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Tinker Bell 2008

Enter the land of Tinker Bell and her four best fairy friends...

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ilove it

Not as entertaining as I was expecting, it's aimed a little more at younger children than most Disney films. Well animated, cute story.
This movie was so excellent. I might even go as far to say that it is one of the best Disney movies I seen, and I've seen alot. It had a wonderful message, the animation was great, and it was a heartfelt story. The music was also very good, it has been a while since some original music has been written for disney, and they're right back at it, with some wonderful songs and pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.
Tinker Bell is born from the first laugh of a newborn baby, and is brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow. She meets the other fairies and learns that her talent is to be a tinker, the fairies who make and fix things. The other tinker fairies try to teach her their craft. But when Tink is told that only nature talent fairies visit the mainland she finds the other fairies' talents more appealing. She tries to prove her skill at gardening, tending animals, and other crafts, but fails dramatically at all of them. Her misadventures put the whole fairy community behind schedule in their current project: to bring the season of Spring to the mainland. But she redeems herself by inventing machines that enable the other fairies to get their work done much faster. She is rewarded for this by being permitted to join the fairies delivering the new season.
If you like to waste your time on movies that spout banality, this is for you - a weak plot, predictable almost to the point of knowing the whole damn script. It all seems like a fruitless trite marketing exercise, way inferior to the Peter Pan movies, in which Tink's character had the strength she lacked here.
Mae Whitman is absolutely dire as Tinkerbell, and the usually great Anjelica Huston is stuffy, and doesn't get to spread her wings as an established actress. There seems to be an abundance of celebrity actors from America Ferrera (of Ugly Betty fame) to Jesse McCartney; of course, that doesn't change how plodding and predictable it all is. All in all, give it a miss if you're over five.
Tinker Bell has a wonderful animation and the world the animators created for her is fantastic, the problem with Tinker Bell is the story, it wasn't written to entertain a whole audience, it was just conceived to plead little children. Tinker Bell, in "Peter Pan" (1953), was intelligent, mute and beautiful, in this picture she speaks, is silly and doesn't act as a clever person for more than the movie's first half, she shows she's smart during the last 30 minutes when she saves spring with her inventions.
It has a boring and silly story for very young children. Colors in this movie are great, characters got on my nerves because of their stupidy.
2008 US Director: Bradley Raymond

Score: 7

I still wouldn't call this Disney offering "a return to their epic past" but this direct to home release is a damn sight better than many of their more recent theatrical released features. (Yeah Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons I'm lookin' at you!) This is also more, and far better, than the many DTH releases that have raided the classic films from Disney's past such as the various sequels/prequels to Cinderella, Tarzan, and Peter Pan. This one, though indeed it has a classic Disney character in it, comes from the excellent source materiel of the Neverland Fairies series of books. I really disagree with the decision to release this one straight to DVD. This quality of an animated film is exactly the kind Disney needs to start making and putting out as feature films.

Ok, having said that, despite the fact that I like it much better than some the stuff they have been putting out in recent years, there is still room for improvement. The animation wasn't bad, but it also wasn't anything that grabbed the viewer in any scene. The plot was good and serves as a nice "origin" story for the Tinker Bell character. The music is pretty good. Several songs are well done and catchy, but much of the score played during the action sequences is less memorable. The voice work is not bad.

Speaking of voice work, I can't review this film without discussing the issue of Tinker Bell talking. On several places of the online community, particularly the Disney fan web sites that I frequent, people voiced their displeasure and even opposition to the film because **gasp** Tinker Bell was going to talk! They complained how this would ruin the classic Disney character who, according to them, had never talked before. I need to correct that little misconception. Tinker Bell has always talked. ALWAYS. In fact, in the film Peter Pan she talks quite a bit.

The previous films had different source materiel for one. The original is told through the eyes of Wendy and her brothers. We basically see Neverland and it's inhabitants as if we were Michael, John, or Wendy. As they do not speak the Fairy language, we do not either and so we only hear Tinker Bell's musical tinkling voice but no words that we can tell. Peter and the lost boys do our translating for us. In the newest film, we are experiencing Pixie Hollow through the perspective of Tink herself. We therefore speak the language and therefore hear words and understand her and the rest of the fairies. Ok, enough about that. It's a good little animated release. The books tell some excellent stories and so I hope they put one or two of those into animated form some day.

Notes: N/A Suggested Age: 5+
I really thought Tinkerbell was a great family movie for all ages!
As you know, i am a 12 year old girl. When i was forced to watch this movie, i was desipointed. It was a cliche filled flop that doesnt deserve a :fresh: the only good thing was the horse part. You cant let disney get away with this. Ever, you guys are just brain washed by the movie! this was meant for 5 year old girls. Stupid tinkerbell, you just costed disney thier peter pan franchise!!!
(im a 13 year old guy now)
I saw this movie on t.v. I was interested in Tinker Bell's back story. The ingenious story and handsomely rendered 3D animation was wonderful. It was well worth checking out and to watch if you have kids or with your nieces and nephews.
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