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Torque 2004

Biker Cary Ford is framed by an old rival and biker gang leader for the murder of another gang member who happens to be the brother of Trey (Ice Cube), leader of the most feared biker gang...

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Just a fun popcorn movie. Nothing much more than that.
Interestingly Themed movie could better though the lack of a solid plot is discerning most the scenes tend move quite quickly and attention is needed to stay with plot so there for i give it 7.5/10
Faster then a speeding bullet, able to run through characters and inept stereotypes with blinding speed, able to jump from scene to scene without any acting at all, it's a fast bike, it's Gigli superimposed, it's Torque!

Just when you hoped that there might be a twinge of a decent plot, or something fascinating would happen in this movie, it starts. Suddenly, all hope is gone. Conversation is a forgotten art, and lines cut down to the BEAR minimum, it is obvious that Matt Johnson must have just finished the school of writing for premature adolescents. Some sentences must have five or six words with at least one syllable!

I was so excited to see the simply underBEARing graphic art of the final scenes that looked something out of a horribly produced M-TV video for a B-sides album cut of a do-nothing one-hit wonder. Wow. So true to life and enchanting.

But how could I compare this to Gigli? Well, let's take actors that have some potential, and give them a script and a plot that is so infantile and childish, they fail miserably. Nothing they could do could ever save this movie from Mystery Theater 2000. You can expect Warner Brothers to lose millions of dollars on just the dough they dished out for Ice Cube, who by the way, must have been fooled into believing that this movie had anything inspiring to offer!

There were two positives to this movie. It was so short, you could finish a local newspaper's crossword while watching it, and thank goodness that I got to see this screening for free.

Torque makes me wish I had a bike that could take me 200 miles an hour out of the theater.
I went to see Torque expecting "Biker Boyz" (which is not a good thing). I got "The Fast and the Furious" (a very good thing). Do not go in expecting Oscar worthy perfomances or stories. Go in expecting to have a good time. You WILL get your money's worth!

The story's interesting; Martin Henderson plays Ford, a biker who comes back to his hometown after six months of hiding from the cops. The only reason he came back was to try and rejoin his girlfriend, Shane, played by the beautiful Monet Mazur, that he left behind without even saying goodbye. He is back barely one day before he gets into a brawl with Trey Wallace (Ice Cube), who is the leader of the biker gang called the Reapers. There is also Henry, the bad guy who wants to sell drugs, but can't because Trey would kill him if he did. To get revenge, Henry kills Trey's brother and frames Ford for it. Now Ford and his "crew" are running from the cops and the Reapers. While he is running, he tries to Solve the murder using his knowlege of Motorcycles. Will he solve it before he dies? And if he does, will the Reapers believe him?

Like I said, the plot is interesting. But I also said don't go expecting an Oscar worthy storyline. Go to see the eye-popping stunt sequences. Now, before movies, they play a "put an end to piracy" ad, using crew members like costume and set designers. The appropriate ad that they played before this movie is of a stunt coordinator. He talked about how whenever a person sees an action film, he comes out excited about telling friends about the "awesome" stunts. This movie is the perfect example of that. I came out of this movie saying "WOW! This is why we see action movies!" Another cool part about this movie is that it takes cliches from other genres and puts a "biker" twist on them. For instance, two girls are battling on bikes and they are moving towards each other. When they get really close, one girl puts her foot out and kicks the other in the face. It reminded me of the medieval games. There are other examples, but none other that pop up in my mind at the moment.

I recommend this movie to any person (preferably male ages 10-40)
who wants to escape his life and have some fun.

Final Consesus - 3/4 or B+ :up:
Only thing less believible than the depressingly, un-original plot of Torque, is the complete lack of logic. What law of physics allows a bike, moving 300mph, make a 90degree turn and still be out run by a crotch-rocket. Ontop of this, the comedic release was a second rate wise-ass humor. Go back to school!
Wow. I've been bitchy lately. To all that know me, I apologize. I'm working on it.

Today rocked. Today rocked...SO HARD.

It really wasn't that interesting, yet as I sit preparing for bed, I realize it was. It started off as usual - a meal, some lounging, then off to work, where I was still in much physical pain. Add to this the fact that the despised one from my last entry was there, and I found out, will be staying around, and It was bad.

But I got to go home early. I ate, talked online with a new friend, and relaxed. I also argued on my website's message board with my boss. I called him soulless!!!!!! Things were looking up. The next task after that was viewing and reviewing Torque.

We all agree there's a certain something about movies, if we didn't we wouldn't be in a movie forum. Most can't take bad movies, but I've learned over the years to take the hit well. If the film is what it wants to be, sometimes I forgive it, and let it bring a smile to my face. Torque was one of those movies.

I didn't like it, and don't recommend it, but I have a feeling I'll defend it against those who bash it, especially without seeing it. It worked as what it was, even if what it was wasn't noble in heart. When I left the theater, my leg didn't hurt...I was walking tall once again.

But the tasks weren't over. Now it was time to write a review, in the way I'd been challenged to - Poetic Verse. (Now my mood above makes sense!) Man, that was so much fun. I need to create more often. My short story brought me a ton of joy, and now this did. I should find a way to become a writer.

BTW, said poem has it's own thread somewhere in GD, if you're interested.

That's it. I'm tired, and I'm going to bed...with a big smile on my face. I need to think like this more often.

BTW, Meat Loaf's music is amazingly cool.
This film is non-start action, which isn't to suggest it's without action (on the contrary, it's only action), but rather that the action has no beginning. It's just there, and consequently it feels like inaction. And, by god, everyone has an attitude: only the whooshing sounds that accompany CGI renderings of the insides of fire-spewing engines (and also, perhaps, the insides of those insides) outnumber the glowers, crazy eyes, and harder-than-thou posturing. The plot has something to do with smuggled drugs, wrongful accusations, FBI pursuit, and crafty (read: everyone's too stupid to know better) deception. And we're carried -- no, accelerated -- through the contrivances with every attention-grabbing trick in the director's video-game-aesthetic arsenal: bikes defy physics, people are cardboard, and the camera swoops in and out (and sometimes through and underneath) the action as if to remind us none of it contains any genuine tension. It's a shame, too, because every once in a while the director plays around with some interesting foreground-background visuals, eventually dispensing with them in favor of more fakery. Best scene: a bike catfight that's less interesting for its lesbian appeal than the obvious Pepsi vs. Mountain Dew battle-of-the-sodas product placement (though the film itself plays more like an extended beer commercial). This is the kind of movie that can only be enjoyed by those who joyfully acknowledge it isn't enjoyable at all.

Directed by: Joseph Kahn
Writing credits: Matt Johnson
Duration: 81 minutes

Date Watched: January 21, 2004
Brief Summary:
A well known biker, Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) returns to his home town after spending 6 months in Taiwan, to confront his long time girlfriend, Shane (Monet Mazure). Henry (Matt Schulze), the leader of the Helions biker gang, threatens Ford to hand over the bikes he had stolen of which contain millions of dollars worth of drugs. Henry's efforts of persuasion are not affective in resolving conflict between Ford and himself, because of this, Henry frames Ford for the murder of Junior, the younger brother of Trey Wallace (Ice Cube) who leads another respected biker gang, the Reapers.

Torque, like other engine hauling films, takes me by no surprise. It's a shame that more and more of these over-exaggerated power vehicle movies are becoming a popular trend in the film industry. The showgirls are cheap thrills along with the cheesy action story line. If the writers left out the vehicles and sleazy women and put more effort in the story, it would be possible to say development is a sure thing.

Score: *1/2/***** or **/**********

Score System:
1 - Horrific
2 - Bad
3 - Mediocre
4 - Good
5 - Brilliant

Certain movies are so satisfying in their stupidity, so delightfully dumb and just so plain loud that they defy criticism itself. Torque is such a movie. Concerning the adventures of renegade biker Ford (The Ring's Martin Henderson. . . Don't you wish his character's name was Torque?), this movie has no time to idle. There's a murder for which Ford has been framed, rival gangs hot on his tailpipe and an ex-girlfriend who doesn't trust him. The cast of sweaty young hotties maniacally bark out dialogue, sport silly outfits, do kung fu on speeding bikes and always remember to turn the pepsi cans and budweiser labels toward the camera--all with the stunning precision of a wong kar wai movie. The bikes are just outta this world & the absurdity is intoxicating, the look dizzying, the brains nonexistent. Enjoy
It's got fast editing and furious action, but the leads are so damn uncharimatic. Plus the dialogue is trashy. Why didn't they just cut everything and just leave the speed in. That way it would have been a good commercial for motorbikes. If you have seen the trailer, then just leave it at that. There are better movies around.
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