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Victoria Jackson before she went entirely bugfu*k insane! She and Al even went out on a date for real back then. That must have been fun for him.
This one will always be a classic.@Darthintrepid I agree with you 100%.
@Darthintrepid: Yeah, this movie is stupid good. You got The Nanny before she was The Nanny, Cosmo Kramer before there was Seinfeld, and Weird Al Yankovic before he was... well, he's always been Weird Al--all in one cheesy, campy, and hilarious movie. Full of parodies of old movies and TV shows, this VHS tape was on heavy rotation in my house growing up. It might be a little dated now, but if you are a child of the 1980's, you'll feel right at home. 10/10

PS: Do you remember when MTV had an Al TV special? God, I miss those days....
This is one of the most childish, stupid movies of all time, and it's hilarious. Weird Al inherits an out of date, bottom of the ratings list UHF television station. Instead of closing it down and selling it, he decides to give it a go. The problem? He has no money. He starts recruiting actors/creators and putting together custom maid TV shows with no budget at all, and it works. Turns out, people will actually watch a show that teaches poodles how to fly (out of a 3rd story window). Did I mention Weird Al?
So I watched one of the funniest movies of all time. UHF. God that movie brigs back memories.
I don't care if it's is one freaking hilarious movie. Gandhi 2...god...brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.
We should be able to post more than one movie rating in a single journal entry, seeing as I watched 2 movies this evening. Oh well...I'll just do a second entry...
For the purposes of this rating, Frank = Weird Al. It wouldn't let me insert "Weird Al" because it has quotes. Gotta love the upgrade.. :rotten:

There was a time in my life (age 10, roughly) when I knew every Weird Al song by heart, and shared my knowledge with anyone who would listen, or at least not immediately beat the crap out of me. I outgrew that stage, but the spirit of Al has stayed with me well into my 20s. My favorite Weird Al line:

"Alanis Morissette. She and I used to go out. I especially liked when we went to the movies..."
--- AL TV, on MTV, 1997. Refer to Alanis' song You Oughta Know if confused.
Stupid funny movie. No I don't mean it's stupid itself, just thats the kind of comedy it has in it. So funny, just makes me laugh and not have to think. Weird Al has the same childish sense of humour that I have, guess thats why the movie appeals to me. Love the spoofs and commercials. Just a funny movie, 8 on 10. Wish I had my own TV station, actually I wish I had my own Film Company...matter of fact, Wish I had alot of things...
Resident Evil:Apocolyspe (Own)
Why was another great videogame turned into a horrid movie? I loved alot of things that gave homage to the Resident Evil series but the film was just awful. Bad story, horrid acting, stupid ending..Oh boy did I really hate the ending. 3/10

UHF (Own)
Yay. This movie gets a great rating mainly because Im a huge Weird Al Yankovic fan. I do however highly enjoy the film. It had alot of great moments and was the start to both the carerres of Fran Drescher and Micheal Richards. I miss the old Weird Al look while watching this film, but the new Al is cool in my book to. One more album and hes going to retire. *SOB* 6/10
Come on people, how can you not laugh while watching this movie??? It's a classic comedy, and some critics need to see the brilliance of this for themselves.
These are my top 5 fav live movie(PART1)
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