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True Lies 1994

A fearless, globe-trotting, terrorist-battling secret agent has his life turned upside down when he discovers his wife might be having an affair with a used car salesman...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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i'll watch it Tommarno.
this movie was the 1st time I found any respect for Tom Arnold. He was a perfect fit for the role and executed it brilliantly.
Well well it is monday morning. New Years is coming up and our house is going to get a little crazy. I can't wait! I start training to be a delivery boy for Papa Johns. I figure hey, 14 dollars an hour plus tips and I get to drive around and just deliver pizzas while listening to music....doesn't sound bad at all. Anyways I just bought Call of Duty and it is an amazing World War 2 FPS. Also I would like to point out that Christina Aguilera is downright beautiful. Also I picked up True Lies which is a fun movie to watch. That's it for now. Peace!
In the absence of a James bond film for 5 years, and no sign of more coming along (the last one was Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill), the combination of Arnie and James Cameron combining again (after doing the two terminator films) was a mouth watering one.

A huge budget (the highest ever at $100m untill Waterworld exclipsed it a few months later), a star studded cast (Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrere, Art Malik, Bill Paxton and of course Arnie) all added up to alot of promise and it fullfilled it well.

The story zips along nicely, the action is well done as you would expect from a James Cameron production, and the ILM Sea Harrier effects are very convincing.

The exploding helicopter at the end is really just the icing on the cake, rather than a last resort to rescue a dire film.


Exploding Helicopter count: 1
Film score without exploding helicopters: 8
Film score with exploding helicopters: 9
True Lies 8/3/04

Way over the top for most of the time, especially Schwarzenegger flying the Harrier. But still an OK film. Some nice set pieces, particularly the bit with the planes blowing out the bridge, but doesn't do enough to make it all stick in your brain and think. At all. Entertaining though.
Film: 6/10
Video: 7/10
Audio: 7/10
Extras: 2/10
Overall: 6/10
Checked this out last year mainly because, as a Buffy fan I'm willing to take a shot with just about anything any of it's cast members have ever been in. Especially if Eliza Dushku or Allyson Hannigan is the cast member in question.

Rather over-the-top plot, but not *too* over-the-top. Arnold and the rest of the cast seem to have had a lot of fun making this, which helps. And Eliza did really good work with her rather limited role. She may have only been about 12 at the time but I think it was obvious even then that she was going to be both a hottie and a very good actress. Too bad she's gotten herself stuck in so many crappy projects (not least her current TV show, Tru Calling, or as I'm tempted to call it, Tru Disappointment) since then.
Comments pending.
The Animated Idiot Man-Child would like to give this a 8, inspired greatly by a "horse chasing motorcycle" sequence, and the Professional Stranger really enjoyed some scenes between Jamie Lee Curtis and the Arnolds, but the rest of us must step in and lower the rating for what is just a silly movie, whether you would like to consider it a spy satire or not.

There is some fun to be had, but it's just another "kill the Arab bad guys" and save the day flick, with some of the better moments involving a sideplot with Bill Paxton.

People may wish to ballyhoo the whole family/secret spy angle, but it didn't really move us.

Not even worth searching out pictures for the review...heh heh
Ok, it was a TV film.. so, no surprise it was bad.. but still..

That was also a TV film... AND it wasnt bad at all. Strange.. ;)

True Lies
Well, it was way too long, and the action wasnt very special (the effects were better than in any todays cgi movie though), but it was very funny at some points.
So, really boring Eric the slightly racist hick is back from boot camp. He called and wants to hang out before he leaves again Sunday night. I'd say no, but I can't...what if he gets sent to Iraq or something? He thought of me and I should at least go out with him for a little while. I don't know what we'll do...a movie worked, but he picks them from how nice he thinks the movie poster looks. I'm too nice. But I guess he's not that bad...he's a sweet guy, just...not so smart. I can't really fault him for that...okay, I could but...oh, shut up.

I called Kevin, because he messaged me about a month ago and said to let him know when I was free. I've got Friday off, so he called and said he's off as well. I need to knock Kevin off the To Do list, anyway. I mean, he's been on there since sophomore year, I think it's time ;-). He's really into film and plans to move out to Cali- we had a few slightly serious conversations about living arrangements once we get out there...hmmm *wicked smile*. I'm hoping the conversation goes okay on Friday, though...we have some stuff in common, but I don't know how long it will hold up.

"but he has to be better then that movie poster starring kid with the motorcycle, not that guy oy" -lauren Yeah well, I have to go out with him too. LoL. Good timing with the comment, though.

Or, I could just kiss Kevin the whole time and not worry about conversation. Definitely sounds like a plan.

I've only seen True Lies on TV about four times in the past few weeks, after not seeing it since I was like, 10. It's a funny movie, and Ahnold makes me laugh. "Yah, but they were all bad". When all the terrorists are running around yelling, all my dad and I can do is yell "DERKA DERKA MUHAMMED JIHAD BAKALAKA!". A little tomboy-looking Eliza Dushku makes an appearance as well. Great lines, cool action.

Hmmm. My first date in many months. And two of them, at that. So I know one date will be boring, proving my point from yesterday...but the other will be very fun. If only because I've been waiting since I wrapped a leg around him in West Side Story to kiss him. I played his girlfriend, and I didn't even get a damn kiss! Though I can name about ten other girls who would have loved the chance to dance with him. Hehe. He did really well in Random Musings... too, as a curious and cursing ski-hat-wearing stoner. Did I mention he's insanely hot?

Alright, I'm done. For now. LoL. Photoshop lab tomorrow morning... Photoshop=cool. Morning=shitty. Ernie never invited me over to hang out, so I guess I'll come home and entertain myself with napping. And hold his shirt hostage. A bath sounds nice, but I already showered, and I can never stay interested in the bath unless I'm on the phone or something. And I can only think of one person who is awake right now and who would love to keep me company while I soak, but I believe he is at home with....well, he's home. Should call him anyway, though.

This song works great with my voice, and I love belting it out in the car (as it's on about every 30 minutes on 106.7 or A1A). The duet with Usher makes him sound like a girl, but the harmonies and vocal gymnastics are fun to play around with. Plus it's a sexy, romantic song. It's hard for me to get past the absolutely abysmal grammar, but I try to ignore it and just sing. Sing it. Feel it. Yeah, baby.
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