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Two Weeks Notice 2002

A lawyer decides that she's used too much like a nanny by her boss, so she walks out on him...

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Love this movie. It always puts a smile on my face. I adore Sandra!!

This was hilarious! Sandra is wonderful 9/10

This is what a cheesy romantic comedy is SUPPOSED to be. Funny, great actors, great chemistry. I love Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant! And they work great together. If you like romance comedies, this is one of the best.
So when i went to look up Elijah Wood, the subtitle read: American Child Actor

*thats really wierd*

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Officially it is Christmas Eve. Whoopie doo. HAha.
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I hate how my mom is a compulsive liar. She told me that my lack of motivation is the reason why i have an ear infection. Yeah. Sure mom.
She told me that an infected ear piercing that i got more than 7 months ago is the reason i got an ear was the other ear silly.....

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Goodnight everyone...or shall i say good morning....which ever applies to you...
Now, I enjoy Sandra Bullock and her characters (Lucy Kellson) greatly. She always does a fantastic job with every role she gets. I also enjoy HuUgh Grant. but together, they just weren't working for me. They were an odd couple. A very odd couple. Not a pair that I would picture as being perfect for each other.

However! It was a light, fun and entertaining movie. I enjoyed it. I actually liked it enough to BUY it. It was funny and witty, if you enjoy light comedies, this is for you.
What happens when you see two people together that have chemistry but they don't click? You need a two week notice not to be there. Unfortunately, that is how I felt after I watched Two Weeks Notice.

Independently, I have always liked Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. I guess, they seem to have their own flair and fire that I don't see existing together.

In Two Weeks Notice, Grant is a little too much the typical witty rich man with an penchant for goofyness, and to me, it seems almost worn out and painfully predictable what happens with this tried-but-true formula. Bullock looked dismally gray and the chemistry and timing seemed amiss amongst the banter and the romantic glances. Dare I say, Bullock almost looked pasty and too flat in some scenes, and I would have to attribute that to the overly predictable plot and the typically annoying and dissapointing goo that Hollywood loves to produce.

There were some good times in this movie...the cannonball ice cream bowl, two women fighting over a stapler/playing a tennis match, and those ever aggressive intrigues between two women fighting over a man. Still, it BEARS little resemblence to the better romantic comedies of the times like You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, or Chocolat.

What's truly unfortunate is how simple and mundane this movie became, when it seemed to have the chemistry and the actors that should have been suitable for this to be a success.
Eh... It's very Sandra Bullock... That is all. Hugh Grant shouldn't have even been in this... He is too good for it...
Predictable, but still very funny. I had a nice time seeing it.
I really like this movie. I liked the music....I thought the editing sucked, but I like the interaction between Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Sandra's so cool...Hugh is so funny... I think typecasting played a major role here though. I thought the cinematography was very nice though, like the scene with all those bridges on the yacht.

The giant W in front of the building was neat.
and there you have it..
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