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I absoulty loved it. I loved it because it was nothing I had ever seen before, it was new. I enjoyed to plote and how it toke back when girls were not aloud to get dirty and play games that guys could. I also liked how in the beging how the future then came back to the past then to the future again.
:up: Great movie!:) I just loved it! :D It was sad, it was happy, it made you feel a ton of ways all at once!:fresh:
Tuck Everlasting tries too hard to appeal to a wide audience to really explore its themes of death and immortality with any real depth but it reamins thought-provoking enough to inspire a dialogue with your children about those issues at film's end.

Acting performances are just ok for the most part, with Scott Bairstow the notable exception. His characterization captures the downside of immortality and the bitterness one might become infused with at standing helplessly by while everyone you love passes on.

The cinematography is lush and gorgeous, easily transporting the viewer to both time and place. The script has a few holes and the developing romance between Jesse and Winnie is rushed through, a plot hole that I fear may give teenaged girls the impression that it's perfectly acceptable to make out with a boy you've only known for a couple of days.

Overall, Tuck Everlasting is a film that the entire family can enjoy and discuss together, although adults may be disappointed at its lack of insight into the life and death elements at its core.
I didn't think it was that good, because the plot of the story was a little wierd and it kind of lost me a little bit. :(
Won't leave an everlasting impression. It felt hackneyed and short. But, it's still worth a look.
I will fully admit that this is one that totally surprised me. I expected very little from it and only had it on "queue" of my DVD-mail service as a movie that my kids might like. My kids were actually pretty luke warm about it while I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. The acting is very good, with some pretty big name celebs doing a good job bringing their characters to life in the story. The "effects" in this movie are mostly the costumes and sets that gave this period piece a turn of the century look (turn of the 20th century that is). Those sets and costumes are very well done and really do help transport us to the late 1800s/early 1900s.

The story itself is a very deep and well-done fantasy story about the price of being immortal. Living forever is a dream of many since a majority of human beings fear the finality of death to one degree or another. This movie does a good job in explaining the old saying, "be careful what you wish for." The film score is well done, not only fitting the period of history the film portrays but it also adds to the enjoyment of watching the film. This was an all around well done film and I'm glad I discovered it quite by mistake.

An Everlasting Review

A love so perfect you wish you could hold on to one moment in time forever. What if that was really possible? This is the situation Winnie Foster is in. Winnie Foster falls in love with a boy who can not die or become sick. Should she stay 16 forever or live a life and die. Tuck Everlasting is a spectacular film that has wonderful acting, insightful life lessons, and a creative backdrop.

Winnie Foster runs to the solitude of the woods to escape all the suppression of her house. She escapes into the woods where she can be free to roam. By a chance of fate, she meets a mysterious boy named Jesse Tuck. Before she knows it, she is thrown into the lives of the Tuck family. Unable to leave because of the Tucks deadly secret, she stays and ends up enraptured by the entire family. As she spends more time with Jesse, she begins to fall in love with him. Soon she is told the Tucks secret, which forces her to make the hardest decision of her young life. When her parents find her, they take her back to the world she grew to hate. With the Tucks thrown in jail, Winnie does all she can to protect their secret. With Jesse's last words to Winnie, he tells her that he will love her forever and that when it is safe he will come back for her. The real question is will Winnie be there waiting for him?

The first thing you will notice when you begin to watch the movie is how fast you can connect with the characters. You can truly believe that this movie is going on right in front of your eyes in real life. Alexis Blidel, who plays Winnie Foster, truly captures the free spirit of the character. Alexis portrays the character so well you can believe that she is really that person. One reason you connect with the characters so well is that they give off emotions and situations that you face in real life. Winnie is suppressed at home, unable to be her own person. This prompts her to run away into the woods, to all the solitude and freedom she so desperately wants. In real life we experience this type of thing all the time. We need to escape, so to speak, from all that we feel surprised by. In this way we can connect with Winnie Foster. A second reason we connect so well with the characters is through Jesse Tuck, the young man Winnie falls in love with. He faces the dilemma of sharing his secret of his immortality with Winnie or losing her forever. People can connect with Jesse because in people's lives there is always something you struggle with saying when you are in love. There is always something about yourself you don't always want to tell people.

The second reason this is such a great film is the life lessons the characters are faced with. Eternity vs. death is something we all think about. Living forever crosses all of our minds at some point in time. For Winnie Foster this becomes a reality. She has the decision to choose between living forever exactly how she is or growing old and dying. With Jesse being unable to die, Winnie wants to spend forever with him. Tuck however, tells Winnie some things that make her begin to think against living an eternity. He says, "Don't be afraid of dying be afraid of the unlived life." This makes Winnie begin to understand you can't live a full life if you can never die. Tuck also tells Winnie, "There can't be living without dying." Winnie now understands that if she makes the decision to become eternal she will have to watch all the things in life she cares about die. She will live on never changing and the world will pass by changing. Another lesson that Winnie faces is love vs. loss. She can stay with Jesse forever or lose him in the end. Winnie has an inner battle with herself that the viewer gets to witness. In a dramatic scene the viewer sees Winnie struggling with the dilemma of staying young with Jesse forever or living a complete full life without him. Should she choose love or should she choose a full life?

The third reason this film is spectacular is the creative backdrop. The new-found life Winnie finds with the Tucks revolves around their life in the woods. Away from the hustle of town, Winnie finds a new peaceful life in the woods. The dramatic scenery is enrapturing. From breath-taking views to a simple log cabin, the film fully encompasses the simple life of the Tucks. The films scenery takes you to a place that is quiet and peaceful. A place that makes the viewer wants to escape there just like Winnie.

This film is amazing for the acting qualities and the lessons in life the film addresses. Plus the backdrop. The actors keep you wrapped up in the movie. Thinking you could be the actors themselves. You are immediately pulled into the film. This film is hard to take your eyes away from. The lesson Winnie is faced with is another thing that keeps you watching. The scenery makes you want to go there. Away from all the hustle in our lives, to the place the Tucks call home. This film is truly amazing and worth watching time and again.

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