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Tigerland 2000

A group of recruits go through Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana's infamous Tigerland, last stop before Vietnam for tens of thousands of young men in 1971...

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Very good movie a must watch .

You really get to see how well of an actor Colin Farrell is. Only $5.88 at Wal-Mart. Go out a buy it.
This is by far my most fave Colin Farrell film. Its hard to believe it was his first real film :) its a very well done movie about a army training camp. Heres a quote that always makes me kinda cry.

Cantwell:*looks at the moon* Don't it strike you that thats the same moon thats shinin down, and its shinin down on us here and its shinin down on that little girl whos my wife. And its the same moon thats gonna be shinin when they send us to war. The same moon thats shinin on those poor boys getting themselves shot at. It don't strike you what that means? How each of us is a little of everything, and everythings is shit. And I know that back home the preacher be talken about right and wrong.About the Lord and God and Jesus. But you know? if the Lord or God or Jesus be standin here right now. He'd say "Cantwell you forget about all these promises, you forget about what anybody say. And you forget all them big Sunday fancy ideas thing they tell you. You just forget everthing they tell you. You just look up there" did you ever see such a moon?
I just finished watching 'Tigerland' which is actually a DVD I bought last year that I thought was DOA (turns out it was OK, just my old old DVD player wouldn't read the disc).

Its directed by Joel Schumacher, and is actually one of Colin Farrell's first movies, released in 2000. Its about a bunch of draftees in Bootcamp about to be sent to Vietnam in 1971 (ie late in the US involvement in the war). Colin Farrell plays a smart-ass non-conformist who is rebelling against his situation. Lots of gritty realism. The filming itself is pretty 'gritty' too.

For the ladies out there, who might not be into the stark reality of bootcamp personality conflicts, there is a lot of Colin Farrell ass visible at various point in the movie to keep you entertained. :P

BTW, for those curious 'Tigerland' is the name of the 1 week training camp that recruits go through the week before being sent off to combat.
One of the most effective ways to show the horror of war is to depict the brutal training that soldiers must endure before they even begin firing at the enemy. Joel Schumacher's film Tigerland is a gritty, documentary-like examination of training soldiers who are preparing to go to Vietnam. Kubrick attempted to convey the brutality and cruelty inherent in military training in Full Metal Jacket, but R. Lee Ermey was so inventive in his sadism he actually became a rather entertaining figure. Schumacher's movie does not contain any Hollywood romanticism: it is a bare-bones look at the process the soldiers must undergo, and how that process can corrupt the soul and lead to psychopathic behaviour. Matthew Davis plays an idealistic young writer who wants to gain life experience and believes, foolishly, that becoming a soldier will provide it. He befriends Roland Bozz (Colin Farrell), a charismatic Texan who demonstrates natural leadership abilities but is likely too rebellious to succeed in the army. Some of the other soldiers are presented as ticking time bombs who resent Bozz' cavalier attitude. Tigerland is generally more successful when focusing on the training seems to have a good knowledge of its subject and portrays the anguish of the soldiers quite deftly. Davis and especially Farrell give powerful, raw performances and make us believe that they are truly enduring mental and physical hardships. However, Tigerland is less satisfying in its portrayal of the growing madness of certain soldiers. A subplot involving a sociopathic soldier does not seem as fleshed out as the rest of the film. As a result, the ending of the movie is not particularly powerful or upsetting. Still, this film represents a significant improvement for Schumacher...a director who could not find much success in either mainstream or independent fare. Tigerland is nowhere near a perfect movie, but it is a powerful look at the hellish nature of preparing for war.

More to come soon.

Although Pearl Harbor wasn't that good, the battle scenes were the best I've seen so far. The "falling bomb" was just great. Definitly too long though.
Yesterday I saw Mindhunters at the cinema and I was pretty impressed with it and I think it's the best movie Renny Harlin has done. It's full of suspense, violence, gore and action. The movie takes a lot of turns, sometimes unsuspected and I was in the dark till the end.
Though the one flaw this movie has, once you saw it all the excitement is gone.

I got The Order, Tigerland and Donnie Darko on DVD.
I like The Order a lot. A cool movie, dealing with a mysterious catholic order, secrets of the Vatican and a Sin Eater. Nothing to dislike here. Very exciting!
Heath Ledger does a fine job here in portraying a young priest.

Tigerland is also a good movie. Colin Farell once again shows that he can act and Joel Schumacher made a very controversial movie about the hard training of companies before they went to Vietnam. The movie is very realisitc and intense. I like those kind of military thrillers.

I got Donnie Darko from a friend of mine. Well this movie isn't my style, though Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job, but slow pacing....slow everything.
Tigerland I'd never heard of it before.. but it had Colin Farrel and I think hes very very sexy.. so I was sold. It wasnt the best war movie I'd ever seen.. but it wasn't bad.. somewhat cliche.. but it was worth it for two reasons.. One.. Colin.. Two.. the things they say.. the army leaders screaming obscene and extremely odd things into the faces of these men..

Cold Mountain.. was good.. but it got kind of long towards the end.. and it was kind of confusing to fallow in the begining.. but the plot was thick and I cared about the charachters.. so it was pretty good.. sad.. but good.
Best in Show: Colin Farrell
One for the future: Colin Farrell
Stand-out scene: Swamp accident
Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

No wonder Joel Schumacher wanted Colin Farrell for the lead in Phone Booth (and for that matter a role in Veronica Guerin), in this, their first collaboration, the Irish actor puts in an career-making performance as reluctant 'Nam conscriptee Roland Bozz. Whereas most Vietnam movies are set squarely in the theatre of war, this movie is a set excusively during pre-war training. Evoking Full Metal Jacket - which was split between training and war - Tigerland (so-called after the simulated 'Nam conditions training camp in Louisiana) is set in 1971, when America's grip on the war was well and truly over. Their solution was to throw more soldiers at the problem, however unsuited they were for combat. Schumacher (can this possibly be the same director who made the hopelessly cack-handed Batman Forever??) shot the film in less than 30 days on 16mm film, using handheld cameras and with no artificial lighting, let alone special effects, which gives the movie a Soderberghian feel.
War / Drama
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