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The Woman in Black 2012

A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals...

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Imdb rating: 6.5

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@206Wolfpack bro watch Evil dead ... You'll really be spooked
We really enjoyed this film. Not very many jump out of your chair scares but a very classy horror flic
My girl and I watched this one, I'm much more of a fan of horrors than she is so I want a movie that can genuinely spook me. Simply put, this wasn't it. They did a good job cinematicly speaking and the acting was good but there was also an overabundance usage of different high pitched sounds to try and scare with which I just found to be rather cheesy. A one time watch for me, and couldn't personally say I'd be able to recommend it to anyone else.
(Nothing overly special with this one)
Do you have to see the first one to understand part two (are they linked)?
can't wait to see pt2 tomorrow in the theatre.. haven't been to the show in awhile ..
great movie, awesome photography, scary at times and intriguing. 8/10
More atmospheric than "boo" horror. Not a bad horror film by any stretch of the imagination and certainly serviceable but for those who like their jump scares (think most commercial wastern horror) or torture-porn (in the vein of Saw) this is not the movie for them. It makes an attempt at being more of a slow-burn sort of scary, and in so doing it's willing to be a bit more plodding in service of that. Worth a watch for genre fans. 6/10
Most boring horror I've seen in my life.. but then again I don't watch many horrors xD but this was a special kind of boring xD
We watched this movie because we have seen the new previews for "The Woman in Black 2". Figured we probably should watch the first one first! :D

I really liked it--it was scary, but not so much so that you'd not want to watch it again (like The Grudge--still gives me chills LOL!). My son, who is 10, said it was "not great, but good". So we give it a 7 of 10
I enjoyed this movie, glad to see a sequel coming out "woman in black;angel of death"
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