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Thunderbirds 2004

When The Hood finds and invades International Rescue's secret base and traps most of the Tracy family, only young Alan Tracy and his friends can save the day...

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Caught this in Morecambe when I was up for the punk festival at the weekend (why did you pull out, Cockney Rejects?). As a movie this struck me as utterly devoid of merit (with the possible exception of the natty opening credit animation sequence) - but hey it let my ears recover for an hour or two. HT
This movie SUCKS!!!! This movie is so stupid it's stupider than stupid.Whoever came up with this pathetic excuse for a stupidly,stupid movie is a fat idiotic,stupid bastard.First of all,the stupid special effects are terrible,and the actors are...well...STUPID!!!! AND THE WHOLE FREAKIN' THING IS STUPID
Thunderbirds was okay. Geared more for a 10 year old. It was a bit cheesy.
Speaking as someone who owns every DVD of the original '60's series I approached the movie with some trepidation. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The machines were treated respectfully and updated intelligently. Tracy Island looked great. The characters were a little less wooden than their puppet progenitors so also ok. The backstory and little details were handled very well. Plot was a little heavy handed but, hey, so were the originals. Overall I enjoyed it and will recommend it to all kids and any adult who was a fan of the original show.
So Thunderbirds are go! Okay, just stop. You'd think accompished actors Paxton, Kingsley, and Edwards would steer clear of movies like this. Instead, they're part of a film we're laughing at instead of with. Luckily for Paxton, he's barely in it. Unluckily for Kingsley, he must recite bad line after bad line while trying desperately to keep up the facade of a villain. The children awkwardly work through the scenes with an inexplicable handle on each situation. I would have been more interested on how Kingsley and the little girl got those superpowers. What explanation do we get? Ehh, it runs in the family. In the end, kids will probably suck it all up and enjoy it, but Thunderbirds has at much depth as a Saturday morning action show. But at least those are 30 minutes long.
While working with Kurt on friday, I sadly watching Thunderbirds in the theatre. I was on-the-clock during the movie, but it still completely sucked. The most awful thing about the movie is the subtle (hopefully accidental) racsism in the movie. All the movie's "hereos" are blue eyed, blond haired Aryans while the servants and bad guys are dark skinned. The one exception is a white bad girl, but she is super ugly. Bravo, to a crappy, hateful movie
Brains and Parker made this film for me. They really added light relief between the what can only be described as average film making. Brain's jokes with his stutter and Parker's "Yes m'ladie" jokes where brilliant.

The film is called thunderbirds and yet the thunderbirds where trapped the whole film. Thats not what we payed to watch. The crafts all looked brilliant in their updated forms. And I like the actors choosen for the thunderbirds, but they really picked a poor story. This seems to be a curse that thunderbird films have.

I hope they get to make another film so they can correct this misjustice.
Thunderbirds bored me badly. I couldn't finish watching it. The special effects were horrible in days of 3D-animation. This was like a movie made in the early 80ies. And I also didn't like Brady Corbet in one of the leading roles. The story was lame, and I agree, this is a movie for children and only for them.
What a waste for an actor like Ben Kingsley to play in a movie like that.
I liked it. The characters were well cast and it was just cheesy enough. Too bad brains was comic relief.
Hilltop Review Guy

SCORE: 28% Trash Can

Initial Reaction: Will live action be better than puppets?

Main Characters

Jeff Tracy is the leader of a group of rescuers called the Thuderbirds. He is played by Bill Paxton.

Alan Tracy is Jeff's youngest son of six and is played by Brady Corbet.

The Hood is the villain and he's played by Sir Ben Kingsley.

Tin Tin is the daughter of Jeff Tracy's housekeepers and is played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens:

Fermat is the son of the head scientist in the Thunderbirds group. He is played by Soren Fulton

Plot Summary

It all starts off with the Thunderbirds rescuing workers off an oil platform that's about to explode. But after the rescue, one of the workers plants a homing beacon on one of the Thunderbirds' ships. The villain, The Hood, uses the beacon to track the Thunderbirds back to their base, which is an island named Tracy Island.

Meanwhile, Alan Tracy feels like he's being ignored -- by his five brothers and his father. He dreams of joining them as a member of the Thunderbirds.

The Hood attacks the Thunderbirds' space station, Thunderbird 5, crippling it. Jeff and his five older sons go on a rescue mission to save Thunderbird 5 and everyone on board. Right after they leave, The Hood attacks Tracy Island and takes control of it.

The Hood uses the base's controls to trap the Tracys in space in Thunderbird 5, then sets about to steal money from several banks using other Thunderbird vehicles starting with the Bank of England.

The only ones that have a chance to stop him are Alan Tracy, Tin Tin, and Fermat.


Main Characters

Underused. There are so many things that can be explored and expanded upon that would've made this movie better. Why does The Hood hate the Thunderbirds and Jeff Tracy so much? Do Alan and Tin Tin have romantic feelings for each other? How is Alan Tracy being ignored? What's with Tin Tin and The Hood's mind powers? Instead the movie goes about the standard "heroes try to stop villain from taking control of the world" bit. SCORE: 3.

Supporting Cast

The supporting characters each have a quirk (there's a humble butler, a stuttering scientist, evil henchmen and a spoiled princess). However, these quirks are laid on way too thick -- especially the scientist who stutters. It's not funny, it's annoying. SCORE: 2.


There are huge holes in this plot. First off, doesn't England have an army to stop the Hood or the Thunderbirds from entering the Bank of England? Aren't there any alarms in the vault? Where are the guards? Are they sleeping on the job?

To make matters worse, The Hood explains his evil plan to the all of the Tracys. Why? All that does is allow them (and Tin Tin and Fermat) to come up with a plan to stop him. He should've kept his big mouth shut.

The only way it could be worse is at the end of the movie, The Hood looked at Tin Tin, Alan Tracy and Fermat and said "I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids." SCORE: 1.


The heroes are bland, the villains are you typical "take control of the world" type and the plot doesn't do anything new or special. SCORE: 3.

Violence Factor

There are explosions a plenty in this film, but nobody really gets badly hurt or killed -- even when some people were thrown back ten feet from the force of the explosions.

This film also has fighting scenes have real fighting with Loony Toon sound effects -- two things that don't go well together. SCORE: 3.

Other Moral Issues

The heroes do put the lives of innocent people in danger first and foremost, and that's good.

However, Jeff Tracy tells his son that "You can't save them all," and, "There's always someone left behind." But in this movie, everyone gets saved. Who got left behind? (Besides the audience). SCORE: 5.

Final Score (out of 60): 17
% Score: 28%
This isn't a movie about a disaster -- it's a disaster disguised as a move.
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