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So, my mom came down this weekend to do some shopping. Which we did...a lot of. My credit card company is going to love me this month.

Anyway, Saturday night, we watched This is Spinal Tap together. While I thought it was funny in a few spots, very funny in a couple more, I fail to see what all the hype is for. I alternated between finding the interview portions funny and being completely bored by the fake rock shows. I think I'd have enjoyed it more if people hadn't told me it was one of the funniest movies ever...rather like There's Something About Mary.
I watched Spinal Tap for the 39347th time this morning... I swear, every time I watch it, I pick up on something new, and laugh my ass off. Also, I hate my job.
Hello, this is David St. Hubbins. I dunno what I doing here. I dont know who I'm talking to. Is there anybody out there? Can somebody come here and talk to me? I play guitar in a rock band, we could talk about that! Well, I'm going to go somewhere else now and see if theres any people there. See ya later!

Who am I talking to?
Finally got around to seeing Spinal Tap on DVD and my jaw is very numb right now. I think I had something akin to an epileptic seizure. I think I busted me spleen. The damn film is just too funny. I started laughing even before I started the movie...they have the band chatting away while the DVD loads up...they comment about the characteristics of the 'dark screen' and then blab on about the options (Play, Scene Selections etc.) One member is under the impression that Scene Selections will allow him to access any film he chooses but is kindly corrected and told that if he wants to see a mystery then he'll have to go buy another DVD. The comdey even continues on through the end credits with hilarious snipets of 'interviews' with the band members.
Are you a Brooding, Internally-Preoccupied Artiste (Yay!) or a Normal, Healthy Human Being (Boo!)?

Incident: The light bulb in your bedroom ceiling fixture goes out.

NHHB: Finds new light bulb and replaces old one.

BIPA: Moves aside piles of books at bedroom entrance (as these prevent bedroom door from opening more than a foot) and shoves bedroom door ajar an additional 4 inches (there are just SO many books...) thus permitting the light from the incandescent bulb on the floor of the bathroom (a sofa lamp having been set on the floor by the tub when the fluorescent light in bathroom went out and we know how hard it is to replace THOSE) to illuminate the bedroom just enough to allow one to stumble to the bed without sustaining life-threatening injuries.

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good improv is hard to beat. and big bottom girls is a great song, better than queen's fat-bottomed girls. 'the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin', that's what i said...'
Lost some of its umph the second time around. It still has some funniest scenes ever put on film.

This is Spinal Tap - A

This is Spinal Tap is a film that I have been dying to see. I've been dying to see it because I have seen every Christopher Guest mockumentry but This is Spinal Tap and I had heard this was his best. But the fact that I love all of Guest's other movies, made me have pretty lofty expectations. Written by Guest and directed by Rob Reiner, This is Spinal Tap is the mock rockumentry of the fictitous washed up British band Spinal Tap. This is Spinal Tap lived up to my expectations, by now being my favorite Guest film. It is plain and simple one the funniest movies I have ever seen. The film has everything: Mimes, cucumbers, cricket bats, faulty stage equipment, the Stonehenge, great lyrics, classic flashbacks and much much more. If you are a Guest fan this is a must see. If you dont know who Christopher Guest is, then you MUST SEE THIS FILM. I love this movie and everyone should see it.

Edit: I almost forgot, this film also gave me a bigger appreciation for A Mighty Wind, seeing Spinal Tap as the Folksmen. Guest, McKean and Shearer Rock!
Absolutely one of the best films ever made. This is the one that started the whole "Mockumentary" series:

This is Spinal Tap
The Return of Spinal Tap
Waiting for Guffman
Best in Show
A Mighty Wind

All great Movies full of Talented People
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