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The X Files: I Want to Believe 2008

Mulder and Scully are called back to duty by the FBI when a former priest claims to be receiving psychic visions pertaining to a kidnapped agent...

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This came out years ago and I never watched it. Not sure why......
This is one of those flicks that is less about being a good story and more about being the denouement of a previous story line (whether that was intended or not). As a flick, it sort of stands alone, but it is more enjoyable in light of the previous stories from of the X Files series. This end story is only so-so, but it hits on most of the major points that made XF watchable.
However, as with so many “TV-Series-Turned-Into-Movies” flicks, while fairly good overall, it has gaps. Still and of course, it was not an award winner – and for good reason – but it closed a few holes left out there. I am glad they made the movie.
After being a loyal XF watcher for so many years, it was a nice close to the story of Mulder and Scully.
The X-files, the cult classic and possibly one of the most successful sci-fi television series ever... still hasn't learned how to advertise.

Their ads are weak jump clips of action and broken dialogue, giving clues of a religion oriented show that may-or-may-not have any supernatural connection whatsoever. As one of my all-time favorite shows, I'm truly shocked that master creator Chris Cater doesn't put more emphasis on creating advertising that speaks to the dedicated fan!

During the series there were plenty of episodes that dealt with religion, usually occult or things dealing with Scully's faith, but they all had some sort of paranormal association, so I have to believe that that will be the case this time. And most of them were great entertainment, though a few did, admittedly, just bore me.

But what have they given me so far to get worked up about here in the only release from this franchise in quite a few years? What makes me want to go see this movie, other than the fact that it's X-files?

I'll tell you what.

A good X-Files expisode.
If you've seen all 9 season of the X-files like myself. You will love this movie. It has everything you want from an X-file. It is centered around Agents Mulder and Scully. It's a love story/thriller. It succeeds. There are a few surprises here and there. As a fan of the X-Files, I hope theres another. I want to believe they can do even better than this one and Fight the Future.
X-tra tacky house of horrors turkey.
This seems to be a pretty amazing movie.
Six years after The X-Files went off the air and ten years after the first (and only) feature-length film, The X-Files: Fight the Future, creator and executive producer Chris Carter, co-writer and co-producer Frank Spotniz, and series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are together again for another (probably last) feature-length film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Eschewing the alien conspiracy/mythology storyline from the series and earlier film and focusing on a standalone "monster-of-the-week" one, The X-Files: I Want to Believe plays out like an extended episode of the television series with a slightly higher budget. The X-Files: I Want to Believe should make diehard fans of the television series happy. Casual fans and regular moviegoers won't be impressed with the lackluster, B-movie storyline and the shortage of action or suspense.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe picks up more or less in the present. For moviegoers unfamiliar with the conclusion of the television series, Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) are no longer with the FBI. Scully works as a medical doctor in a pediatrics ward of a Catholic hospital, Our Lady of Sorrows and Mulder lives as a recluse, still collecting newspaper clippings of strange, unexplained phenomena. He's also facing criminal charges that, luckily for him, the FBI refuses to pursue. When, however, an FBI agent goes missing from her home, two FBI agents, Dakota Whitney (Amanda Peet) and Agent Mosley Drummy (Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner), stumped by their inability to find the missing agent, call in Scully and Mulder, promising Mulder a free pass on the criminal charges in exchange for his help.

Whitney wants Mulder on the case due to the involvement of a defrocked Catholic priest, Father Joseph Crissman (Billy Connolly), who contacted the FBI, claiming he's had visions of the missing agent and the two men (Callum Keith Rennie and Fagin Woodcock) who abducted her. Due to Crissman's criminal past, Scully responds with aversion to him. Willing to take a chance and eager to be working again, Mulder responds more openly. While the investigation continues, the two men kidnap another woman (Nicki Aycox). Scully struggles with Mulder's renewed interest in the paranormal and her own faith, religious or otherwise, as she treats a young boy, Christian Fearon (Marco Niccoli), whose only hope of surviving a terminal disease, is through a radically new, radically experimental, painful treatment.

To say more about the storyline would be to give away spoilers, something Carter and Spotniz have worked hard to avoid (they've succeeded as far as that goes). Unfortunately, Carter and Spotniz came up with a central mystery and payoff that rely heavily on sci-fi/horror B-movie clich
Chris Carter proves himself as a director. and that is clearly shown. X-Files: I Want To Believe is what the fans want... and need. and Im sure that non-fans of the show who are dragged by fans of the show will enjoy. and more than that, be creeped the hell out.
I am enjoyed this film very much because when I was 5 used to watch the show religiously. I was very excited when I heard about the film being developed in 2006.
well made but it's not scary...i wanted aliens or a slug monster. Worth seeing but probably only for Filers.
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