons of cool in the film. There's some cheese in there too, but most of it is in the trailer. The film has great explanations for what would otherwise be serious headscratchers.

I won't post any photos because the ones I've seen tell too much of the story.


I will begin writing reviews for everything I see from now on. I read a "critics" review for HOSTEL and noted the absence of any barbs about adolescence, horndogs, or puberty. Yet, when I read reviews for this film, Catwoman, or Kill Bill, or Aeon Flux, or the Underworld films, a number of the critics seem to try to slight them as spankfests for adolescent horndogs. I find that VERY strange as HOSTEL was literally a parade of female flesh for forty-five or more str8 minutes.

Something is amiss there. And I will do my part to offset it. This film did not screen, and it is irresponsible of critics to slight it (or others) based on that rather than the merit of the film's content.

I rate based on whether I feel I would miss out by not seeing it on the big screen. See this in an auditorium with a huge screen and great sound.

You will like this if you like: Equilibrium, MA movies, Anime

Do not see if you dislike: ultra-violent slaying, stylized violence, lots of CG (most good, a couple questionable), movies without bare boobs
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