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Great film including gorgeous performance by Nicole Kidman. Thrilling an really original! Quite one of the best movies of 1995!
It's monday morning and all I want to do is sleep. Weekend was busy. I pretty much finished decorating my bedroom. I did some more home deco shopping, finished the wall border above my bed, and put the final finishing touches. I'm still not satisfied, but at least, my bedroom now looks like something! And I can always add on to it little by little.

Other than that, I watched three movies this weekend, a double-feature on Saturday night (Trainspotting followed by To Die For) and then a French movie on Sunday called Read My Lips. All in all, my favorite of the three was To Die For, a fun, sometimes creepy satirical piece with some great acting, particularly from the ever so talented Nicole Kidman. Here's another movie I'll add to my list of favorite dark comedies.

I wasn't overly impressed with Read My Lips despite the raving critics reviews. I watched the movie without subtitles for a more genuine experience and thought the acting was actually very good. These are everyday characters whom you can actually relate to. The plot is an interesting one, but frankly nothing to get excited about. At times I thought it dragged a bit. I did like to watch the complex relationship between the two leads, though. Nothing is handed on a plate there and that is the only thing that keeps the film taut and interesting.

As far as Trainspotting goes, it is an unusual experience, but it's definitely not for the squirmish. Prepare to get appalled and shocked. Also, it's a good idea to have the English subtitles on because the Scottish accent can get very thick depending on who speaks. However, the subtitles can be distracting particularly when you're often tempted to just try to understand what is being spoken and you neglect to read the subtitles. And then when you can't understand a phrase or two and the subtitles are already gone by the time your eyes look down, you just go, 'darn what did they just say?'.

Overall, Trainspotting is a real eye-opener, though. It lets you see what the lives of drug addicts are like and shows no mercy at that. Suddenly it reminded me of that other drug movie, Requiem For A Dream, which had left such a shocking yet lasting impression on me. Both these movies are outstanding, but one most probably wouldn't watch them twice because they are so painful, so shocking to look at. One viewing is enough to shake you.
Neither of these movies was what I thought they would be. VERY dark comedy, with some sick and twisted humor- I knew that was coming. But bizarre, creepy, or confusing plot twists or scenes were not expected. Thought there was more sex and fame to TDF than small town murder and a (very surprising) Mafia hit. Thought there were less creepy Matthew Broderick sex scenes in Election and more crazed, bitchy Reese Witherspoon. Was she supposed to be hated? I certainly didn't hate her, she was power hungry and vicious, but she worked hard. Emily and I figured the moral was, Chris Klein was the good honest guy, who didn't want to hurt anyone and truly wanted to do some good. That's why he lost. Elections go to deceitful, lying, conniving people. Or whatever.

-Also, I felt a little Monica Lewinsky reference happening with the Lisa character, who left her lesbian girlfriend for the up-and-*ahem*coming Paul..whether it was before or after the scandal, it fits.-

And To Die For? There was obviously a lot of television media bitterness happening, and mockery of obsession with fame (This movie could certainly be a hit today, with reality shows telling everyone that they can be on TV and be a star). However, a lot of it was sad, particularly the cruel treatment of Joaquin Phoenix's character, and the senseless death of Suzanne's husband. Was the point that fame is fleeting? That one minute you're in the news for killing your husband, and then you're dead? I don't really know, but it was a strange little film...almost made you feel bad for her, ALMOST, but I know people like that, who think they're truly going somewhere and they're really just stuck in a small town with big town aspirations, and it's kind of scary and I understood that aspect.

I didn't particularly like either of these movies, but they get just above a rotten rating because they both, at times, made Emily and I laugh, and had some great camera stuff happening (freeze frames in Election, the journalistic narrative of To Die For). Nicole Kidman was very good, I think the best I've seen her, really, because she actually acted. She wasn't some boring, quiet Southern belle (Cold Mountain)...and don't even get me started on her overrated Moulin Rouge performance. In this, she was conniving, sweet, innocent, evil, genuine, and fake all at once. Joaquin was heartbreaking. Election- Reese Witherspoon was over the top and amusing as usual, very Legally Blonde but funny. And Chris Klein was adorably genuine and dumb jock-ish.

Emily and I are getting through my movies list. Suddenly she has no homework, so we actually get to hang out. :) We saw Shrek 2 the other night, no need to review it- I cracked up constantly, a laugh every five seconds, even my mom was laughing out loud which is hard to get her to do at a movie. (I saw it with the 'rents and Lauren again today.)

Puss In Boots stole the show. With the licking himself, cursing in Spanish, being all smooth and sexy Latin Lover (something I'm familiar with), and making that damn freakin' adorable dewy eyed face, I was totally in love.

The little Spanish boot stomping and hat over the face thing at the end, before he sings? Priceless. OH! And of course, when he says they're going to the "Keet" Kat Club. I work there! ;-) Come visit Helga, Puss.
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movie rated: To Die For
Nicole Kidman
Why were those kids so retarded? Must have been something in the water.
Review of To Die For (1995)
9 out of 10
film de gus van sant!!
despre obsesia de a deveni cunoscut. cele 15 minute de glorie si faima promise. un film american..mi se pare logic. nicole kidman intr-un rol bun, credibila si frumoasa. blonda superba ce isi da seama ca sotul e o piedica in calea afirmarii, asa ca face ceea ce orice femeia din filmele de la hollywood ar omoara. de remarcat phoenix (unul din preferatii mei).

"suzanne used to say that you're not really anybody in america unless you're on TV... 'cause what's the point of doing anything worthwhile if there's nobody watching? so when people are watching, it makes you a better person. so if everybody was on TV all the time, everybody would be better people. but, if everybody was on TV all the time, there wouldn't be anybody left to watch, and that's where I get confused"
Nicole Kidman deserved an Oscar for her incredible portrayal as the selfish, determined and cold-hearted Suzanne Stone. A woman who is obsessed with the desire to become famous; "Cause your not anybody in America unless your on tv." The film is so good because it shows how far she will go to be famous and, how by killing her husband she may be questioned as being a murderer, but for Suzanne this is her way of achieving what she's always wanted, attention and stardom. I think this plot is very interesting and involving, the acting and structure of the film are of high quality. Overall, a great achievement, which delves deep into the emotions of desire, determination, selfishness and how far one person will go for what they've always wanted.
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