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There's Something About Mary 1998

A man gets a chance to meet up with his dream girl from highschool, even though his date with her back then was a complete disaster...

Release Date:
July 15, 1998
119 min
Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Richard Jenkins, Ben Stiller, Lin Shaye, ...
Comedy, Romance

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 7.1

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There's Something About Mary
I expected to hate this movie. I don't get gross-out humor types of movies (ie: most of the Farelly brothers' projects) and the last one of their collaberations I saw was Stuck On You which I found painfully unfunny and ridiculously boring. There's Something About Mary, however, is a smart, adorable, hilarious, well-written, funnily performed film that I couldn't have enjoyed more. While it's not nearly perfect (WHY do they all love Mary? I mean they weren't even being theirselves around her so she was liking them for something they weren't.--This was the major problem I had with the movie), it is the funniest movie of the 90's. Ben Stiller is surprisingly good and perfectly over-the-top (sometimes, he is just perfect when it comes to being over-the-top--ie: Meet The Parents, Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums; while other times, he is painfully over-animated--ie: Meet the Fockers, Dodgeball). Here, he is surprisingly good and while he isn't very good in the few dramatic moments in the movie (it's NOT a drama at all so I'll definitely let it slide), he is wonderfully funny in the comedic scenes particularly when he is fighting Puffy the dog. Yes, a dog. Cameron Diaz is perfectly perky and excellently casted as Mary. She is able to flex her comedic skills in this movie and even at times, her physical comedy is flared and it's hilarious. She is consistent and very good. Matt Dillon, I thought, was wonderful. He is funny in the most unexpectedly quirky and off-beat ways and he completely just goes with everything the film and the role is offering. He seems to be having a ball on screen. All of the supporting performances are fine...I wish we could have seen more of Jeffrey Tambor and even the quirky Lin Shaye who is the best cast member of them all as Magda. The writing is smart and hilarious and never (unlike some other Farelly works) gets carried away with too much slap-stick. There are some gross-out-funny scenes but it's all in good humor as, by the end of the movie, you realize the film is one big beating heart that is just pure fun and pure popcorn entertainment. It's not to be taken too seriously and it's, I feel pretty comfortable saying this, a brilliant comedy. As far as "gross-out" movies go, it's the best ever. And as far as simple comedies go, it's pretty damned good too.
(lol hair gel)
Either way this is a very funny and a very enjoyable film that has just the right amount of gross out comedy it's just such a great film and the farrely brothers second best film (dumb and dumber being their best of course) and it's pretty long for a comedy like this but either way it's still enjoyable and worth seeing, ecspecially if you're watching it with a bunch of people that makes it all the better so yeah anyway if you haven't seen this and you are not easily offended by movies than you have too see this because it is an excellent film and i am out.
There's Something about Mary
(Quote: I couldn't believe that she knew my name. Some of my best friends didn't know my name.)

Starred: Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon.
Directed: Bobby and Peter Farrelly
Genre: Romantic comedy

I liked a lot this movie. Ted (Ben Stiller) is deeply in love with Mary (Cameron Diaz) and he has his first chance to be with her when he invited Mary to the graduation party. Unfortunately for him when he's in her house he suffered a 'small' accident with his zipper:rolleyes: , you can think what I'm talking about. So he lose his chance and now that they're older he hire an spy to search for her, but he didn't have in mind that this spy may like also Mary:p . It is a very funny pretty good in this genre movie.
Pretty stupid. I had a few laughs, but I guess I thought the movie was going to be super good based on its reputation. It was fine, but nothing special.
Here's another film rating.
Boondock Saints

I am not going out there as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be Tina Turner. I can't afford therapy on my salary.

I loved the first Miss Congeniality. It really worked for me, but the sequel really falls short. Not that I was expecting it to work in anyway, there was no need to for a sequel, but I thought, Sandra Bullock's usually pretty good in a comedy role, why not? Well, while this movie isn't terrible -- it's very disappointing even when I wasn't expecting very much. It's a shame they can't ever take a good chick flick and make a decent sequel. It falls where Legally Blonde 2 fell (ok well this might be a little better than that.)

The reason Miss Congeniality worked in the first place is that you have Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart playing the biggest tomboy to glam girl transition. In this, it's the complete opposite. You have Hart as a rude, glam girl apparently "losing her roots" and getting lost in being beautiful. The problem is, there's no fun in that for a good half of the film. It just drags on and on while she's just mean. It loses its charm in that -- while the second half finally gets back to character and becomes fun for a bit. The plot is unclear and you just see how many costumes and situations they can end up in. It's a decent rental if you liked the first one, but very difficult if you can make it past the first half.

Grade: **/****
Believe it or not, I never watched this film the whole way through until a few days ago. it was on cable here. Its a funny movie, although some of the humor is not my favorite type... (gross-out, etc).

Definitely the best Cameron Diaz role I can think of.
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