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The Waterboy 1998

A waterboy for a college football team discovers he has a unique tackling ability and becomes a member of the team...

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Imdb rating: 6.1

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I thought this movie was good.

O fine, I'm bored for the moment.
So anyway, after a very, very long bus trip, during which I read up on The Black Dahlia, we arrived in Keulen.

I like Final Destination, but after three viewings I'm getting tired of it. There isn't much to the movie except for the sweet, glorious kills.
The career of one Adam Sandler is hard to dissect. We have a pretty funny comedian on one end; however, he just misfires all too often. He tried with mixed results to change his image in Punch Drunk Love, but seemingly gave up with the horrible cliche Anger Management. Here is an overview in the life and times of one Adam Sandler.

Happy Gilmore

Sandler plays a amateur golfer who goes on the PGA tour. Not really all that great a movie, but the fight scene with Bob Barker from TV's "The Price Is Right" makes up for all that is wrong with this one.

The Wedding Singer

This signaled the return of Drew Barrymore. The film is probably Sandler's best work as he works as an aimless wedding singer that falls in love with an engaged waitress. The 80's gags get old quick, but we are left with a touching love story where the chemistry is just right. Wtch for an uncredited Steve Buscemi turn up at a wedding reception.

The Waterboy

You would think that Sandler and Nicholson would make for a good coupling, right? Nope. The comedy falls flat as Nicholson actually looks bad in this film. I actually fell asleep during this one in the theater...I never do that...but, it was so bad...and the ending was so cliche....and Sandler made Nicholson look so bad...god what a poor film.
Actually funny during a rewatching.
fun movie about water and football.
Comments pending.
Very unfunny.

I am so happy! I just got the White Stripes album (the one they released like 2 years ago or something, but hey, I'm a late developer! lol). I love Seven Nation Army.
Just started reading Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt. It is such an absorbing and striking novel, I definitely reccommend it!
And does anyone else thing Jaime Foxx might be getting the Best Actor Oscar next year??

Movie Ratings:
The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion - :rotten: 5/10
Not an overly funny movie, but it has its moments. A good premise, but it drags on for way too long. Woody Allen is his usual bumbling self, but he gets less funny every minute into the film, and does Helen Hunt ever play a different character??
The music is fantastic though, creates a great tone throughout, and along with the sets and costumes, nearly steals the show!

The War Zone - :fresh: 8/10
A sad and disturbing film. The cinematography is amazing, if a bit unsettling, but some images will stay in your memory for days. There is an ominous feel to the movie, partially from the cinematography, but mostly from the superb direction and truly great acting from Tilda Swinton and Freddie Cunliffe.
There are hard topics to deal with, and it's an emotional ride, however the film is ultimitely worth it.

The Swan Princess - :fresh: 6/10
Not the best children's movie ever, but it's still sweet, and I admit that I like it! Like all kid's films, it still suffers from making the prince a muscly, bright-eyed, chiseled-jawed hero, the princess a blonde, beautiful, thin, helpless and slighly naive victim, and the bad guy ugly and evil.
The "sidekicks" are funny, the animation pretty good, the writing above average, but suffers from too much singing.

The Waterboy - :rotten: 2/10
I thought Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk and Adam Sandler were all wasted in their roles. Why does Adam Sandler need to do these stupid, imbecilic comedies? He has proven (in Puch Drunk Love, The Wedding Singer, even The Hot Chick) that he is above them.
Practically no laughs, predictable, badly acted, unclever writing. Henry Winkler should've kept away from this too.


WaterBoy I've Had for a long time but I haven't rated it yet cuz I haven't watched it in a while. I think the Movie is hillarious. Adam Sandler plays a Funny, Mama's Boy Well. I think the plot is funny as well. Its one movie that I could watch over and over again just to see Adam Sandler Jump these huge football players. Well Thats about ll I have to say for this movie.
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