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Treasure Planet 2002

A Disney animated version of "Treasure Island". The only difference is that the film is set in outer space with alien worlds and other galactic wonders...

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Imdb rating: 7

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awesome movie...very fun
I like how this movie made it to the front page. This was definitely one of my favourite "Disney New-Release" films when I was a kid.
watched this film with my nephews, nieces and little c0usins...
and then WOOOOSSHHHH!!!!
i became a child 0nce again...
very nice m0vie (Y) ^_^
Watched this with my daughter earlier she loved it was a very good movie recommend!
Loved this film as a kid, and I still love it now.
I always cry at the end, it's such a lovely tale.
This is one of the underrated Disney Classics.
It's a touching story.
Although they do add a sidekick with those 'jokes' it's still a great film.
Can't they write a story without quirky, neo-pop-contemporary talking sidekicks, or bad jokes? The adopted father/son thing in Treasure Planet was moderately touching, but could have been more effective. Much of the character design and action were DESIGNED to appeal to the younger male set. Such obvious pandering.

Yet still I enjoyed it slightly more than Home on the Range and Hellboy. There were some nice visuals in Treasure Planet, although a lot of it could have been better integrated between the CG/hand-drawn styles. It was better than Titan AE in that respect, but parts had the same feel. Shiny/specular vs. flat texture areas.

I noticed a lot of uninteresting shots, flat compositions. I guess that's a problem with hand-drawn, you don't want to spend more money painting the same background at different angles.

I have been wanting this movie for sometime. I found it cheap too, Anyway, this is short and sweet, but I just had to rate this movie
Visually interesting.
Disney decided to take an old classic in literature, one it had done previously in live action and true time period, and they tell it with animation and a science fiction twist. It doesn't quite reach the level that other "classic" Disney animated features reach, but it is far from a flop and not exactly a poor telling of the old tale by Stevenson.

The story covers the basic Treasure Island plot well enough, but not enough to call it more than an average version of the story. The voice work is around that level as well. The animation and the music, while not breakthrough or amazing are still well done and deserve better than average marks.
OK, is all you can say.
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