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This Christmas 2007

A Christmastime drama centered around the Whitfield family's first holiday together in four years...

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"A solid holiday outing sure to please any audience that comes across the film."

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About half way through this movies, I whispered to my wife "how many stories are they telling?"
I have two brothers and three sisters, with numerous and various spouses and children. So, sitting around a long table with lots of people discussing a number of different events, issues, and topics is not foreign to me. However, as enjoyable as that is too me I can't say it makes for a good movie. This Christmas, is filled with good actors, and great music, but it tries to do too much. There were so many twisting plots that no one plot seemed to rise to the top to give the over all movie clarity. It had it's entertaining moments, in particular the music, but it tries to do too much, so the best parts had little to do with the story line.
:o :
Like many holiday films, THIS CHRISTMAS mines the ample humor and drama of a family Christmas. Ma'Dere (Loretta Devine) is the matriarch to the large and loving Whitfield family, which consists of her three daughters--Kelli (Sharon Leal), Lisa (Regina King), and Mel (Lauren London)--and her sons--Michael (Chris Brown), Claude (Columbus Short), and Quentin (Idris Elba). They are an extremely attractive and successful bunch, but no sooner have they shared their first meal together than the hidden tensions begin to boil to the surface. Long-kept secrets come tumbling out, and the Whitfields soon engender enough drama to support several spin-off soap operas. There's interracial marriage, infidelity, gambling debts, an AWOL soldier, and repressed dreams of musical stardom, to name just a few of the issues they are forced to tackle in between stuffing the turkey and decorating the tree. Will their many problems and misunderstandings be resolved by Christmas day? Since this is a family holiday flick, the odds are, of course, quite good. Of all the films released during the holiday season, THIS CHRISTMAS is my personal favorite due to the great performances, soft humor, and relatable plots. The film has a family that I feel as if I can relate to. It also made me realize that, no matter what is going on in your life, your family will always be there to comfort you. This Christmas, I ask you to do the one thing that this film helped me do: find the joy in your life. Also remember, that a sries on unfortunate events could be the beginning of an epic journey you are destined for.

yay or nay? this is a personal favorite of mine.

RATING: 9/10
A great holiday comedy film. Every single actor in this movie was at the top of their game. It was one of my favorite holiday films this year.
Fair Christmas story, uneasily mixes heavy drama with comedy. Rather predictable and tends to use cliches in the story. The acting is fine, no one is great though.
Well it's much better than that other Christmas movie, but there is just something missing here. It could have been a pretty good film, but the humor was quite dissapointing. Potential for a good story, but doesn't get fleshed out.
This Christmas
Agian, this was a really really great movie, some people dont have anytaste. at all. this is a good teen movie, about family. this is my 2nd faveoriet movie.
Well, new to me anyway.

This Christmas
Directed by: Preston A. Whitmore

OK, this movie has a 7% on the tomatometer. I didn't realize that when I netflixed it. I actually wanted to see it because I saw about 4 of the last 10 minutes once on TV and it looked decent.

This movie is essentially a neo-screwbal comedy similar in style (if not quality) to several of the films Peter Bogdonovich has done (What's Up Doc? Noises off!), but with a really off-the-wall sense of humor. Or just a stupid sense of humor. There is a fine line between the absurd and the idiotic, and this movie flurts with it quite often, if not outright runs over it.

Yet, while it took me a while to get into the swing of things (I almost turned it off 15 minutes into it), somehow, this movie won me over by the time it was over. No, it's not great, I'm not even sure it's that good, but it is really cute and never stops trying.

It's about the worst day in several people's life...and that day is Christmas eve. Steve Martin plays the head of a Suicide hotline. But his relationship is on the rocks, and he's just found out that they are going to be evicted. One of his employees is always angry and probably does callers more harm then good, another is so emotional that sometimes she starts crying worse then the callers(and she also might have a crush on Martin). Then there's a random ukulele player who lives in the building, a very pregnant friend of the emotional employee and her loser boyfriend who just ran off in her Santa outfit, and to top it all off, there's a killer on the loose. Oh, and a cross dresser who comes over after Martin, in a moment of weakness, listens to he/she's tears and gives he/she the address. I can't believe I almost forgot the cross dresser. Anyhow, tragedy occurs, tempers flair, love is made, people die, babies are born, and cross-dressers dance.

It's a really silly movie, and some of the jokes are so over the top as to be either genius or cringe worthy. Probably both. (I especially liked/hated the human Christmas tree. You'll see what I mean). Anyhow, it's not a good movie, but I enjoyed how well it stuck to the screwball formula, I enjoyed the performances of Mrs. Neo-Screwball herself Madaline Kahn (i.e. Clue, What's Up Doc?), Steven Martin, and Rita Wilson (aka Mrs. Tom Hanks).

So yah, know what to expect, a really stupid neo-screwball comedy. Yet, I'd be lying if I didn't say it essentially worked for me.


Preston A. Whitmore's This Christmas caught my eye because of its wonderful cast of actors. Delroy Lindo, Loretta Devine, Mekhi Phifer and Regina King are all actors I admire, and the thought of them all together in one movie seemed promising. Plus, with this being a Christmas themed movie, I thought it would be a perfect film to view during the month of December.

This Christmas is a well acted movie. Just about everyone in the film gives their best in their roles, and for the most part all of them were fun to watch. The movie does manage to capture the awkwardness of the holiday season, with friends and family getting together, and I wish it could have done more with this simple theme rather than the direction the film went. What could have been a nice, straightforward movie ended up being a bit of a cluttered mess.

The problem I had with This Christmas is that there are far too many stories going on in the film. And most of them are too far-fetched to believe. The Whitfield family seem to be a pretty wealthy family, but for some reason they seem to have more problems than most people. Shady dealings with low-life thugs, infidelity, sudden military deployment and pregnancy plague their home in an unbelievable and cliche ridden romp.

The movie also finds time to allow R&B star Chris Brown, who plays the baby of the Whitfield family, to sing. And I take it that writer/director Whitmore wanted to showcase Brown's sex appeal, since the first time we see him in the film he isn't wearing a shirt. Still, not too shabby of a performance by Brown.

With all of the problems going on in the film, one would imagine not all of them would get resolved. Oh, but they do. And, miraculously all at about the same time. About the only miracle that didn't occur in This Christmas was the pregnant girl going into labor. I don't hate the film, because it is an entertaining watch. But it is far too overblown for me to give it a passing grade. But I'm giving it a low rating with affection.

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