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Love this, such a heart warmer.
The Wedding Singer is one of the better Adam Sandler movies. It's very predictable, but I'm yet to see a romantic comedy that isn't.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

I'm not an Adam Sandler fan but I did thing this was a very good romantic comedy, a genre I usually avoid. I guess I was just in the right mood at the time I watched this and I was depressed, so I felt I really identified with it.
A confession:

This movie is not as good as the rating I gave it. I admit to the fact that I am giving it extra points for making me feel good, but mostly for Steve Buscemi. His tiny cameo so delighted me that I gave this movie two extra ratings points. Don't judge me.

It's slight, not brilliantly funny in any way, but it has its moments.

Drew Barrymoore is a cutie and Adam Sandler is less annoying than usual so I am giving it a 6. I had a 7 in mind, but it isn't that good. It's a "cutesy" movie and I needed one today so it served its purpose. It entertained me and I giggled a few times.

Steve Buscemi shamed the two leads as he stole the movie and he was barely in it. I didn't measure the screen time, but it couldn't have been more than 3 minutes altogether.

Cute, what else can I say? It was cute.
This movie takes place during the most awesome time in the history of the world, the 80's. With the tomato meter at 55%, this is probely one of the best reviewed Sandler Films.

Robbie Hart used to be an 80's rock singer, wearing tight spandex and lots of hair spray. Now he is a wedding singer making ends meet and living in his sister's basement. He is engaged to his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately for Robbie his sweetheart doesn't believe his life is moving at the proper pace, and leaves him standing by himself at the alter. Luckily for Robbie there is a new hot little waitress at his wedding parties. The problem, she is about to get married to a clone of Don Johnson, i.e. a complete jerk. Robbie must discover what true love is, then prevent a travesty from occurring causing him to lose his perfect match.

"Is it true you're in the middle of a nervous breakdown?"
"Nervous breakdown, nervous breakdown."
"Who said that?"
"Every body has been saying that."
"You're eight years old, you only know your parents. What are you talking about?"
"Is it true you're going to end up in a mental institution?"
"Coocoo's nest, coocoo's nest."

Frank Coraci, director of the Water boy and Around the World in 80 days, directs the Wedding Singer. Coraci utilizes a magnificent story and theme to grasp the audience. The film also possesses a wonderful soundtrack, which easily sets the mood and feel for the scenes. The cast is wonderful, with Sandler's usual cast of characters and some surprising guest appearances. Barrymore is great in her Sandler films, this and 50 First Dates. The scenes and styles were all perfect.

"I haven't done anything since high school, why would anyone want to marry me?"
"Mary you? I'm just trying to get someone to play with your ding-dong."

Steve Buscemi and John Lovitz were wonderful in this film. The boy George impressionist, old lady taking singing lessons, fat kid dance sequence, the bar mitzvah, the meatball scene, the wedding fight, and the bank interview scenes were amongst my favorite portions of the film. The ending plane sequence was a bit cheesy, but the song he sang at the end was wonderful. Sandler is a talented guy who could sing a lot of those songs himself (per listening to his early CD's).

"If it was, I'd be puking in there worse then the kid."
"Oh, I don't know about that kid, I think I saw a boot come out of him."

The Wedding Singer is an eighties genre classic. It is possible to enjoy this film despite a lack of appreciation for the eighties, like myself. This is one of those few films that doubles as a comedy that men can enjoy the toilet humor but females appreciate the romantic element; especially females who love the eighties. I have heard many say this is their favorite Sandler film. It would barely make my top 10 Sandler films, with Punch Drunk Love being my favorite. Nevertheless, this is a quality flick.

"She made me a present; I am an asshole."
"You're going into a mental institution."

Grade: B
I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews.

Virtuosity Director: Brett Leonard. Stars Denzel Washington, Kelly Lynch, Louise Fletcher and Russell Crowe. Bad science fiction crime thriller.

V.I. Warshawski Director: Jeff Kanew. Starring Kathleen Turner and Charles Durning. Bland mystery/crime drama with Katlenn Turner as the PI.

The Waterboy Director: Frank Coraci. Stars Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler and Fauriza Balk. Adam Sandler grates even worse than he normally does in this insipid comedy.

The Wedding Singer Director: Frank Coraci. Stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Romantic comedy set in the 80's. It's almost average which means it ranks as one of the better Adam Sandler vehicles, which proves that Sandler is the most overrated comic actor in Hollywood.
wow the story of robby hart captivated me and led be on a journey to get a girl solely with my personality and with my good looks that can be a challenge..i give this movie 3 and a half stars the only thing missing was sex appeal they could have at least flashed us.. but honestly you wont want to miss the story of how a poor wedding singer takes the girl away from a rich asshole...kenny said he liked it when robby got punched by glenn and robby got back at him not by fighting but by taking his girl from him.. excellent special effects, a great soundtrack i thought it was 1985 again. lets go back to the future me and kenny nearly did

The Wedding Singer
Funny but touching movie, Barrymore is great.
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