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It will depend on the person who watches this series, I know that if you read the books first you're probably not going to enjoy this as much, and vice versa, I waited till i seen all the movies, then read the books, so My opinion are the movie was fantastic. The books for me were like an extra treat afterwards.
@ibeetroot There are other movies (and books) that break the vampire mold that I like. Just not this one. Sorry Twifans.
@olivianess1217 Vampires don't need 'fangs'. Teeth can break the skin as well as anything...
I can't, for the life of me, understand why these vampires have no fangs (but instead venom) and they, of all things, SPARKLE!

This is too silly for my taste. Even the books pale in comparison to The Vampire Chronicles. Now that's a good read!

I give Twilight Saga 2 out of 10 stars.
This was an amazing movie! I loved every single scene!
To be honest when the movie came out I was just so excited to see some of what I had read come to life. Although ,the book is ten million times better than the movie I have to say I enjoyed it. I will say that the other films following the first in the Twilight series are better but there was a feel to this movie that caught some of the same ambience that the first book had, the music was great and I admit I liked Robert and Kristen as Edward and Bella. Then again so much more could have been done with the first movie that would have made it much better... but us book-readers are hard to satisfy. Anyway, if you haven't read the books but like the genre, watch the movies ( I would still read the books because they are fantastic!!And I would get myself a copy of midnight sun even though it isn't finished its a wonderful read to hear Edwards version). If you have read the books, I would still watch the movies ( don't stop watching the others because of the first).
Let me say first, that romances SUCK! That is all this movie is, a romance. The books are wonderful. The characters have depth and the romance, while sort of the main focus is also accompanied by danger, adventure, and a twisting plot. This movie is a big disappointment after the books. I put up (and are very greatly amused by) the romance, but I read the series for the vampires and adventure. People are probably gonna hate me for this, but I think the director was so trying to make Edward cool and everything, that they completely fail and he ends up looking ridiculous.

I was SO disappointed!! The movie was awful! The book was amazing, I mean I;m a die hard Twilight Series fan but out of all the movies of the series this one was by far the worst! It makes me mad everytime. 6/10 and thats only b/c I've read the whole series!

this movie is so awsome i love it go vampiers

well i liked the move a lot and not because of edward or jacob...its cause wen i seen the trailer to it i kinda like it cause of the vampires and i wanted to no wat happened( if bella and edward stayed together or if she went with jacob instead....i dont noo but im in love with the twilight saga's

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