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My New Year's day/eve was fairly uneventful and boring (some things never change). Eve: Went to work, came home, watched Pirates of the Caribbean; Day: Visited my sister.

Seeing POTC this last time was really strange. I decided to watch it on the big screen since my parents weren't home to kick me out of the living room. Anyway, the couple of times I had previously seen the movie, I didn't really notice Orlando besides the obvious "Ooo hottie" response. But this time my tongue was literally hanging out of my mouth the whole time as I watched him. And (Captain) Jack Sparrow was extra sexy as well - especially his voice. Uuung. It was quite strange... but in a very good way ;). I think my hormones are in overdrive right now.

I'm going to see ROTK again tomorrow morning. YES!. I've been dieing to see it again. I guess I could have, it's just that... 4 hours, ya know? It's hard to find the time for it. But yeah, I'm glad to be seeing it again! I saw Two Can Play At That Game tonight... it was a pretty good movie. I want to see Cold Mountain, but I doubt I will even when it's out on DVD. Grrr, I need to see more movies. Maybe I'll reactivate my Netflix account...

P.S. Oh yeah, his name was Zack
It was a refreshing look at relationships and the rules.

Two Can Play That Game
I LOVE THIS MOVIE AS WELL!!! Vivica A Fox is hot and such a great actress!! I actually took notes in this one, lol, the tips were good. She plays such a strong woman, and its so entertaining to see the back and forth roles, man and woman, and the narration from her, that keeps you pulled in. A great film!!
Shante Smith is the #1 advice giver to everyone she knows, and she knows better than anyone how to deal with relationship problems. She knows the tricks and the moves to keeping a relationship good. For Shante Smith, there's a certain way of doing things in order to keep yout man in check. This is the whole idea of Two Can Play That Game, starring Vivica A. Fox as the quick advice giver and Morris Chestnut as the man who proves to surpass her mind-games. Interesting idea, but it doesn't play out as well as you would hope.

I thought this movie was alright, but it just doesn't work too much as a romantic-comedy. Some parts were funny, like the scene where Vivica A. Fox and her friends talk about their relationships, like when Mo'Nique says her dude got a lead pipe, and the scene where Mo'nique(or Diedre in the film) wants to " yank Keith's neck", but other than that and a couple of parts the movie isn't laugh out loud funny.
Mo'Nique really saved the film by giving some comic relief. I did like that Vivica A. Fox talked to the audience while the movie progressed. The acting was pretty good and Vivica A. Fox was especially appeealing. It's alright for what it's worth, althought it might have worked better as a mockumentary-comedy with a smarter script and a better ending. At least the end credits made me laugh. :P
**1/2 (out of four)

Viveca A. Fox shines as a scorned girlfriend in this likeable, but ultimately routine comedy.

Fox plays a woman who seems to have everything neatly as she wants it, but she enacts a "Ten Day Plan" when she catches her boyfriend with her sworn enemy.
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