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Titan A.E. 2000

A young man learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity...

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A cracking little cartoon from the animation team behind An American Tail and The Land Before Time, this space-themed toon combines traditional cell animation with GCI to great effect. Fast moving and with a well-developed script, this opens with the destruction of Planet Earth and the splitting up of a father (Ron Perlman) and son (Matt Damon). Damon's character is seemingly condemned to a life of servitude as a second class citizen on a far flung planet until two humans (Drew Barrymore and Ken Hudson Campbell) and their two crew (who'd have guessed it? They're a couple of humorous animal sidekicks - Janeane Garafolo and John Leguizamo - marks deducted for that cliche) invite him on a mission to locate Titan A.E. (as in After Earth). It's the project Damon's scientist father was working on to ensure that the human race have the capability to start again on a new planet and the ring Damon was given on their last meeting is the key to the whole shebang. Dazzling visuals and an attempt to at least bring something new and fresh to the genre deserves kudos. George Lucas take note.
Titan A.E. had been sitting next to our dvd player for quite a while and none of us in the apartment has enough interest or patience to put it into the action again. I had never watched it before so finally I decide maybe this dvd need a little bit warm up otherwise it will break a bone if someone would watch it 50 years later. Here we go...

The classic 2D and new 3D combined animation still looked nicely smooth after it was made 3 years ago. The voice was good too and it had a exciting heavy-metal style soudtrack. But due to the insipid story line everything else seemed to lack of real inspiration. People expect to see more stuff other than just a mission called "save the earth" today (and probably 3 years ago too). After all, I enjoyed wathing it this time but I don't think I will come back any more. That dvd can have peace and sleep forever now.
A great piece of animation! I loved the characters and the story.
Titan A.E. doesn't have the best animation in town but it does have a solid story about a boy who grows up with a mission to save the entire human race from extinction. The action is only adequate but the full fledged story moves at a decent enough pace. The dialogue isn't very impressive either but the colorful characters keep your attention firmly planted in the unfolding events. All in all this isn't an animation masterwork but it is a nice piece worthy of a sunday evening's rental if your in the mood for "cartoons". ;) Cheers!
Animated sci-fi film is too kiddish and too cliched.
"The movie Star Wars fans have been waiting for!" That was the critique on the front of the DVD. I looooooooooooove Star Wars I mean there should be a 12 step for people like me, but I did not like this movie. Maybe it was the 2D against the 3D a little reminicent of oh I don't know...Roger Rabbit!! Anyway, I couldn't get into it. The main character reminded me of a Matt Damon looking Keanu Reeves and I just couldn't take it. Sorry I'm sooooo sorry.

Titan A.E.
As I mentioned this animation movie came and went without much fanfair in 2000. Which is a real shame. As an adiv Sci-Fi fan this really is a great movie. It has many of the typical elements that I like in a great story. There is mystery, there is a good hero, a double cross, and lots of space fighting.

And if you didn't notice, Matt Damon, Drew Barymore, and Bill Pullman are three of the main character voices. It's been a while since I've actually watched this movie but it's elements all still stick with me even today. Humanity has had it's planet blown up by the Dreg who for whatever reason don't like humans. With Earth no more, those humans who are left across the galaxey are seen as second class citizens and in many cases slave like labor.

Enter our hero who's father was part of a project, the Titan project, to find humans a new home. His father took off in the titan to hide it from the Dreg just as the earth blew up. Now it's up to our hero to find his father legacy with a map only he has. In the end they are chased by the Dreg and have a major climactic battle in space. It's really pretty awesome stuff. I think I'm going to need to add it to my Blockbuster Queue.
Solid story with some great animation to back it up. Nothing to dislike here, but nothing great, either.
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