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Thelma & Louise 1991

An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a '66 Thunderbird...

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***** / *****

Amazing film, great story, and some of the best visuals I've ever seen.
Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon are a brilliant on-screen duo.
Meg and I saw that Thelma & Louise was on TV the other day, but we missed it; so we rented it on DVD...

Thelma & Louise (Scott, 1991) - **
I think I hate this movie. I don't understand why everyone thinks it is an American classic. Hell, I am going to Mexico! Oh wait, that's where the whiny and annoying Thelma and Louise wanted to go. Let's make it Canada! It is a very feminist film that doesn't necessarily bash males, but it further ridicules its female characters by accident. The ending is supposedly a memorable aspect to the film, but LITERALLY it is godawful and so unintentionally hilarious. Ridley Scott goes into Black Hawk Down- mode with all of the helicopters and silly music. Sorry for everyone who likes this. I think it is an unfortunate. Before seeing this, I had a few problems about Patty Jenkins' Monster. Scratch that. Monster is one of the best films EVER (compared to Thelma & Louise). Make me a channel of your peace. Don't send me peace! Allow me to be this.
Thelma & Louise (1991) Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brad Pitt, Timothy Carhart, D: Ridley Scott. Two female friends hit the road in a '66 Thunderbird for a break from their everyday life (and their male counterparts), but when they get into hot water out of self-defense, it turns them into fugitives from the law. Feminist road movie overtakes the Hollywood buddy formula and goes deeper with the robust pairing of Sarandon and Davis. Stellar performances match the high standards of Callie Khouri's Oscar-winning script, with a memorable ending that holds an insightful impact. Pitt became an overnight star after his appearance as the sweet-talking cowboy. Running Time: 130 minutes and rated R for strong sexual content, some violence, and language. ***
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I've made it my personal mission.. no wait that makes me sound like the uber-geek, I'm going to start again:

Ok I've decided to try and see some of the classics that everyone talks about and other movies emulate. So in light of that, I've watched Thelma and Louise one of the original buddy/road/crime movies. Only difference this has to other buddy/road/crime movies of its time is that this one centres around women -- oh and the Simpsons ripped it off once.

I can understand why this is considered a classic because it's very well done. The characters are nicely developed, Brad Pitt has his shirt off for a good portion of the film and it has Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen: I like them.

It's nice to see a movie that pushes the boundaries of its genre. Geena Davis has never been real favourite of mine but she is very strong in this film and the chemistry between her and Susan Sarandon is quite interesting. The relationship between the two leads varies throughout the film. At first it is Sarandon's character that is dominant and driving the plot but as the film progresses it then becomes Davis's character who takes control and ultimately, leads the two to their demise.

Some of the scenes are priceless like Davis' robbery and scene on the side of the road with the truck driver. It almost seems as if the women themselves slowly morph into men as the film progresses from the way they talk to the way they dress. It sort of shows their transgression from simpering weak women into strong masculine characters, a stereotype that I've never really been comfortable with but it does work in this case.

I won't go into it much more because most people already know what Thelma and Louise is all about. If like me you've never taken the opportunity to sit down and watch it, please do. The intertextuality between this and modern films becomes quite apparent and if that's not what makes you want to watch it, think of Brad Pitt without a shirt or Geena Davis without a skirt.. you know, whatever appeals more.

finally we watch a good film in my stupid ass film class. i don't know what it is, but this film just does it for me. i've seen it probably twenty times and i still love of my all time favorites.
The Isle (Ki-Duk 02) 6.5/10

Rating: 3.0/10
Wow, what a classic film. Such a strong message and powerful ending!!! I loved it! :)
Outside of my Top 10 films, I present, those deserving Honorable Mention (Part I):

1. The Witches of Eastwick - featuring a stellar cast including Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

2. Boogie Nights - cocaine and porn...what more could you ask?

3. Natural Born Killers - a psychedellic adventure of a modern day Bonnie and Clyde (also, see Kalifornia for a similar storyline featuring Brad Pitt and David Duchovny).

4. Thelma & Louise - girls gone wild!

5. Star Trek: Nemesis - The best space battle sequences in all of the Star Trek movies are featured in this entry into the series.
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